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The other day, I received an email from a reader asking which type of computer I prefer: 

I just want to say that I love your blog! I just have a question for you. I was wondering what type of computer do you currently us to blog? I see you have a Mac and PC. I am a new blogger and I am also in the market for a new computer, I am contemplating a MAC. Thanks so much for your input.

I use both types of computers, but I prefer a PC for blogging; a Mac for everything else.


When I first started blogging, I bought a brand new 13-inch MacBook. I absolutely loved it, but it wasn’t ideal for creating blog posts with a lot of photos because uploading them to WordPress (or Blogger) took forver. Eventually, someone told me about a blogging program called Ecto. At first, I thought Ecto was the answer to all of my problems. I could quickly upload photos, change their sizes, and blog offline. After awhile, however, Ecto was no longer a reliable friend to me. There were many times that I spent well over an hour composing a post, only to hit publish, and have it totally erase. It was the most frustrating thing ever! Basically, I wasted a lot of time with Ecto, and I couldn’t trust it.

Eventually, I learned how to fix Ecto, which sort of solved my problems at least temporarily. But, after awhile, I just got sick of taking the time to uninstall and reinstall it. Around this same time, I really wanted to buy a desktop computer, so I could more effectively separate my blogging life from my real life. With my laptop, my work just followed me around the house and cut into valuable family time.

I considered buying a Mac desktop, but I really didn’t need all of the bells and whistles that came with it, especially for the price that I was going to pay. I hadn’t purchased a PC since the late 1990’s, but I figured by 2011, they improved quite a bit, so I bought a much cheaper HP desktop computer with everything that I needed. Overall, it’s been a great computer, especially for blogging.

The reason it’s been such a great computer is because I can use Windows Live Writer (WLW) with it! (You can also use WLW on Macs; you just need to get Parallels.) Windows Live Writer is a kick-ass blogging software, and it has changed the way I blog–  for the better! To put it bluntly, Ecto is crap compared to Windows Live Writer. With WLW you can blog offline, save drafts, upload multiple photos at once, drag and drop photos, use keyboard shortcuts, auto link keywords, not have your posts erased, and much more!

So, in conclusion, I prefer a PC for blogging, but I will always be a Mac gal at heart.


Lunch was kind of random today. I wasn’t really in the mood for anything specific, so I ended up just throwing some of my favorite foods together and called it a meal. I had a Bagel Thin with peanut butter, pitted dates, and almonds. It hit the spot.

IMG_0001 (640x480)

Busy evening ahead!



  1. I too use windows live writer…love it…but also love macs for the Ipictures program and the fact you can make books and calendars right from your computer, send them off to mac and they send them back to you printed and bound.

  2. Totally random, but I just tried the english muffin/pb/pb chips combo I have always seen on your blog and OMG I know why you like it so much now. It’s bomb!!

  3. omg, you helped me out so much by telling me that. my posts take like 3 hours each… some maybe 2. part of the problem is cause uploading pics is so damn slow. i love pc’s, but my husband keeps pushing me for a mac. the issue is i know all the pc shortcuts and switching to a mac would be a challenge. but yeah, macs are the best from what i hear. 🙂 THanks!!!

  4. Since getting Photoshop + Illustrator + etc, my laptop has been struggling– it just can’t handle those massive programs. So I’m dying to get a desktop (though not right away– house down payment is this month!)… Dan is a PC guy, I’m a Mac girl, so I’m not sure which we’ll end up getting. My main concern: do you get thrown off switching from the Mac keyboard shortcuts and PC keyboard shortcuts? I use the shortcuts all the time, and feel like I’d get thrown off!

  5. I have a 13-inch macbook and an older 15-inch powerbook and I love both of them. For quick blogging photos I use Iphoto. The new version has great options for editing photos and the best part? You can take a screen shot of the high-resolution photo right from Iphoto (shift + command + 4). This puts a smaller version of the large photo file on your desktop for easy renaming and upload to your blog. Since doing this, I have shaved my blog time in half and the photos upload in a matter of seconds!

  6. I am the same way!!! I just bought my first PC since using my parents in high school. My PC was about 1/3 the price and I love WLW!! I do miss my Mac since it lasted forever and was great for everything else. I will always be a Mac gril for life, but think the PC was the right choice now.

  7. Thank you for the tips — I know I am not blogging efficiently and hearing about what programs you use really helps. Do you blog remotely from your smart phone and if so, what phone/programs do you find easiest?

  8. Great post! I am in need of a new laptop within the next few months and I am debating between a Mac and PC. If I had a ton of extra cash I would definitely go for a MAC but I really only use my personal computer at home for pictures, music and blogging so I guess I only need the bare minimum. Also, thanks for letting us know about WLW! Wasn’t aware! Sounds like it makes blogging so much easier!

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