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It’s HOT in Boston today. I love that it feels like summer, but my poor pug is not a fan. He’s been napping on and off all day long.


Because of the heat, I couldn’t take Murphy for a long walk this afternoon, so I went out by myself. I missed my doggie side kick, but I covered quite a bit more distance without him. There were no potty breaks or sniff stops, so I walked about 4 miles in 60 minutes. It definitely felt like a workout in the heat!


Today’s lunch was totally random. I sort of lose my appetite when the weather gets this hot, so I wasn’t really in the mood for anything specific when lunch rolled around. Eventually, I decided on a mango smoothie with Greek yogurt, soy milk, and organic spirulina powder.


The last time I wrote about spirulina powder, I received a few questions about it that I wanted to answer.

Do you like the spirulina better than using fresh greens?

I don’t like one more than the other, but I like spirulina because it’s quick and easy to throw into a smoothie. If I don’t have fresh spinach or other greens on hand, a scoop of spirulina provides protein, essential fatty acids, tons of vitamins, including vitamins B12, C, and D, as well as a whole slew of minerals (potassium, calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, sodium, and zinc).

Is there a weird taste to it?

There’s definitely a distinct taste to spirulina, but it’s not bad. I guess it sort of has a “healthy” flavor to it. As long as I add strong-tasting ingredients to my smoothie (banana, peanut butter, mango, etc.), it usually overpowers the spirulina.

How much do you add to your smoothie?

1-2 teaspoons.

After drinking my smoothie, I broke out a box of Vermont White Cheddar Wheat Thins, which may have been a bad decision. I ate about half of the box. They’re SO addicting!


And… then I ate a piece of Mal’s birthday cake from Mohegan Sun.


Um, yea, not the best day of eating for me so far. Maybe it’s because I didn’t eat a “balanced” meal at lunchtime? 😕

Back to work I go!



  1. Bah, I think a smoothie is a balanced meal 😀 It sure tastes like one at least 😛
    That cake looks SO good! Oh I miss birthday cake.. I haven’t had time to bake myself one yet this year 🙁
    Have a good afternoon 🙂

  2. I agree. When I cave in to a craving and eat something that isn’t great for me, I usually get more cravings for other things that are not so healthy. It’s hard to just give in once.

    But I definitely believe in birthday cake 🙂 Bdays only come once a year…

  3. Oh I think birthday cake should be included in any balanced eating plan! In fact, I might have to hunt one down myself…

    My doggie LOVES heat. She’ll sunbathe on the patio for hours and come inside panting she’s so hot, haha. Do pugs have a rough time in heat because of their squished little noses? Or maybe just because they’re so muscular?

  4. Sometimes I add between 1/4c – 1/2 c (depending on how hungry I am) raw oats to smoothies and blend the oats right in. I find that smoothies are often filled with lots of healthy stuff, but when they’re missing the complex carbohydrates they don’t satisfy me as well. But wheat thins + cake are just as effective as oats!

  5. I also often don’t feel as satisfied by a protein smoothie meal as I should, given the protein, good fat and carbs that I put in (i.e., whey powder, frozen fruit + almond butter). But I read something recently that said that chewing signals the body that it has eaten, so we should chew more to help the body recognise consumption and give it a chance to signal back fullness… so maybe the absence of chewing can affect satiety, and maybe that’s just bumpf!

  6. Poor Murph. I’m really intrigued by the spirulina. I’ll have to keep my eyes opened for it in the store. That cake looks yummy!

  7. i love smoothies, but i often pair them with something crunchy that i want…crunchy toast,or carrot/celery sticks, or a SIAB with crunchy granola/puffins…i agree with stephanie about our body needs that chewing. When we chew we also allow our mouth to provide saliva/enzymes which help break down our food and signal that your body needs to begin digesting. Try “chewing” your smoothie a bit before swallowing

  8. the heat totally kills my appetite too…i love walking though! it makes it so that i can go so much further and still feel great when i get back 🙂 and who says birthday cake isn’t a good lunch?!

  9. I wish it was hot here. I’m in Southern California and I am in a sweatshirt. I can’t wait for the hot summer weather. It’s my favorite.

  10. I definitely think that ‘drinking’ your lunch hurt your ability to eat balanced meals for the rest of the day. At least for me, when I have too small of a lunch I’m always snacky for the rest of the day!

  11. I have never tried Spirulina – I’m more of a fan of fresh rather than powder. I do love my smoothies though. It’s HOT here in Detroit as well. 81 right now. I can’t wait to get out of the office!

  12. no worries. i think u did decent…..i woke up at 4 am tossing and turning with stress and ate a full one cup of chocolate chips and salted trail mix…that is not cool.

  13. Oh jeez I know what you mean about those Wheat Thins! I can’t buy the things unless I know their will be people around me who loves them just as much..so I don’t down the whole box myself! And don’t fret about the eating, just think of it as day with mixed up eating. Nothing wrong with dessert in the middle of the day instead of in the afternoon. 😉

  14. I think smoothies are balanced…. they are very nutritious. Sometimes you just need a bit of cake to get through the day! It does look delicious!

  15. Poor Murphy! Tell him to take heart . . . it could be worse. He could be a pug living in South Carolina where I am. It’s a whole different level of HOT.

  16. balanced or happy? four miles in an hour is great! I wish I had the discipline to walk. I get a bit bored and drive myself crazy with thoughts. you’ve accomplished more than I have today

  17. Okay first of all, I LOVE DOGS (I am known as the “dog lady” in my family) and Murphy is so cute. He reminds me of my basset hound, who also hates the heat and is a verrry slow walker because he has to sniff and pee on everything (typical hound!). Fortunately (for him), I have a nerve disorder so I can only walk verrry slow too. It drives me nuts but my dog loves it, no more of me yanking him to go faster!

  18. Your smoothie looks awesome! And I totally understand that once you start being a little snacky its so hard to stop. I am addicted to wheat thins!

  19. I am in love with this picture of Murphy! He is so stinkn’ cute! I live with my sister and she has a pug that I love…it will be so sad to move out in a few months!

    I wish it was hot here too, it is RAINING! Apparently CA doesn’t want summer to come!

  20. I’m just truly getting the importance of balanced meals as well. Growing up that was never an issue because my Mom always fixed balanced dinners and lunches still always seem to come together in the form of proteins and a mix of healthy carbs, fruits, veggies, fat, etc. My problem is usually with dinner. I need to get back to fixing meals in the beginning of the week so I can just grab.

  21. Summer really throws off my eating – all I want is cold fruit, limes and ice most of the time, which is not exactly balanced. I’m honestly a little concerned going into the hottest part, since a) I’m living out of a backpack for the next few months and b). I won’t have any access to a kitchen. Can woman live off of watermelon and citrus fruits alone?

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