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It’s HOT in Boston today. I love that it feels like summer, but my poor pug is not a fan. He’s been napping on and off all day long.


Because of the heat, I couldn’t take Murphy for a long walk this afternoon, so I went out by myself. I missed my doggie side kick, but I covered quite a bit more distance without him. There were no potty breaks or sniff stops, so I walked about 4 miles in 60 minutes. It definitely felt like a workout in the heat!


Today’s lunch was totally random. I sort of lose my appetite when the weather gets this hot, so I wasn’t really in the mood for anything specific when lunch rolled around. Eventually, I decided on a mango smoothie with Greek yogurt, soy milk, and organic spirulina powder.


The last time I wrote about spirulina powder, I received a few questions about it that I wanted to answer.

Do you like the spirulina better than using fresh greens?

I don’t like one more than the other, but I like spirulina because it’s quick and easy to throw into a smoothie. If I don’t have fresh spinach or other greens on hand, a scoop of spirulina provides protein, essential fatty acids, tons of vitamins, including vitamins B12, C, and D, as well as a whole slew of minerals (potassium, calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, sodium, and zinc).

Is there a weird taste to it?

There’s definitely a distinct taste to spirulina, but it’s not bad. I guess it sort of has a “healthy” flavor to it. As long as I add strong-tasting ingredients to my smoothie (banana, peanut butter, mango, etc.), it usually overpowers the spirulina.

How much do you add to your smoothie?

1-2 teaspoons.

After drinking my smoothie, I broke out a box of Vermont White Cheddar Wheat Thins, which may have been a bad decision. I ate about half of the box. They’re SO addicting!


And… then I ate a piece of Mal’s birthday cake from Mohegan Sun.


Um, yea, not the best day of eating for me so far. Maybe it’s because I didn’t eat a “balanced” meal at lunchtime? 😕

Back to work I go!



  1. Bahhh, I feel like summer always throws off my eating schedule. I mean at school or at work, you have scheduled times for eating, so you sort of know when and what you’re going to eat.

    That’s okay, though. Summer is for relaxation! Cake is good 😀


  2. I don’t think you need to feel guilty or justify this at all. Sure, it’s not the most balanced meal anyone’s ever eaten, but life is utterly grey and dank when there’s no cake or “just a few more” cracker moments every now and again 🙂 I think you’re awesome.

  3. i’m surprised you don’t think spirulina tastes bad. the first time i tried it, i just mixed it with water and it tasted like i was eating dead fish. oh my gosh, it’s so terrible. but you’re right, all the other flavors overpower the taste.

  4. Poor Murphy! It may sound ridiculous, but my Pug loves to go on our walks, but at 8 his too old (and Pug-like) to make it very far in warm weather…so he has a stroller. We look silly, but he enjoys the ride and I don’t worry about him getting overheated.

  5. Your smoothie looks delicious! Murphy is so cute even when he’s pooped.

    (Just a quick note: it’s ‘addictive’, not ‘addicting’.)

  6. poor murph! sorry about the bad eating day though i have to say it is good to see you, someone i hold as a model eater having a bad day. i tend to beat myself up so much over it when really you just have to not make a habit over it and move on. glad to see you started today off well.

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