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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I swear, every time I visit New York City, it rains. I have no idea how it happens, but, apparently, my presence in the Big Apple brings rain. Sorry, New Yorkers!



All packed up and ready to go! I grabbed a banana to take with me on my travels as a mid-morning snack.

IMG_4038 (480x640)

Once I was ready to go, I said goodbye to my favorite dog.

IMG_4057 (480x640)

Murphy was so tired this morning. He could barely keep his eyes open.

IMG_4055 (640x480)

I know he’ll miss me while I’m away.

IMG_4050 (480x640)

I still gave him a (pug) hug and a kiss before I left the house.

IMG_4061 (480x640)

After saying goodbye to Murphy, I walked 1.26 miles in the rain to the train station to catch the commuter rail to Boston.

IMG_4073 (480x640)IMG_4070 (480x640)

It was a nice little workout and I saved myself some cab money. Two birds, one stone.

IMG_4075 (640x320)

I boarded the commuter rail, and about 35 minutes later, I arrived at South Station.

IMG_4082 (640x480)

IMG_4089 (640x480)

I had some time to kill before my train to New York City, so I grabbed lunch and then called my mom to chat about plans for Mother’s Day this weekend.

IMG_4091 (640x480)


At South Station, I bought a turkey and brie sandwich on whole wheat bread from Cosi for lunch.

IMG_4084 (480x640)

It was pretty amazing with big pieces of turkey and brie and lots of spicy honey mustard. The sandwich came with baby carrots on the side.

IMG_4092 (640x480)

I also bought a KIND bar to eat later this afternoon.

IMG_4099 (640x480)

Now that I’m finished with my lunch, I’m planning to get a little work done and then relax for the last hour of the trip.

IMG_4096 (640x480)

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite way to travel? Plane? Train? Automobile?

I really love traveling by train, especially taking the Acela from Boston to New York City since it arrives in the middle of Manhattan. I also don’t need to deal with lots of security or worry about checking luggage and liquids over 3 ounces, like I would at the airport. It’s also fun to stare out the window and daydream!



  1. I used to LOVE a good road trip! I LOATHE flying, and I’ve never been on a train! I was actually thinking, whe reading your post – how fabulous it would be to live where a train is an option – not Amtrak either! I’m impressed that Murphy is cool when he sees your suitcase – my pug has such separation anxiety… 🙁

  2. Travel.. mmm.. no kids.. plane.. with kids. car. Well, depending on distance but going through security at the airport with kids is ridonkulous.

  3. I love the train! Trains are the only way to go in Europe. Sadly in on the West Coast (California), where I’m originally from – trains are far less convenient or accessible. Everyone has a car!

  4. I have never traveled by train but I think that would be fun! I used to be so afraid of flying but now I am used to it, and you can’t beat the speed! I am not really a fan of long road-trips, especially if I’m by myself!

  5. Awww. Murphy looks so sad that you’re leaving! My cat has that same face every time I leave home for the “real” job. Hope you have a blast this week. It looks like it’ll be fun!

  6. What is that app you used to measure distance on your walk? I haven’t found a good running app yet!

  7. I love trains. Traveled from New Orleans to Grand Forks, ND once and it was quite the adventure.

  8. I’ve only been on the train once (from Boston to DC) and unfortunately it wasn’t the most comfortable experience. I think next time, David and I will take the Acela instead of the Northeast Regional.

    I do enjoying flying in that it gets me to my destination faster. And I would love to take a road trip sometime across the country. My brother in law and his wife just did one and it looked like so much fun!

  9. I’ve been west of the Mississippi a whole 5 times in my life, and I’ve never ridden a commuter train. I think it would be fun to be able to get places that way. For me, it’s usually by car or occasionally by plane.

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