Racquet Sport Day

Yesterday’s adventures included multiple racquet sports! Mal and I have had quite the fitness vacation, haven’t we?

IMG_0368 (478x640)


Mal and I made plans with his cousin Kevin bright and early yesterday morning, so before I left the house, I ate a banana with peanut butter. Exercise on an empty stomach is no good for me.

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Kevin is a high school tennis coach, so he offered to give Mal and me a tennis lesson. So cool!

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IMG_0337 (640x478)

Kevin spent about an hour with us working on our forehands, backhands, and some volleying at the net.

IMG_0340 (640x478)

After our lesson, we spent about 45 minutes hitting around and practicing what we just learned.

IMG_0345 (640x479)

Kevin was really great at simply explaining and suggesting minor adjustments to improve our form. It helped a ton!

IMG_0346 (640x479)

By the end of our time on the court, Mal’s tennis skills were looking really good””he made a serious improvement. My skills were looking pretty good too, but my backhand is still atrocious. Haha!

IMG_0347 (640x479)

After tennis, we did a quick agility drill. Kevin told us about the drill at the family dinner the night before, so Mal and I were dying to do it. We’re weirdos, but, yes, this is our kind of fun!

IMG_0359 (640x478)

The goal of this drill is to sprint to all nine balls (one at a time) and bring it back to the middle of the baseline as fast as you can.

IMG_0362 (640x479)

Then, once you’ve gathered them all, you put them back, one at a time, where you got them.

IMG_0365 (640x478)

Mal and I took turns getting them and putting them back. So fun!

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After our tennis fun with Kevin, Mal and I headed to breakfast at a family member’s house.

058 (480x640)

I ate a couple of eggs, bacon, and some orange juice.

060 (480x640)061 (640x480)

062 (640x480)

After breakfast, Mal and I rode our bikes to a nearby café to get iced (decaf) Americanos.

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A little while later, we met up with Kevin again to play Pickleball!

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I’m not sure if Pickleball is a West coast thing or what, but neither Mal and I had ever heard of it before. It combines parts of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, and it’s played with hard paddles and a wiffle ball on a mini tennis court.

066 (640x480)

064 (640x480)

And it’s a lot of fun!

068 (640x480)

I actually think I like it more than tennis!

067 (640x480)

072 (640x480)

074 (640x480)

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After Pickle Ball, Mal and I headed home for lunch. On the menu: sliced turkey with roasted Brussels sprouts and zucchini, baby carrots, Sweet Potato Wedges, and avocado with salt and pepper. So good, so satisfying.

080 (640x480) (640x480)

After I finished eating my plate of food, I ate a bite of peanut butter.

081 (640x480)


A little while later, I snacked on some pistachios. This pic is one of many handfuls! Once I start, I just can’t stop with pistachios!

001 (640x480)


For dinner, Mal and I went to Robert’s Pub at Black Butte Ranch.

013 (640x480)

We sat outside and enjoyed the views of the golf course.

006 (640x480)

To start, we shared an order of clams.

009 (640x480)


008 (640x480)

For my entrée, I ordered one of the dinner specials, which was a salad topped with salmon, avocado, and dried Portobello mushrooms.

012 (480x640)

The dried Portobello mushrooms were salty and, oh, so delicious””I need to hunt them down for salads at home!

011 (640x480)

Mal and I are flying back to Boston this afternoon, so we’re packing up and getting ready to leave this morning. It’s been an awesome vacation, but I’m ready to see my little pug-let!

Questions of the Day

Have you ever heard of Pickle Ball? What’s your favorite racquet sport?


  1. Another great post about the wonderful amenities of Black Butte Ranch! You’ve done a really great job of documenting your experiences in Central Oregon and I had one specific question in mind.

    On your travels what type of camera are you using? With all these great photos (especially of the yummy food) I would love to know more about your photo background! Do you shoot with multiple lenses?

    Thanks again!

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