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Guys, I love cheese. Seriously, it’s just so delicious.

Tonight, Mal and I spent a lovely evening with family, enjoying wonderful food, wine, and conversation. My cousin, Meeghan, is in town visiting from New Mexico, so we got together for a Raclette dinner. (Our family likes to get together and eat cheese! 😉 )


Raclette is one of my favorite cheese meals ever. I might even enjoy it more than fondue!

To go along with our Raclette cheese, we had red potatoes, onions, Kielbasa, broccoli rabe, and steak tips.



We also had croissants! Croissants + melty cheese = heaven on earth!!!


I drank at least 3 glasses of Chardonnay with dinner. It was one of those nights– lots of laughing and reminiscing! 😉


Speaking of reminiscing, my sister and I remembered that, as kids, we were not “allowed” to drink milk when we ate Raclette for dinner. (The adults worried that the combination of milk + Raclette might give us a stomach ache.) Soda was a treat (not a dinner beverage), so the only options for drinks were water or hot tea. We probably could have asked for juice, but it never occurred to me to ask for OJ with my stinky cheese.

Now that I am older, it’s funny to think about what else my mom said wasn’t “allowed.” Here are a few examples that my sister and I laughed about tonight:

  • Adding ice to your milk (why would you?!?)
  • Naming your children after celebrities or Disney characters
  • Watching Star Trek

(My sister and I have a weird sense of humor! 😉 )

Now-a-days, if my sister and I joke around with my mom about all of the things she told us as kids, her response is always the same: “I never said that!” LOL! Ok, mom! 😆

Cheers!!! :mrgreen:


I ate so much Raclette cheese tonight! It was awesome! :mrgreen:

IMG_0014.JPG IMG_0017.JPG


I dominated the cheese + croissants. Holy yum!

IMG_0020.JPG IMG_0021.JPG

For dessert, I baked a batch of my Oatmeal Raisin Bars. They were definitely a hit!


Tomorrow morning, I have a super early dentist appointment followed by my Lose the Dough check-in, a BURN class, and a conference call. Busy Friday ahead!

G’ night!



  1. Oh my God! That looks so good and has really pushed me to use our raclette! Funny story about it, my boyfriend has one, it was given to him by his mother for Christmas one year. She had no idea what it did, she just thought he could use it for “fancy pancakes” or something. He only found out this year what it was for and now we hear about it ALL THE TIME.

    I think it’s a sign!

  2. CHEESE…that looks like the perfect dinner! I love getting together with family and just reminiscing and having a good time!

  3. I used to put ice cubes in my milk! I hated milk as a kid (still do) because it was so thick and disgusting. So if I ever had to drink it (like at someone else’s house) I would put ice cubes in so that they’d melt and thin the milk down.

  4. My Smother’s famous words are “that never happened.” Funny how my brother and I have the same memories of things that never happened. Oh, she is a master of revisionism.

  5. Your mom sounds a lot like my mom! Thanks for sharing those memories with us. BTW, I would NEVER put ice in my milk, but my husband HAS to. It grosses me out! Isn’t it already cold enough? Never had Raclette cheese either. I just might have to now 🙂 Have a nice weekend.

  6. Just like a few other commenters, I too first tried raclette a year ago in Switzerland. Amaaaazing. One of the best dinners ever. And, who doesn’t love dipping everything in cheese??

  7. I’m so jealous you had raclette! I lived in France for over a year and raclette might the thing I miss the most. Is your in-laws’ machine compatible with outlets and voltage in the US or did they use a converter? I’ve been looking for one here in the States and can’t seem to find it. (At least not for under $300.)

  8. i actually can’t drink milk WITHOUT ice haha, if i think ahead of time I’ll put the glass of milk in the freezer then take it out 10 minutes later and add an ice cube or two.. won’t drink it any other way! I like it because it makes it taste like ice cream(:

  9. i actually can’t drink milk WITHOUT ice haha, if i think ahead of time I’ll put the glass of milk in the freezer then take it out 10 minutes later and add an ice cube or two.. won’t drink it any other way! I like it because it makes it taste like ice cream(:

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