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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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How was your Monday? School is out for the summer, so Mal and I tag-teamed our morning responsibilities: He took Quinn to daycare (it’s his last week until the Fall) and I went grocery shopping at Stop & Shop. I had a bunch of coupons from BLEND, so I finally cashed them in and saved almost $50!

IMG_4366 (800x600)

After that, I quickly stopped home to drop off the groceries and then went to my final Invisalign appointment. Yep, that’s right. I’m done! My orthodontist sped along my treatment by skipping 6-weeks worth of liners (my teeth responded really well to the first set because I was an obsessed psycho about wearing them non-stop), so, just 12 weeks later, my teeth are ridiculously straight. BOOM. I go back in 2 weeks to get a retainer, which I WILL NOT THROW AWAY this time.

For those of you who asked about Invisalign, I absolutely 100% recommend it. I didn’t mind wearing the liners at all. (I wasn’t a fan of the attachment pieces on my teeth, but I got used to them and you really couldn’t see them. They were removed yesterday. Woohoo!) At first, I wore the liners 22 hours a day, which is what is recommended, but then I got a little more relaxed about them and they’d be in and out throughout the day. (It was okay to keep them in while drinking iced coffee, but I eat a lot.) If I was going out to dinner with friends or something like that, I wouldn’t wear them at all. But, I would always wear them at night, so I suppose being fairly consistent made the whole process fly by. Long story short, I am glad I decided to do Invisalign before my teeth moved anymore.


After my appointment, I came home and made a big, ol’ breakfast: Breakfast potatoes with kale, eggs, ketchup, and, of course, iced coffee.


Then, I worked my butt off for the rest of the morning and early afternoon. We’re going to Oregon for a week next week, so I’m trying to catch up and get a head start on work.

Around noon, I took a short break to eat lunch (leftover arugula salad with a turkey burger, Dr. Praeger’s Super Greens burger, shredded cheddar, and buffalo sauce), do laundry, meal prep, and start making dinner.


Eventually, I shut down my computer and went for a 7-mile run. The weather was kind of cool yesterday, so it was really nice running weather. Running + listening to good tunes – sweating to death = the best.


After that, I picked up Quinn from daycare and headed home. Back at home, Mal had just finished up a workout outside, so he brought in the slam ball that he had just used. Quinn is obsessed with balls, so he immediately went over to pick it up. He loves playing with balls– picking them up, throwing them, and slam-dunking them in his basketball hoop (with our help, of course). Quinn probably owns a dozen different kinds of balls now, but the slam ball was new and different and fascinating. He definitely didn’t know what to make of it.

IMG_4295 (800x800)

All he wanted to do was pick it up (and likely throw it), so he tried with all his might.

IMG_4300 (800x800)

IMG_4303 (800x800)

But, unfortunately, it was too heavy.

IMG_4309 (800x800)

Dada, help!

IMG_4306 (800x800)

IMG_4311 (800x800)

IMG_4317 (800x800)

IMG_4319 (800x800)

The poor little boy tried and tried and tried to move the slam ball with no luck.

IMG_4321 (800x800)

He eventually got so frustrated, we needed to take it away and distract him with one of his own (lighter) balls. Poor kid. We liked his determination though!

IMG_4315 (800x800)

Slam ball 1; Quinn 0.

Questions of the Day

What did you eat for lunch yesterday?

Have you ever used a slam ball? 



  1. Lunch yesterday was an Evol burrito. My new favorite quick lunch!

    I think I used a slam ball, or something similar, back in high school for our gym workouts. Major props to Quinn for being so determined. He’ll get there one day!

  2. Hmmm… a future basket ball player perhaps? 😉 Although I liked playing with balls a lot as a kid and ended up dancing ballet.. so maybe there isn’t a correlation after all! 😀

  3. I’m happy to hear the Invisalign worked for you! My fiance is thinking of trying them, so I’ll have to let him know that you recommend them. I don’t think he’ll be quite as strict about wearing them as you though, so who knows how they would work on him. Love the pics of Quinn..he looks so frustrated that he couldn’t pick it up! Poor baby!

  4. Oh my, how cute it Quinn trying to pick up the slam ball!? Yesterday I had tuna salad – equal parts light mayo and greek yogurt with salt, pepper, red onion and some sriracha. Served over lettuce and cherry tomatoes, really good!

  5. I was away for the weekend, which meant I had to buy lunch yesterday. Luckily, my work cafe has a decent salad bar. I got a big salad with lots of veggies and grilled buffalo chicken. Yum!

    I’ve used slam balls, but it’s been quite some time since I have. Maybe I’ll get one for my home gym!

  6. I’ve been considering Invisalign. I have the same problem. My dentist threw out my retainer after I had an implant done (my case was a bit complicated) and never gave me a new one so my teeth shifted all over the place. I had braces 5 years and refuse to get them again. I really hate the way my teeth look, but Invisalign is so expensive!

  7. Quinn has perseverance! That’s good.
    I threw my retainer away in the sea when I was 16 and in Cuba on Spring break. It’s amazing how important the retainers are. My teeth shifted out of alignment a bit on the bottom soon after.

  8. Any tips for child proofing? I noticed you have wood floors and we have an 8-month old who is crawling and trying desperately to stand and walk. I get so nervous with our wood floors!

    1. Honestly, we just let him do his thing with regard to walking. We didn’t let him do anything unsafe, but we let him figure out walking on his own– even if that meant falling every once in awhile. As far as childproofing, we have locks/latches on our kitchen cabinets and we took away anything at toddler level that might be dangerous to him. We probably need to get a lock for our toilet seat now that he’s obsessed with opening it and sticking his hands in!

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