What Qman Says (Things I Don’t Want to Forget)

Hi, guys! Happy Friday!

What. A. Week. Holy cow, I feel like I didn’t stop moving. I ended up accomplishing quite a bit, but I’m soooo ready for a low-key evening at home tonight, complete with pajamas, preschooler cuddles, and a decent amount of WINE. And then, of course, I’m going to climb into bed as soon as Qman is asleep. Clearly, I’m planning to dominate Friday night. Haha!

So, Qman has turned into quite the talkative and engaged little boy. He’s come a long way in a year, which I plan to write about in an upcoming blog post (i.e. our experience with Early Intervention), but, in the meantime, I wanted to share some of the (hilarious) things he’s said recently, mostly so we don’t forget about them. The kid doesn’t miss a thing, and he’s got quite the sense of humor, and I hope these little tidbits put a smile on your face this Friday morning!


The other night, when Mal and I were getting Quinn ready for bed, I asked him if he knew where his brain was located. He looked at me and then said, clear as day: “waterfall.” I immediately looked at Mal with wide eyes and replied to Quinn: “Whoa, that was deep, Qman.” (When I can’t sleep at night, I think about waterfalls as a way to calm my brain.) Mal was surprised by his response too, so he called him a “Zen Master.” We started talking a little more and then things made a bit more sense. Quinn thought I said “drain,” not “brain,” but, still, it was quite the zen moment for us.

Qman had a doctor’s appointment earlier this week, and when the nurse came to get us from the waiting room, she asked me Quinn’s date of birth. Before I could even reply, Quinn stopped in his tracks, turned to the nurse, and said with great confidence: “June 9th.” It was so darn cute and unexpected, the nurse immediately started laughing. I did, too!

Speaking of Quinn’s birthday, Mal and I were chatting with him about his party and asked him what kinds of things he wanted to have at it. Cake? Presents? Decorations? He said yes to everything, so we started adding silly items into the mix. Carrots? Legos? Pillows? Quinn said “yes” to all of them too. So, then, of course, Mal takes things one step further and asks Quinn if he wants “dog poop” at his party, thinking he’s going to say yes to it since he’s said yes to everything else. Quinn immediately smiles and says: “Nooooooooo!” Haha! You can’t trick this kid!

The other day, Murphy was being a butthead. I can’t remember exactly what he did, but I definitely expressed my annoyance with his behavior. Quinn’s response: “Murphy’s old.” Ha! Oh, Qman. He’s always looking out for his pug brother. Murphy deserves a pass on his bad behavior because he’s old. Simple as that.

One morning, when we were leaving for school, Quinn told me that he likes to make birds happy. Then, almost immediately, he started telling me a totally different story where a guy came out of a big rock from “deep down there” and scared the bird. He was excited and talking so fast, I couldn’t really make out what he was saying. As I nodded and tried to follow along, Qman abruptly ended his story with: “He went home for dinner.” And then he walked toward the car. Apparently, that was the end of the story, so we got in the car and drove to school. The end.

Question of the Day

What funny/memorable thing has your little one said recently?


  1. These are too freaking cute! Sounds like you’ve got quite the handful on your hands.

    He’s not my little one, but my nephew says the most hilarious things. While I was home for the holidays, my mom was talking on the phone with him (he was six at the time), and she asked him if he knew that they have the same birthday. He immediately got SO excited and launched into the intricate planning of a double birthday party at Legoland (his most favorite place in the world), talking about how “we each get TWO cakes because there’s TWO birthday people!” and ended the phone call with, “Invite everyone. Tell ALL your friends!” My mom and I were crying from laughing so hard… in a parked car in a Publix parking lot. It was quite the sight, I’m sure. 😉

  2. Do you guys have the children’s book, “Shh we have a plan”? It’s about four people trying to catch a beautiful bird. It’s adorable! My preschool class loves it and I’m guessing your little guy will too. Quinn is too cute! My son is 9 and loves hearing stories of funny things he said when he was little.

  3. The conversations at this age are hilarious. Mitch comes home from school and tells us the funniest stories. The other night he told me the tooth fairy had come to his room and took his pacifier because she needed it for other kids. And just like that he was done with his pacifier!

  4. haha so cute! I love when kids tell stories that are so wild and you’re like where the heck did you get that from. My friend yesterday told me his 4 year old daughter was making cards to invite people to her birthday, and I said aww how cute is that, and he goes… her birthday is in October..

  5. Aw!! Zen master is soooo cute.. adorable, really!

    My Little is 8 months and she is obsessed this week with growling! Haha. I’m trying so hard to get a “Mama” soon!

  6. Just wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences with speech therapy and your son’s progress. As the mom of amazing little guy (who happens to have a speech delay due to his chronic ear infections), it means a lot to read about another mom going through the similar issues.

    Yesterday my son sang a song about a “baby hot dog bun” because it was only half of a hot bun and it was also HILARIOUS.

  7. We’ve always called body parts by their actual names. So when my daughter was about 3, she went down the slide screaming, “look mom, I’m going down the slide and my vagina’s going down the slide!”. Needless to say I got many looks from the other moms at the park…..

  8. Little kids are so funny! One time when my nephew was 5, I took him and my niece to go ice skating. He doesn’t ice skate often except for the once a year we take him over the holidays, so he was having trouble staying up right and getting frustrated (we later found out he was starting to get sick, which i think was the cause of his frustration). So my husband took him inside for a break and I skated with my niece. My husband was trying to get my nephew jacked up and excited to go ice skating telling him how fun ice skating was and my nephew telling him it’s not and eventually telling him… you know everybody’s different… well my husband really didn’t have anything to say back bc everyone is different and what’s fun to some might not be for others… He’s so wise already!

  9. My daughter (3 in June) toddlersplained stop lights to me: “Green means go. Yellow means prepare to stop. And red means “oh man, come on!” And then it turns green.” Their little ears hear EVERYTHING!

  10. My daughter is 2-1/2 years old. Very sensory, picky eater, not talking a ton. I’d love to hear anything you’re willing to share about early intervention. We are seeing improvements but comparison is the death of joy and its hard. Thanks

  11. I’m excited to read your post about your experience with Early Intervention. My son begins services this week – he’s 2 years and 4 months, and we are really nervous and excited!

  12. The other day my husband and I were out to breakfast with our 2-year-old daughter. When we brought our coffees we had ordered to the table, she said, “Are you gonna drink your coffee? So you can be happy?” We laughed so hard and I was like, “Oh man, this kid gets it already!”

  13. A few nights ago I was putting my 4 year old son to bed. I told him I loved him and thought he was sweet, smart, kind and funny. He was quiet for a second and said ‘I love me too momma’. It was so funny because you expect them to tell you they love you but I really hope he always sees the good in himself.
    The next morning out of the blue he asks me if I had a penis and I said no. He had the most horrified look in his face and asked ‘but, why not?!’ Like you poor thing! They’re so funny!

  14. I LOVE talking with my 29 month old so reading these made me laugh and think of my guy. When I read your first paragraph and Q said “waterfall” I instantly thought about your post about how you think of waterfalls too when you try to fall asleep! Total Zen Master 😉

    My little guy said to my husband the other night when trying to squeeze next to him on the rocking chair “Daddy has a big bum, Mommy has a small bum” I was very happy to hear this, haha! He also likes to drive away in his car and say “I’m going to get donuts”. haha. We have a new generation of donut lovers!

  15. I was trying to be stern with my 4 year old daughter recently (it doesn’t happen often) and was face-to-face with her, talking to her. She reached up and traced the wrinkles on my forehead and said, ” There are, like…STRIPES on your forehead! What are they called?” 😐

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