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Yesterday afternoon, I was surprisingly calm and collected during my conversation with Giada DeLaurentiis. I thought I’d be a nervous wreck, but as soon as we started chatting, it was like talking with a friend (or at least a ”˜regular’ person). I’ve only met a couple of celebrities in real life, and I always felt like their attention was elsewhere, but Giada was totally focused on our conversation and thoughtfully answered all of my questions. She was really nice, too!

Giada 3

Giada and I talked for about 15 minutes. During that time, I asked her a mix of food and lifestyle questions. I jotted down a few notes while we chatted, so here are the questions that I asked her with a summary of her responses.

How do you manage to eat such indulgent foods and not gain weight?

Giada sort of laughed when I asked her this question because she said the gets this question all of the time. Her response: it’s all about portion size. She said she grew up in an Italian family where the portions weren’t supersized, and there wasn’t an expectation to finish everything on your plate. Giada also said that she doesn’t see food as the enemy. She enjoys all kinds, but nothing in excess. She also added that her genetics probably help her stay thin as her mother is really tiny.

What’s your exercise routine?

Giada also mentioned that she maintains her slim figure by regularly exercising, so I asked her about her routine. She said she does 3-4 days of yoga (usually 60-minute sessions) and regularly participates in “extracurricular activities,” such as hiking, biking, walking, and paddle surfing.

What’s your favorite go-to recipe when you’re short on time?

Giada said her favorite go-to recipe is her husband’s favorite dish for Farfalle with Turkey Sausage, Peas and Mushrooms. The way she explained it made it sound so simple. I want to make it now!

What key staples do you always have in your kitchen?

Giada said she always has garlic, olive oil, dried pasta, tomatoes, a bottle of Pinto Grigio, and some type of chocolate (she mentioned chocolate chips and Nutella) in her kitchen.

How do you manage to always stay so positive?

Like all celebrities, Giada deals with negativity on a regular basis. She said she doesn’t read what’s written about her, but her husband and PR team do in case an issue ever needs to be addressed.

Interestingly, Giada said participating in social media (she manages her Twitter account) has been really tough for her with regard to negativity. She said she knows she’s never going to make everyone happy, and there’s always going to be people who want to tear her down, so she just accepts it as part of life. She says the negativity still hurts her, but she just does her best to do her job and help people.

What are your tips for expanding one’s brand and marketing themselves?

Giada gave me three tips:

  • Have patience. Success doesn’t happen overnight.
  • Align yourself with opportunities that are true to you. Pick and choose wisely.
  • Connect yourself with other people. Network and use social media.

Many thanks to Bella Sera Wines for arranging this conversation. What an amazing opportunity to chat with Giada!



  1. Holy-amazing-jealousness!!!! I absolutely love Giada, when I had cable [:( ] I watched the foodnetwork to an excess, and she is my absolute favorite! You are so so lucky!

  2. okay that is SO cool. SHe does seem super sweet!

    I love that she talks about being patient, and staying true to one’s self. I think that is THE best way to be successful, happy, and to live life to its fullest. She definitely has found her niche and is good at it 🙂

    I bet that would be hard with all that negativity though…..Thanks for posting this, Tina!

  3. Somehow I had a feeling she might be pretty easy to talk to, she just comes across as so genuine and real and I love that about celebs that actually end up being that way in real life. So cool that you got to chat with her!! I also had a feeling that she might mention portions as how she stays in such good shape – her food always looks amazing on TV!

    1. I WISH I met her! Although, she said she’s coming to Boston again in April for a book signing, so maybe I’ll get to meet her then!

  4. So neat!

    I’m headed to Boston for work and would love a restaurant suggestion for the Newbury St area! What are your favorites? Thanks so much!

  5. I never have paid any attention to celebrity chefs or anything but reading this makes me want to at least look her up! (I mean, I know who shoe is but I’m not a “follower”). She seems really down to earth. So glad you got to chat with her! Thanks for sharing her answers too!

  6. I love Giada and one of the main reasons is because she LOVES food and savors it. We had such a messed up sense of the what eating and enjoying food should be, it’s nice when someone does. Just because you enjoy food does mean that you overeat or should be fat

  7. ” She says the negativity still hurts her, but she just does her best to do her job and help people.”

    That’s cool. Seems like a really honest answer. She sounds really nice.

    How awesome to get an interview with her!

  8. Great interview! I think Giada is great and watching her always puts me in a good mood. Sounds like she’s got some great advice – thanks for sharing Tina! 🙂

  9. That is so fab that you got to interview her! Along with Ina Garten & Bobby Flay, she is my favorite on the Food Network. Even though she’s a celebrity chef, she seems so down to earth & ‘regular’ 🙂

  10. Such an awesome opportunity! I’ve watched Giada for years on the Food Network and I’ve always thought she was one of the most down-to-earth, real people on the network 🙂

  11. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH that’s awesome! She seems so down to earth.I love that she manages her own twitter and that she actually tweets back to her followers.

  12. GIada sounds awesome, and so down-to-earth! Love her food philosophy, I know a lot of ppl doubt she eats her rich foods but I’m pretty sure she does despite her figure. The only difference is that she savors, rather than gorge!

  13. OMG! You are so freakin’ lucky, but I know you deserve more than anyone for your hard work. I’m so happy you asked my question, it was the first question! I seriously think what she eats on her show is it, that is her portion. Because how do you eat so much pasta and not gain weight. I like her dishes. Great job!

  14. What an awesome opportunity! I met Giada at a book signing a few years ago and she is definitely as sweet and nice in person as she seems on tv. She was one of my favorite Food Network chefs that I’ve met 🙂

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