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About a month ago, Champion contacted me to see if I might want to review some of their sports bras. I am really picky when it comes to sports bras since I can never find ones that properly fit me, so I was all about putting the Champion ones to the test. I have a double sports bra method that works just fine, but I’m always looking for new and improved options. I mean, imagine if one sports bra did the trick!

Champion sent me four styles of sports bras to test out. I’ve listed them below with my reviews.

_MG_5234 (800x533)

Champion Double Dry Seamless Reversible Sports Bra


Pros: Fabric is soft, light, and moisture-wicking. Racer-back style is comfortable and flattering. I love that this sports bra is reversible (different colors on each side).

Cons: Not super supportive by itself. I’d probably pair it with a more supportive sports bra or wear it for low/medium-impact workouts like yoga or Pilates.

Champion Double Dry Shiny Seamless Sports Bra

_MG_5229 (800x533)2011-11-29_1049

Pros: Similar to the sports bra above. Fabric is super soft and sweat-wicking. It’s also shimmery, which is fun and different. The racer-back style is flattering and knit-in cups help to shape and separate (i.e. no uni-boob). A thick band on the bottom provides additional support.

Cons: Again, not super supportive by itself. I’d probably pair it with a more supportive sports bra or wear it for low/medium impact workouts.

Champion Double Dry Absolute Workout Sports Bra

2011-11-29_1057_MG_5220 (800x533)

Pros: Fabric is more “high-tech” and supportive than the first two sports bras. It’s sweat-wicking, silky, and much thicker. Very comfortable, flexible, and moves with you as you move. Fun pattern. This sports bra reminded me a lot of the ones I buy from Old Navy that I love so much.

Cons: Not supportive enough to wear alone, but this sports bra was my favorite of the bunch. I wore it with the TaTa Tamer on a 6-mile run and everything stayed put.

Champion 360° Max Support Sports Bra


Pros: Thick, supportive, moisture-wicking fabric. Molded cups provide support while shaping and separating, very flattering. Hook-and-eye adjustable closure provides a snug fit. Side panels provide extra support and prevent side-boob overhang.

Cons: Straps aren’t adjustable. They weren’t tight enough on me, so the sports bra wasn’t as supportive as I hoped. I also noticed that the sizing chart for this one is a little weird. I’d definitely try it on in person before purchasing it.

What’s your favorite kind of sports bra? Big chested ladies: Have you found a sports bra that actually works?!?


After breakfast, I got my Body Pump on. I’ve been slacking on the strength training lately, so I made sure to kick my butt in class today. Instead of loading on the weight, I pushed through the last few reps of every track””you know, the ones when your muscles are screaming for mercy and demanding that you stop? Yep, those ones. My arms felt like Jello on the drive home.


Lunch was a random mix of leftovers: turkey, diced cucumber, crumbled feta, and honey mustard on a whole wheat Sandwich Thin. It probably sounds like a weird combination, but it was actually quite delicious.

IMG_0001 (800x600)

On the side, I had a piece of leftover Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. Mmmmm!

IMG_0005 (800x600)

Be Thankful Challenge

I’m thankful for grandparents. They are the best.

Off to Starbucks to study! I’ll probably order a delicious drink there too!



  1. I used to do the double sports bra method for jogging, until I found the Moving Comfort Juno and also the Enell – both brilliant, the Juno is the more attractive option.

  2. About a MILLION years ago, Victoria’s Secret did a line with Shock Absorber (I think?) and there was one sports bras that was magical!! I was a D cup then, and they supported everything properly and from all angles. Now? I’m smaller-chested, but have a horrible time finding bras. I usually pair a built-in-bra shirt with a sports bra, or double up. (SO MUCH LAUNDRY).

    1. @Michele:

      I LOVED those bras. Even though they say, “your sports bra should never celebrate a birthday,” I have four of them that I still wear religiously.

  3. Your sandwich looks great to me. I love using up all the Thanksgiving leftovers in many different ways – sandwiches, soups, pasta dishes etc.

    I am thankful for my health both physical and mental. In 2008 I decided to get healthy and recover from an ED that had been haunting me for several years. I am in a MUCH better place today and am SO thankful for my new and improved health and happiness. 🙂

  4. Aww, I’m sad you didn’t love these. I really like these sports bras A LOT! I like they way they feel. Being a flat chested girl, they are just the right amount of support I need to run in. I’ve even bought the ones in the girls’ section.

  5. I’m a 36F and I wear the Moving Comfort Juno. Adjustable straps, and everything stays put, I jog, TRX, and yoga in this bra & I wouldn’t wear anything else.

  6. I used to double up on the sports bras as well, being a D cup. I have been wearing the UNDER ARMOUR Women’s HeatGear Endure D Zip-Front Sports Bra and although it does kinda give me a uni-boob, it works really well for runs (although I haven’t used it for a run over 5 miles)

  7. Oh so I’m not the only one who doubles up?! I’ve always had good luck with Nike sports bras. I bought some years back from Target which I think were Champion and was muchly disappointed.

  8. I used to have to double up on sports bras too, until I bought the Champion 360 Max Support sports bra back in April. Now they’re my go to bra for running! For every other workout I wear the C9 by Champion® Women’s Molded Cup Racer-Back Sports Bra from Target.

  9. I’m blessed to have a small chest… Well, for running at least, I can’t tell you how many times I couldn’t buy a top or dress because I couldn’t fill it out. I usually wear an A-cup and I can even get away running in just a regular bra. I wear my sports bra to soak up the sweat, but all it does is push my boobs up into oblivion.

  10. i LOVE under armour sports bras. I’m with you and used to have to wear 2 bras. But I found two under armour bras that I am in love with. I wear them for anything athletic (running, body pump, yoga, etc). NOTHING MOVES! 🙂

  11. I’m size 38D, so support is super-important. So far I like wearing the Champion 360° Max Support Sports Bra paired with a stretchy lightweight Champion bra (can’t recall exact model name). I’m curious to try the TaTa Tamer, though!

    1. Im a 38D too, but and have been using the Champion 360° Max Support Sports Bra as well. I haven’t tried it with another bra as that’s been enough on it’s own. I also have the Champion Double Dry Spot Compfort Full-Support Sports Bra and love it (also on it’s own). I wish it was easier to find supportive sports bras. I had to drive an hour just for these.

  12. After having a breast reduction its so nice to be able to just wear one sports bra, instead of layering bras/sports bras. I’d love to try the 360 to see how it feels.

  13. I’m a 38F and wear the Elomi Energise sports bra. It’s not pretty and it’s not cheap, but it is seriously the best sports bra ever. I wear it for everything from yoga to running and love it.

  14. I second Hillary on the Champion Powerback Underwire (also comes in wireless)!! They come in actual bra sizes up to DD with adjustable straps and band. It’s the only sports bra I wear for everything from distance running to yoga, and it, ummm, contains things exceptionally well in downward dog.

  15. I actually wear the Champion 360º Max for running but I’ve also noticed that the sizing is a bit funky. Me being a 32DD I wear the size smaller than they say to on the label (medium instead of large).

  16. Holy crap, I feel like this post is speaking directly to me today! I went sports bra shopping today and was disappointed in my purchase (as always). So tomorrow I will return my purchase and buy yet another that likely won’t work so I will stick with my double sports bra+camisole with built in shelf bra method. I’m one of the big chested ladies you questioned (38DD) and no, I have NEVER found a sports bra that actually works. Taking notes on your readers’ comments though.
    Additionally, I think it’s wonderful that you are thankful for grandparents. I lost my dear grandmother last week so our Thanksgiving was a little bittersweet this year. Today would have been her 88th birthday so I’ve been thinking all day about how grateful I am to have spent so much time with her while she was still with us. Grandparents are simply the best. 🙂

  17. I hope this isn’t overly personal: I believe it’s in your book that you had a breast reduction (? Or did I read that in one of your posts?) – do you think you would ever do a post about that? Because it seems like content that would be interesting and relevant to a lot of people. I had a breast reduction four years ago, at the age of 22, and I know it had a huge impact on my physical well-being and how I felt about myself psychologically. These kind of issues are all relevant to a “healthy” lifestyle, yet 99% of the healthy living blog content these days seems to be about how lose weight and maintain weight loss. There’s more to health than weight (although granted in the case of a breast reduction, you’re technically also trying to remove some weight from your body!). I’d love to see more posts about aspects of health totally unrelated to physical appearance and fitness as well.

  18. Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve NEVER had pumpkin pie!! I need to get over to the states and have myself a big slab of pie! It looks good.

  19. Yes! I have found ONE(!) sportsbra that works, needless to say I now don’t buy anything else…

    This is a big deal as I have a very narrow back so none of the unsized sportsbras are ever tight eough around or have short enough straps, and place for boobs at the same time. That last bit is sorta important…

    The D+ Max Sports Bra by Shock Absorber, is the only one that lets me work out with only one bra, took me all the way through the NY marathon. Total keeper, and they have a wide range of sizes too, including my UK size 30E(or F can’t remember, supposedly US 30DD). This is what it looks like, http://www.bravissimo.com/products/lingerie/sports-bras/dplus-max-sports-bra/white/be59wh/?show=16&sort=1 , not a looker really, but I don’t care!

  20. I LOVE the Under Armour “Endure” (http://www.underarmour.com/shop/us/en/pid1001175-001) and will second those above who mentioned it. It has a zip front and criss-cross back. Being big-chested, it is SO nice to have a bra that is super supportive that you don’t have to wrestle yourself into since it zips in the front. This is the best bra I’ve ever had to prevent bouncing!!

  21. You know, I’m not very particular when it comes to sports bra. (I probably should be, but I’m not). I’m not especially well-endowed on top, so I find that tank tops with built-in bras work well for me. I do like a lot of the Champion sports bra, too, because they’re fairly inexpensive. Between the ultra-expensive cold weather running gear and Lululemon yoga stuff I’m (unfortunately) addicted to, it’s nice to save a little in the sports bra department. 🙂

  22. Hey Tina! This is my first time commenting, but I just had to because I have had tons of trouble finding sports bras, too. When I started losing weight, I wore a D cup, and now that I’m 20 pounds lighter I wear a C. Moving Comfort bras have seen me through the transition. I tend to like the Maia, because I personally like that it goes up high and keeps things modest (see what I mean?: http://athleta.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=684630&locale=en_US&kwid=1&sem=false&sdReferer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2Fimgres%3Fq%3Dmoving%2Bcomfort%2Bmaia%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1024%26bih%3D605%26gbv%3D2%26tbm%3Disch%26tbnid%3DA9M_yL5ogroByM%3A%26imgrefurl%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.athleta.com%2Fproducts%2Fmaia-bra-by-moving-comfort-P684630.jsp%26docid%3DWm701Kl6EIwWTM%26imgurl%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.athleta.com%2Fproducts%2Fres%2Fthumbimg%2Fmaia-bra-by-moving-comfort-surf.jpg%26w%3D202%26h%3D202%26ei%3DrX3WTtuZJoHe0QGAsuzXAQ%26zoom%3D1%26iact%3Dhc%26vpx%3D666%26vpy%3D321%26dur%3D2862%26hovh%3D161%26hovw%3D161%26tx%3D57%26ty%3D102%26sig%3D106996207021689992158%26page%3D1%26tbnh%3D134%26tbnw%3D140%26start%3D0%26ndsp%3D12%26ved%3D1t%3A429%2Cr%3A10%2Cs%3A0). I also think that helps control bounce. Although I wear other bras during yoga or on the elliptical, I wouldn’t wear anything else (including the illustrious Ta-ta Tamer, which I’ve also tried) while running!

  23. I have never found a sports bra that does the trick. I’ve tried all different kinds, even wearing ones that are a couple of sizes too small to see if that would keep them in place, but there’s always a problem and I end up wearing 2 (or 3!) so I can comfortably go for a run. It’s just not fair that guys dont have to worry about this kind of stuff! Nothing is worse then trying to focus on getting a good workout, when you feel completely aggrevated because of how uncomfortable you are, and how much it hurts when you don’t have enough support. I always wished I would find that perfect, magical sports bra that would provide enough support to allow me to workout without worrying about feeling irritated and unpleasent, but I have yet to discover it. Maybe the Champion 360 Max Support Bra would be effective if it included adjustable straps like you said, then again, adjustable clips may be harsh on your shoulders…it’s always somethin’!

  24. One more thing I forgot to mention, and maybe others can comment on this too…With moving Comfort, I found that their sizing runs big. I wear a 36DD in Victoria’s Secret everyday bras, but had to go down a cup size for the bra, otherwise it was too loose!

  25. I have a hard time finding good sports bras too. I’m a 34DD & have found that Under Armour has really good sports bras for my size. I’m not sure of the name of the one I have now, but it criss-crosses in the back & zips up in the front. You can get it for different cup sizes. I got mine for a D & it’s super supportive, even when jogging or kickboxing.

  26. my ladies are rather well-endowed and I have two sports bras that I love for running.

    1) Moving Comfort bras
    – Specifically the following models: “Fiona”, “Helena” and “Juno”
    – Even on the days where I’m most tender, I never, ever have any pain or discomfort.
    – And with the fiona & helena (and unlike my #2 choice), the straps adjust in the front of the bra, making it a “one man job” to adjust or cross the straps.

    2) Lululemon’s Ta-Ta Tamer bra

  27. “Cons: Straps aren’t adjustable.”

    Ugh. My first several sports bras way back when actually convinced me that sports bras weren’t even worth wearing. I ended up just wearing a regular bra all the time because they offered more support for me. I had *no* idea at the time that there were sports bras that had adjustable straps. I’m rather short and basically, every sports bra I had owned were just too big in the straps and didn’t offer any support. Now I know what to buy instead and sports bras are freakin’ awesome, but I cringe every time I see bras reviewed that don’t have adjustable straps at all. No thanks. 🙁

  28. I found a really well fitting sports bra – Triumph triaction extreme. It works really well by itself and I have a rater large breasts. But I still often wear a top with integrated bra-thingy.

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