Pumpkin Heaven at Amrheins Restaurant

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Ever since moving to Southie, a number of people have recommended that I give Amrheins Restaurant a try. With so many glowing recommendations and it being just a short walk from our new place, it was an easy decision to treat our friends to dinner there.



The “mood lighting” in Amrheins was quite dark, so my photos didn’t turn out great– I even had to use a flash. Boo! 😡 But, the food was delicious, so it totally made up for it.

I ordered a glass of Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc (one of my favs!) before dinner to enjoy with my meal. (For some reason, I never snapped a photo?) And for my entree, I ordered the Pumpkin Chicken Risotto, which was absolutely amazing! It was easily one of the best risottos I have ever tasted!


It was creamy chicken risotto with cashews, dried cranberries, caramelized onions, and baby spinach baked inside a pumpkin and topped with a blend of melted cheese. HOLY YUM!


It had strong flavors of maple and cinnamon, which were a wonderful compliment to the creamy risotto and blend of cheeses.

I could not stop eating this meal! I actually ate so much, I feel sick now. I’m such a 5-year-old when I get around incredibly delicious foods. I eat until I have a bellyache. 😳


I still can’t believe my dinner was served in a pumpkin! :mrgreen:


Amrheins made a great first impression! I’m sure I’ll visit again soon!

I’m exhausted from the day! Good night!!!!



  1. That dinner is picture perfect! And, the Veramonte Sauv Blanc would be an excellent pairing. It is such a delicious wine!

  2. I quickly browsed over all the comments but I didn’t see any about Hell’s Kitchen. A contestant (he actually made it to the finale) presented his signature dish as a chicken in a pumpkin. When he presented it to Chef Ramsey he flipped out and said that was the most ridiculous thing he’s ever seen! He said who in the world would want to eat food out of a pumpkin! So, when I saw this picture I started laughing!! I have to say this one looks a 100 times better than the one on Hell’s Kitchen. The cheese just looks so unbelievably delicious! But the coincidence is just really funny.

  3. O my gosh that is the most amazing meal I have ever seen! It is absolutely beautiful!! I’m going to have to try and whip that up in my little kitchen…if I lived in Southy I’d be gettin’ the pumpkin every night! Glad you had a fun dinner.

  4. Tina,
    After seeing this gorgeous pumpkin dinner – I HAD to have it! Living just over in the South End, I knew it was in my weekend plans…after a fun day of coffee drinking and apple picking with my girlfriends, we headed to Amrheins for pumpkin magic – and all four of us ordered the Pumpkin Risotto! The chef even came out to see what table would order four! I told him that we had heard all about it from http://www.carrotsncake.com – and he was stoked that the word was getting out about the magical pumpkin! Just wanted to share that story back with you! Thanks for featuring this on the blog – this was seriously my favorite fall treat!

  5. That sounds like such a great combination of ingredients in your risotto. Perfect for fall. And the presentation is pretty awesome as well, in the pumpkin and all. I think I’m actually going to have to write that flavour combo down, because I bet it’s something I could play with at home for a risotto.

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