Pugs + Weddings

Ashley and Nate’s wedding was absolutely outstanding! We had SUCH a fun time! I love weddings! 😀

I also love PUGS! This cutie was at the reception:


Of course, I made friends. :mrgreen:


Complete wedding recap later today!

Time for breakfast!


  1. This picture is so cute! I love pugs too! I have a fawn and a black. Plus, my brother and his fiance just bought a puggle puppy. So, I am in pug heaven. You and Mal will make great pug parents someday!

  2. awwwwww! I thought of you yesterday!Our neighbors had their in laws over and apparently they own the sister of the pug that lives next door! So we had two little guys running around the yard. Both are ADORABLE! I told them that if you moved here, I would need the name of the breeder 😉

  3. Aw, what a cutie! I love that picture of you too … it’s such a perfect example of why I read this blog: You always seem so down to earth! Even all dressed up for a wedding, and you are down in the grass playing with a dog! I love it. 😀

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