Pug Positions

Right before I fell asleep last night, I told Murphy he needed to become a “baguette.” He was curled up like a “croissant” and hogging the bed.


Mal was almost asleep, so he muttered something about Murphy being a “croissant” and rolled over. He wasn’t surprised at all that I used bread to describe the position in which our dog was sleeping. He knew exactly what I meant. We’ve actually referred to Murphy as a “baguette” or “croissant” for many months now (not normal), which got me thinking about the other names we use and (weird) pug positions Murphy contorts his body into. Here are some of my favorites!



“Sack of Pug”


IMG_5846 (640x427)

“One-legged Wonder”

IMG_0014 (375x500)



Squishy pug

“Butt Sitter”


“Road Cone”

IMG_0008 (375x500)

“Buddha Pug”

_MG_9102 (852x1280)_MG_9092 (852x1280)

Tom Green”

tom green

Pug Loaf” or “Slug Dog”

pug loaf

No name for this one, but it’s ridiculous”¦

073 (675x900)

“Pug Pretzel”

pug pretzel

“Grinch Face”


I hope this post made you smile and started your Friday off on the right foot!


  1. So cute! My 85 lb Lab contorts to try and fit in my lap (yes, he thinks he’s a tiny lap dog), between me and any piece of furniture, on my yoga mat, on my piles of clean laundry while I fold it…

  2. I love the censoring!

    I have two cats….Virgil and Rueben. Virgil is a 14 year old Maine Coon, tall and long. Rueben is 10 and a tabby. We call them “the boys” and Virgil is quite obsessed with laying as close to you as possible. He will lay on your chest and sit like, an inch from your face. My husband has grown to love it. He will also try to climb onto your shoulders and wrap himself around your neck/shoulders. Did I mention when I get done working out and I’m stretching, he stands on his back legs and wants to be picked up? I just love my cats!

  3. Aw, Murphy’s so cute! We have a beagle named Joey and whenever he curls up into a ball, we call him a Beagle Bagel.

    You’re not alone with name your dogs antics after bread products!

  4. This just made my day, thank you! Murphy is such a riot and so expressive! I think the no named one should be called the wedge.

  5. Murphy is one handsome pug!! Pugs are the best 🙂 Love mine to death. The Pug Sitter makes me laugh… my pug, Olly, does that too… it makes me feel like they are little people when they sit like that! Cute cute cute!

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