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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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GAH! Look what happened overnight! SNOW! BOO times a million.

IMG_0053 (800x600)

IMG_0054 (800x600)

Murphy felt the same way about the snow this morning. I had to drag him outside into it, but once he was out there, he quickly did his business”” he wanted to get back in the house as much as I did! I’m glad that Murphy is a snow-hater too.

IMG_0051 (800x600)


At 7:45 this morning, Murphy was hungry for breakfast, so he woke me up. I’m telling ya, this dog is on a schedule like you wouldn’t believe! Plus, it’s Murphy’s world, and I’m just living in it. So, I got out of bed, poured myself a glass of iced coffee with soy milk and a splash of coffee creamer (holy yum!) and snacked on some grapes while I cleaned the kitchen.

IMG_0058 (800x600)

A little while later, Mal woke up and made us eggs for breakfast. I also had a toasted Bagel Thin with Chia Charger nut butter spread on top.

IMG_0059 (800x600)

After breakfast, Mal and I meal planned for the upcoming week. Mal picked out a few recipes to make while I checked out our coupon situation and researched in-store deals. Each week, we either shop at Whole Foods or Stop & Shop depending on sales and coupons. This week, Whole Foods won because their Whole Deal flyer had lots of great coupons on it.

Our meal planning might sound (and look) like a lot of work, but it gets easier each time. This morning, it only took us about 15 minutes, and it’s totally worth it. We save a lot of money at the grocery store!

IMG_0064 (800x600)

Once our grocery shopping list was all set, we hit up Google to try to figure out what’s going on with Murphy’s face. I mean, it know it’s absolutely adorable, but his lip has developed a massive pimple-like thing on it.

IMG_0065 (800x600)

Check it out!


Murphy’s pimple turned up a little over a week ago. It doesn’t seem to be getting worse, but it’s not getting better either. It doesn’t seem to bother Murphy, but Mal and I are total worrywarts when it comes to our dog, so, of course, we’re concerned.

Has anyone’s dog ever had this happen to them? Should we be concerned?



  1. I don’t know what kind of bowl Murphy eats out of, but I know that plastic and ceramic bowls can harbor bacteria which in turn cause dog acne. Try switching to a stainless steel one and see if it clears up. In the meantime, just clean it with bactine and it should go away 🙂

    1. @Mara @ What’s for Dinner?: great advice! my pug had a “pug pimple” in the same place and my vet told us to switch to stainless steel bowls. she hasn’t had a “pug pimple” since we made the switch. we also clean her food and water bowls daily.

  2. I wish Whole Foods was even an option where I live – the only one I know of in Canada near me is the one in Toronto. I’ve checked out their specials and they seem to have good deals from time to time, even if their whole thing is premium groceries. #envy

  3. I have a lab that likes to dunk his entire head in the water bucket at the dog park. It’s not uncommon for his chin to break out after doing that due to the bacteria in the water. When it happens, I usually keep him away from dog park/water bucket for a bit and keep it clean. If it really bugs him then I give him Benedryl for a few days. It usually takes about a week to clear up. But I also strongly agree with the comment about plastic food dishes, we only use stainless steel for this exact reason.

  4. Honey (my puggle) had a few little pimples like that when she was very little, but they just went away on their own. I just chalked it up to the fact that she’s 50% pug though.

    You could try sending a picture to your vet and asking what they think. I’ve done this a couple of times and it’s saved us time and money by avoiding a vet visit. Could be worth a try.

    Murphy is adorable, with or without the pimple. 🙂

  5. I lived with a pug puppy who would always get what looked like pimples, and the vet said thats what they were. just like a white head. her momma had to make sure to wash the pug face and it helped them go away.

  6. My dog Frankie (frankiethebostonterrier.tumblr.com) had something similar on his eyelid. It turned out to be just a ingrown/infected hair follicle. Cleared up with some time and polysporin.

  7. Murphys pimple can be a virus that gets passed from dogs to dogs. It will eventually go away on it’s own, but make sure he’s not messing with it. And if it gets a lot bigger, you may have to have it removed.

  8. My pugs get little pug pimples every so often. Our vet gave us some salicylic acid shampoo that we put on their faces when they have a break out. Hope this helps!

  9. i have a friend whose pug had a very similar pimple. i know they took him to the vet to get it looked at and ended up having it removed. it’s probably nothing, but always better to be safe than sorry… especially with our fur babies 🙂

  10. My dog had a lot of “fatty bumps” as the vet called it. She never had any on her face, but maybe Murphy’s pimple is just a fatty bump?

    It could also be an inflamed whisker follicle?

    These are just some thoughts. I’m not a vet, just a fellow dog lover! 🙂

  11. Hope Murph is ok! I’ve never tried meal planning but I bet it works well when you’re cooking for more than one person. For me, I just throw together whatever I’m feeling like since its only me!

  12. my pug had one in the same lip area and I just assumed it was a whitehead or an ingrown hair. I actually ended up popping it like a regular pimple and it didn’t seem to bother her. I’m also weird and like to pop zits- oops!

  13. Probably just an ingrown whisker. If it’s not gone in a few weeks, have it looked it. In the mean time, put some Neosporin on it.

  14. Wow I love the meal planning idea! I just got married so this will be a great way for us to plan our weekly dinners and shopping list

  15. Our boxer got one on his ear & we were freaking out since boxers are known for getting tumors… it wouldn’t go away for a couple weeks, and my husband decided to gently poke it with a sterilized needle… turns out it was totally just a pimple, and once it burst it went away (it was like it was stuck under his skin)… gross i know.

  16. Our dog literally grew one of those overnight on her head last year, it’s stayed about the same size and the vet said it’s a wart which can easily be freezed off like they would for a human. We haven’t done it yet b/c besides being ugly it’s not bothering her or growing. Maybe that’s what Murphy has?

  17. Awww, Murphy looks so cute and sad. I think the ones that mentioned something about the bacteria from his food bowl and such could be onto something. Our kitty has an on-going mouth pimple/cyst/gum inflammation that the doctor said was acne. We’ll have to switch to stainless steel to see if that helps.

    Hope Murphy heals soon. And I LOVE meal-planning!! I consider it a hobby, especially when weekly circulars come out. So fun. 😀

  18. It looks like it might be a histiocytoma, which is a benign tumor that dogs get. It normally goes away on its own and isn’t usually problematic. Sometimes they do need to be surgically removed if they are in a bad spot or get infected. You should take him to the vet to have it aspirated and make sure it is nothing more serious.

  19. My lab growing up use to get little bumps like that under his fur. They were called sebaceous cysts. Completely harmless unless they get really big and then sometimes need to be removed. They are usually completely painless as well. I’m not sure if that’s what Murphy has, but it looks similar. Maybe that will help a bit 🙂 Good luck with the snow! Usually it’s us up here in the Tundra (Minnesota) that get the snow first!

  20. My pug has never had one but I have read a lot about using SS food bowls for pugs. If you’ve never heard of it I go to this site a lot with pug problems http://www.pugvillage.com. There is a forum section and just about everyone on there has at least 1 pug. Good luck.

  21. If it’s not getting better, I would definitely take him to the vet. My dog had a lump on her eye that I just thought was a skin tag, and it turned out to be a tumor that had to be removed. I know thats not even sort of the same as a pimple on Murphy’s face, but dogs are part of the family, you cant be too careful.

  22. We have two pugs and one of them used to get those pimples on his little face all the time – on the same spot as Murphys, under the chin, and on the lips. The first time he had one, I pulled up his lip to look at it closer and it popped on my hand. Ew! They pop just like human zits, which is really gross. We just left them alone and they would usually just go away. He hasn’t had one in a few years.

  23. Our boxer periodically gets these. At the beginning she had one that didn’t go away for awhile and then she got another one. When we took her to the vet it turned out she had a staph infection and had to be on antibiotics for a few weeks. It’s happened a few times since then and now that we know what to look for we take her in as soon as we see one little bump. And I’m jealous of your snow! Here in Northern California all I have to look forward too is rain and more rain.

  24. I bet my parents can totally relate to you with the whole it’s-the-dog’s-world-and-I’m-living-in-it thing. I’m away at college & my brother has his own place, so my parents are the ones left with the dog at home. I hear countless stories about how they often hear him sitting at the bottom of the stairs whining to be taken on a walk in the morning. My mom can’t stand it!

  25. OK, these are the times when i DON’T miss Boston!
    Hubby, who grew up in California, cannot understand why I don’t want to go to places like Tahoe in the middle of winter. I keep trying to tell him that 25 years of snowstorms was quite enough, thankyouverymuch. It’s also very different to vacation in the snow vs. living in it. A few days of shoveling the driveway, warming up the car for 30 minutes before driving it, and scraping ice of the windshield might help him change his mind, lol!

  26. My pugs get those from time to time, our vet said it can be due to dirty ears or having a little bit of dirt in their wrinkle. Nothing to be concerned about!

  27. Our yellow lab had something somewhat similar about a year ago. We just kept watch on it, and it eventually went away. We still have no clue what it was, but it never changed in color or size so we didn’t get too concerned. We haven’t seen anything pop up on his face like it ever since. I don’t know if that helps much, but I hope everything turns out ok!

  28. My two cents: Take him to the vet to have it checked out. It could be as simple as a little zit — we all get them. Or it could be as severe as a cancer — if it is, you’ll be able to address it early. My dog had cancer that began on her lip. Just get it checked out. That way, no one has to continue worrying and wondering.

  29. It’s been mentioned already, but I would suspect canine papilloma virus, too… It usually clears on its own, but some times the warts do have to be removed by the vet. Good news: it’s not a big deal and usually goes away on its own after a few days 🙂 But I so understand your concern! Lucca, my Saint Bernard, got it and had a wart ON HIS TONGUE, towards the back! I got sooo worried! But after a little research, I narrowed it down to CPV, but still took him to the vet just to make sure it wasn’t something horrible! Thankfully she agreed and thought it’d go away by itself -and it did, after about 10 days 😀 gross, though.

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