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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Sometimes, Murphy’s persistence pays off, like when he wants to sit on Dad’s lap.


Or dress up as a lobster for Halloween.


But, sometimes, Murphy’s persistence does not pay off, like when he wants to play with the cool kids.


Or when Dad uses his prized stick as kindling for the fire.


Tonight was one of those times that his persistence did not pay off.

IMG_0005 (472x640)IMG_0007 (480x640)
IMG_0006 (478x640)IMG_0008 (467x640)

Murphy wanted a piece of rawhide on the windowsill behind the dish rack. He was very persistent, but rawhide is not in the cards for him tonight.  

IMG_0003 (640x475)

You see, Murphy enjoyed rawhide two days in a row, so now his stomach is a little upset. We’re giving him a break from it, but it doesn’t stop him from whining about it… like he’s doing right now. That dog has a one-track mind. 


This evening’s dinner was Soy-Glazed Cod with Honey-Roasted Sweet Potatoes and steamed green beans. Nutritious and delicious.

IMG_0011 (640x469)

For dessert, I enjoyed two halves of an English muffin with peanut butter and butterscotch chips spread on top. Best treat ever.

IMG_0015 (640x470)

Exciting news! 😀

This afternoon, I registered for the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference in Boulder, Colorado in June. My friends at OpenSky are sponsoring my trip, and I am so grateful for their support. I cannot wait for this conference! The agenda is amazing!

Fitness Health-LOGO-date

TV time! Enjoy the evening, folks!



  1. Colorado is fantastic in June! I highly recommend doing the Royal Arch Hike when you are in Boulder. It will get your blood pumping and the view at top is amazing. Also, Pearl Street has the best shopping and dinning…and great farmers markets!

  2. Very exciting that you are coming to Boulder! I have grown up here and recently graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder in May. Are you planning on doing any fun kind of meet up at all?

  3. Put the treats in the freezer! Tricks my pup every time.

    Btw, you might check with your vet on rawhides. They’re full of chemicals like formaldehyde and it’s basically like eating leather. A more healthy chew treat for them are bully sticks!

  4. Can’t wait to hear more about the conference!! And my little dog will whine for his “friends,” my stuffed animals that are not play toys that sit on top of a bookshelf (yes, I’m 5). I’ll get them down for him every now and again and he knows they’re different from toys and will just nuzzle them… it’s pretty damn cute. 🙂

  5. My pug used to do the same thing with his toys and also with my socks. I think pugs are naturally drawn to socks.

    The conference sounds interesting. It’s something I’d actually want to go to. Have a blasty! *blasty is the worst word ever isn’t it?

  6. Rawhide is really bad for dogs & their tummies. Want a better “chew” toy? Check local stores for Horns/Antlers. They’re all natural and give the dog a ton of chew time. The pieces that come off aren’t bad for them & don’t seem to cause issues to the tummy. My daughter works in an Animal Emergency Center & she sees too many dogs in for blockages after rawhides. Check out the antler thing, they’re very inexpensive!

  7. Around my house we call rawhide’s the ‘precious.’ It is a dorky Lord of the Rings reference but totally fits the way one of my dogs acts about his ‘precious.’

    Have you ever been to Boulder? I hear it is a great place to visit!

  8. I used to have a dog who would become obsessive if you gave him any toy. For example, if you gave him a ball, he’d play with it all night long (by dropping it off the bed and then chasing it over and over) until you took it away, at which point he would stare at the spot you put it for hours. He was totally insane!

  9. I love how you’re able to capture Murphy’s actions and emotions on camera – so funny!! My cat is the same exact way when it comes to milk – we have to go easy every once in a while when her stomach aches up and she TOTALLY gives us the cold shoulder, sad face, and big black glaring eyes for it!

  10. There are lots of “scary” stories about giving your dog rawhide. Make sure it is ‘Made in the USA’! We gave our dog the kind without the knots on the end as a monthly treat… too many and our lady would drink tons of water… which meant late night potty breaks! 🙂

  11. congrats on the conferrence! That one looks so fun but sadly I cannot afford to go to it. 🙁
    Bella does that to when she sees me put her bone up. she sits there and stares and whines b/c she knows its up there!

  12. Murph! What a heartbreaker! SO cute.

    I love wheat bread with peanut butter and pumpkin or apple jelly as a treat. Peanut butter is just so satisfying with something sweet on top!

  13. Boulder?! Crazy!! My husband and I are heading out there in mid-May~~ booked our accommodations last week and our plane tix this morning! This will be our first visit to Colorado. And a trip to check things out to see if it is somewhere we would like to live. We plan to move within the next year (after we sell our home and the hubby finds a university job), so we are going to take trips to the places that pique our interest. I cannot wait to get out there and enjoy the mountain scenery!!!

  14. Raw hide is not very good for dogs. I discovered Bully Sticks a couple of years ago. Also called Bull Pizzle they are actually um bull penis. Yes you heard that right. A better treat than the raw hide, it won’t upset their stomaches, or hurt the mouth and teeth like a bone could. They are most affordable when bought on line. I found out about them from a pug blog called A Pug’s Voice http://masonpug.wordpress.com/. Here is a source where you can buy them http://www.bestbullysticks.com/.

  15. Murphy is SOO cute!!
    I agree with Anne above.. Rawhide is not good. I found an ebay seller that sells all natural, free range, gas fed buffalo Bully Sticks for only $1.25 a piece! I think there is free shipping shipping this month too! My dogs can’t get enough of them.. and since they’re all natural, i don’t have to worry about them upsetting their tummies!
    I’ve linked to it above.

  16. So exciting you’re coming to Boulder for the conference. I really wish I could go, but my AmeriCorps salary just isn’t having it. Lol…I moved to Boulder back in September, and I absolutely adore it. It’s chock a block full of amazing scenery, great hiking, and awesome food of course. You’re going to love it!

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