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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I welcomed hemp milk back into my diet this morning. I love it””it’s so tasty and nutritious””but, man, it’s expensive. Whole Foods had a coupon for it last week, so I splurged a bought a carton of it.

IMG_2712 (563x750)


This morning’s breakfast was “Oatmeal” Minus the Oats made with hemp milk instead of almond milk. There wasn’t much of a flavor difference because the banana typically dominates, but it did taste a tad more “nutty” than usual.

IMG_2717 (750x563)

I added an extra scoop of Teddie Peanut Butter to my breakfast this morning.

IMG_2721 (750x563)

After breakfast, Murphy enjoyed licking my nearly empty peanut butter jar. He gets really excited when I eat my breakfast out of a jar. (Please listen for his weird/excited chirping noises in the video. I have no idea what it’s about.)


I had some crazy cravings around lunch time today. First, I wanted something cheesy to eat and then I wanted something juicy like ripe tomatoes. The end result was a can of tuna mixed with grape tomatoes, green bell pepper, crumbled blue cheese, and truffle oil. It was totally random, but very tasty.

IMG_2730 (563x750)

A little while later, I wanted something carb-y and sweet, so I toasted up a waffle and added some sunflower butter and butterscotch chips to it. It was a perfect treat.

IMG_2733 (750x563)

I’m eating an early dinner tonight, so I’m not sure if there will be an afternoon snack on the agenda. If so, it’ll definitely be a smoothie. I have a serious craving for one right now.

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  1. I love it when Boyd hovers over me whenever I have peanut butter out. Seriously dogs and and pb jars are the CUTEST thing. I look forward to watching him go nuts over it!! Murph is just so adorable. I have to remember to try the oatmeal minus oats one of these days!

  2. Hey can you blame Murphy! Who doesn’t love Teddy’s Peanut Butter…that stuff is totally addicting! You actually turned me onto it and there has been no going back ever since 🙂

      1. @Tina: I picked up some Teddy today which caused me to wonder – Do they sell the giant tubs of it anymore? My mom used to buy it and I don’t see it at the grocery store these days.

        1. @Cate: Yikes – I just found the nutrition info for the tubs of Teddie and it has corn syrup! I’ll stick with the jars and no sugar added version! Bummer because I remember always having the tub in my pantry as a kid.

  3. I can’t believe Murphy actually listens to all the commands. he didn’t move from ‘stay’ till you said ‘OK’. That’s incredible. i wonder how many grown adults can even handle that let alone a dog.

    1. @Shreya: Haha! He’d sit there all day waiting if he had to! He’s really good with commands, except for when other dogs/people are around and then he “forgets” how to listen.

  4. Yum I wanted to try your Oatmeal minus the oats but was out of cinnamon and milk. Definitely tomorrow. You think skim milk would work??

  5. OMG my puggies aren’t that disciplined!!! But they make those same funny noises and lick that crazy boys when they hear/want their favorite foods!!!

  6. I got on a waffle + peanut butter + chocolate chips snack kick for a really long time and have since kind of forgotten about it. It’s definitely time to bring it back! I bet waffle + pumpkin butter + white chocolate chips would be a really good combo as well!

  7. Just watched your Murphy video with one of my pups (Zues) in my lap. He was LOSING IT! He loves TV when he sees a dog on it, so this was kind of similar. We didn;t even have sound on the first time and he STILL loved it. Then we watched again with sound to see a change in reaction.

  8. Loved the video of Murphy! He is so well trained 😉
    By the way, I had to put butterscotch chips on my grocery list thanks to you!

  9. Seriously your sweet snack is giving me cravings I can’t satisfy…is there such a thing as vegan butternut scotch chips!? I may have to do some googling!Random cravings are made to be satisfied! 🙂

  10. Yum! You always make me crave butterscotch chips. I need to buy some ASAP. I’m also in the mood for a smoothie. I was planning on making a green smoothie later – I need more greens in my diet today.

  11. Loved the pug video! And then after the pug video was over, I saw you had a video where you interviewed Richard Blais! So cool! I can’t wait to check out his burger restaurant, now that we live in the Atlanta area. 🙂

  12. Tina, thanks for infusing my afternoon with some happy puppy video! Murphy’s adorable, and SO well trained! My dog requires much more guidance with “down” and would never leave an empty jar like that. How’d you get him to be so obedient?

  13. I seriously love that dog! I think I bought my pug partly because of how cute Murphy is. Mylo (my pug) loves peanut butter. It’s how I get him to take pills when needed. If only I could get him to stay as long as Murphy does.

  14. I love the video, my pug Beatrice does that with yogurt containers! I was wondering where the park was you always bring Murphy to?? I am always hesitant to let my dog run off leash at some of the dog parks in Boston and i am looking for someplace to let her run free and not worry about traffic near by? Thanks!

  15. OMG that video just made my day. I love how well he listens to commands too! What a great dog!! Makes me miss mine while I am here in Korea…the reunion after 3 months is going to be insane!

  16. I buy my hemp seeds from Manitoba Harvest through amazon and get the 5lb tub. I find them to be kind of expensive in smaller quantities. The only downside is that you have to keep them in the fridge. This is all leading up to the idea of making your own hemp milk which is super simple to do. Just add 1c of shelled seeds to 3 to 5c of water in a blender depending upon how thick you’d like it. It is the one “milk” that I prefer lightly sweetened as I find the taste a bit strong. Dates or agave or something similar can be used to sweeten it. As an aside I love your blog!

  17. It’s nice to see there is someone else out there who eats like I do. I’m always concocting some kind of healthy breakfast, snack or lunch. I get some strange looks at the lunchroom at school. I won’t touch our school lunch though, gross.

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