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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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It was a gorgeous day in downtown Boston yesterday! It was a little chilly, but beautiful and sunny at the same time.

IMG_8124 (600x450)

My doctor’s appointment went well. It was short and sweet like I expected. My doctor wants to wean me off the Uceris over the next few weeks, which, truthfully, I am really worried about. I have had ZERO success weaning off steroids in the past, so I’m really trusting my doctor and hoping for the best.

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It was just about lunchtime when I got out of my appointment, so I headed to Whole Foods for lunch. The Charles River Plaza location is one of my favorite Whole Foods because their salad and hot bars are incredible. There are sooooo many options! I had a blast picking and choosing a little bit of everything for lunch. (Of course, I had to get a piece of Whole Foods bacon. Obsessed.)

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After lunch, I headed over to Starbucks to meet Chad and Lindsay!

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It was so nice meeting them, and we had all sorts of things to talk about. As you probably remember, Chad has had a challenging journey to health, but he’s improving every day. His doctors even think he’ll be home by Thanksgiving!

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After spending some time with Chad and Lindsay, I headed home. It was almost time for CrossFit, so I changed into my gear and then made a quick snack of spaghetti squash mixed with white cheddar cheese from The Laughing Cow. Yum!

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Yesterday’s WOD was a lot of fun. We basically went all out on 3 different exercises (Kettlebell swings, Burpees, and Sumo Deadlift High Pulls) for short 30-second bursts with 20 seconds of rest in between. After we completed each exercise, we recorded how many reps we did and then repeated this for 5 rounds. The goal was to keep up the intensity and do the same number of reps as the workout progressed and your body got more and more tired. It was definitely a challenge!

Mal was right next to me during this WOD, so I tried to keep up with him. He was a little faster than me on the Kettlebell swings and Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, but he pretty much smoked me on the Burpees (he consistently completed 12-13 reps in 30 seconds!), but, in the end, he only beat by 14 reps on this workout. He got 215; I got 201. I’ll take it.





After CrossFit, I came home, showered, and threw together a quick dinner. The spaghetti squash was already cooked and the meatballs were from Whole Foods, so all I had to do was add some marinara sauce, grated Parmesan and dinner was done!

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A couple of hours later, I started to get hungry again, but Murphy was asleep on my lap, and I didn’t want to upset him, which is actually a “rule” in our house. If one of us has the pug laying on our lap, the other person has to do whatever is asked of them because we don’t want to disturb Murphy. (I had this rule growing up too, but it was all about “not upsetting the cats.”)

With Murphy on my lap, I couldn’t get up to get myself a snack, so I asked Mal to grab me a yogurt with a little bit of trail mix in it. As soon as he handed it to me, Murphy made sure he was nice and close to the food action.

IMG_8159 (600x450)

Question of the Day

Do you have a “don’t upset the pet rule” in your house or are we just living in Murphy’s world?

P.S. Back on My Feet launched its 11th chapter in Los Angeles last week!



  1. We have a rule about “dog on my lap” or “cat on my lap” too- the other person has to get up. Sometimes I have both. See, I usually have a blanket on me when we’re watching TV at night and the dog likes to lay on my lap UNDER the blanket and the cat likes to lay On the blanket, ON THE DOG, on my lap. The only trouble is when we both have a pet on our laps!

  2. I’ve really fallen in love with pugs after seeing all the cute photos of Murphy! Our family’s rule was similar with cats – if someone needed something and they had a cat or two in their lap they would say “I have a bad case of the cats!”

  3. my dogs dont get on the couch, but if they did I would make that rule too!! And speaking of that workout, SDHP are the worst, they seem so easy but I hate them! lol

  4. No “rule” but my wife will not get up with the cat on her lap. She gives me this sad face until I get whatever it is she needs. She has even asked me to go to the bathroom for her, not sure how that works, we just laugh about it, okay we are weird.

  5. Totally understand about the Pug in Lap rule! When Alouysius (our Pug) is snuggling at night – always with my husband, unfortunately – I make tea and gather evening snack materials for Mick so that he doesn’t have to get up and disturb Al. They are just too darned cute when they’re sleepy/snuggly, it seems heartless to make them move.

  6. We have a “don’t upset the two year old rule”. If he passes out on you, tough luck! If you wake him, you take him 🙂

  7. I feel bad about making the dog get off of my lap but all I have to say is “Time to get up Lilly!” in a nice voice and 95% of the time she hops off my lap no matter if she is sleeping or not. Then I get up, get whatever I needed, sit back down, and she resumes the position on my lap. Haha. We have a nice system going.

  8. My cat likes to lay either in the crook of my arm with his arm over mine or on my chest while I am hanging out in my bed watching TV and on the laptop. It’s just a litttttle hard to type with a cat hanging out on your arm. It’s so funny though because I will lift up my arm to type and he kind of dangles in the air, he won’t even move. Weirdness. If I have to get up for anything I always feel bad because he’s so comfortable and then he looks mad because he had to get up. Also, many times I’ll just be getting up to do something and here he comes, wanting to lay on me, and I have to tell him “no, not now, come back later!”and then I feel bad. Animals are awesome!

  9. I usually won’t get up if my cat is on my lap. If I need to get up I will ask her if she wants treats and that does the trick-she immediately runs to the kitchen.

    She loves to crash on my husband and he won’t move if she does. He will call to me to tell me to come and get her.

  10. We absolutely have a “don’t upset the cat” rule. I think it’s more for our benefit though because I LOVE it when our Izzie lays down all sprawled out on my lap or snuggled beside me. My husband doesn’t want to ruin my happiness in those moments..haha.

  11. That’s a cute rule 🙂 I don’t have pug rules, well, not officially anyway. My dogs do what they want (within reason). I remember growing up that my mom asked me to get off the couch and sit on the floor because I was “in her dog’s spot” and the dog refused to sit anywhere else on the couch…sigh…I got up and moved.

  12. great view of the big 3 bldgs – the JFK, the Saltonstall, and the McCormack. I work in the Saltonstall – the one in the middle – the box with the box on top. such a beautiful day in Boston. my whole life is built around ‘don’t upset the cat’. I have 3, the oldest being 18, and at his age, he deserves his comforts. If he wants to sleep on my lap for 2 hours or on my newspaper, so be it. He’s has earned his Top Cat status. I hope someone treats me as well as old Tinky gets treated when I (hopefully) reach his age.

  13. I usually have a rule, especially at nighttime. One cat usually on either side of me or almost on top of me. Now that I am 6 months pregnant, I have to get up to use the restroom multiple times a night and I always feel SO terrible about making them move when I have to go. Before, I would just maneuver around them, but now, that’s not really possible.

  14. Some friends of mine have a young son who was diagnosed with UC this year. It has been a struggle for them to find the medications that will help him. I hope you don’t mind if I include a link to their fundraising page for Crohn’s and Colitus Foundation of America to help find a cure. Ian’s story is on this page and it breaks my heart.

  15. Wow, I was at MGH all day on Wednesday! Thought about hitting the WF salad bar for lunch, but ended up at the MGH one 🙂

  16. We definitely have a don’t upset the poodle rule. Not only is it whoever he’s cuddling doesn’t move but if he’s eating or drinking (he’s a bad eater) nobody can move. Guests to our house know the policy too…

  17. I have a “cats on lap” rule, except I live alone, so it mostly means I can put off doing the dishes as long as the cats are asleep. 😀 Of course, it also means I don’t go to bed as early as I’d like (I should be in bed right now, but, you know, the cats are asleep on my lap).

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