My Little Pug-Kin

Poor Murphy. So many things confuse his little eraser brain.


Even still, he’s always curious to try to figure them out.


IMG_0005.JPG IMG_0007.JPG


After sniffing and sniffing, Murphy decided that the pumpkin was harmless. But, as soon as Mal and I started to carve it, he was all sorts of confused again. It’s a tough life for this dog.


When I saw my mom this morning, she gave me a big bag full of reduced produce. Green bell peppers were just $0.55 per pound, so she couldn’t pass up a deal like that. Clearly, we have something in common.


Three reduced green bell peppers = stuffed peppers for dinner! 😀


For the “stuffing,” I combined wild rice with cauliflower, garlic, and marinara sauce and topped the peppers with bread crumbs. On the side, I whipped up some roasted broccoli. The broccoli was also part of the bag of reduced produce that my mom gave to me.

I really love reduced produce. If I’m going to eat it in a day or two, it’s such a good deal. It’s so cheap! 😀 But, if I don’t use it and it goes bad, I’m just wasting my money, so I always make sure to have a meal or two in mind when I buy it.


For dessert, I broke into one of the Halloween cupcakes that my sister sent home with me.


After dinner, it was time to carve our big pumpkin! :mrgreen:


Pumpkin carving is one of my favorite fall traditions– Mal’s too!


Mal and I joined forces to carve the pumpkin. I dug out the “guts” and cleaned the inside of the pumpkin.



Mal designed the face.


And cut out the eyes.


I carved the mouth… and made an executive decision to add buckteeth! 😉



Spooky! :mrgreen:


Now, Mal and I are munching on roasted pumpkin seeds. We topped them with Garlic Gold (because we are addicted to it).


Does anyone else think that this weekend was the shortest weekend ever?! I feel like the past two days were some weird-o time warp! 😯

Good night, all!


  1. cool pumpkin carving! (:
    btw, how do you roast the pumpkin seeds? do you have to dry them first or sun them first?

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