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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Our poor sweet pug is getting old. He turns 9 in June, and we recently noticed that he might be having some issues with his hips, which is super common for the breed. Yesterday, I saw Murphy sleeping in Quinn’s bed, which he’s never done before. He usually sleeps in our bed (and crushes the pillows like it’s his job), but it seemed like he opted for the lower bed over our much higher one – maybe because his hips were bothering him?

Then, on our afternoon walk, it looked like he was struggling a bit. He was totally pumped for the walk – sniffing and smelling everything and ping-ponging all over the road – but his gait looked different than it normally does. Poor pug. I shared this on Instagram Stories and received so many awesome suggestions about supplements for senior dogs. A few people recommended one from Nordic Naturals, which is actually the same brand of fish oil that I take, so I ordered it. I’ll be here on Friday, and I really hope it helps. It breaks my heart to see our sweet pug getting older.

This morning, I was up and at ’em at 4:45 AM for the 5:15 AM class at CrossFit. Getting up at that hour is TOUGH, but I know my day will go so much better if I work out first thing in the morning. Plus, the workout was a really fun one! My partner and I finished with 192 calories on the bike.

I’m finishing this post from KFIT this morning, and I’m using my new portable stand-up desk. Love it! I’m also packed up and ready to go with all sorts of healthy eats for the day. I’m trying to get back into the habit now that I have a real office to go to! 🙂

Top right clockwise:

  • Shepherd’s Pie made mashed sweet potatoes mixed with mashed cauliflower, ground turkey, peas, and corn (snack)
  • Sautéed kale with roasted butternut squash and chicken sausage (breakfast)
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts, fennel, and carrots with haddock and Everything But The Bagel Seasoning (lunch)

And… just needed to share this adorable photo of Qman from 3 years ago. It popped up on Facebook this morning and put the biggest smile on my face!

Questions of the Day

Do you give your dog (or cat) supplements? 

What’s for lunch today?

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  1. Hip pain was what led to us putting our bulldog down…she starting yelping in pain and was unable to climb stairs, etc. We tried all sorts of things, but nothing helped. I probably would have carried her anywhere she needed to go, but that hurt her, too. Putting her down was the single hardest decision I have had to make (so far). Those little bully/pug bodies are just not built for old age.

    Thinking of you and Murphy.

  2. I am not a dog owner but have had several cats live between 16-20 years and they have taken cosequin for their arthritis. But I would never just give a random supplement ordered off Amazon before checking with my vet. Especially with a geriatric dog!!!

  3. Our dog is sixteen this July, and we have hip/joint supplements for him, but I’m not in charge of giving those to him. We do give him a baby aspirin every night before bed. Funny enough, he was seriously slowing down last year until we got a puppy. Now he’s running a bit more. Not sure why. But both of our dogs are small dogs, about Murphy’s size.

  4. I just give our 1 year old vizsla a hip supplement sometimes, although she’s quite small for her breed and thinks it’s a treat 😉
    Lunch is left over sheet pan fajitas! Super easy meal!

  5. A friend of mine’s shih tzu is 12 and her Vet had her try Vitamin C. She gives him a half every day. They’re chewable and he loves it. It has helped him tremendously. 🙂

  6. My husband is a former dog trainer and had a raw dog food business in the past – we feed our dogs a raw diet. It’s the best for their joints (and a ton of other things like skin and coat, weight management, etc). If that’s something you’re interested in, I wouldn’t recommend switching over all at once since older dogs who haven’t been fed raw can have some digestive issues if you do too much too soon. BUT, introducing some raw food could definitely give those hips new life. Email me if you want some more info! 🙂

    We do give our dogs supplements, as well, including probiotics, a “green” powder (usually some spirulina/flax/etc), and we alternate fish oil and coconut oil. They eat better than we do, lol.

  7. I get a product called Rejuvenate from my vet, which really helps my 10 year old boxer. I didn’t even realize how much it was helping her until I forgot to replenish my stock and she went without it for a week or so and I started noticing how stiff one of her back legs would be when she would get up after sleeping for a while. Now, back on the supplement, you’d never know she ever had an issue.

  8. Our puggle is 13.5 and also has hip issues. We give her fish oil and glucosamine/chondroitin as well as a probiotic. We did talk with our vet and she also gets a small amount of a pain reliever for arthritis every day. As our vet said, there is no reason for them to be in pain. We have doggy steps that she uses to get on the couch and the bed and we built up the back patio steps so she can step up better. Love to your dog!

  9. We gave my cat enzymes to help digest her food and ease her stomach before she passed away because she had kitty version of IBS.

    I get up at 4am when I have to open at work so I definitely know the struggle, haha.

  10. We give our 13.5-year-old bichon Zuke’s Hip Action once a day (which is a glucosamine/chondroitin based supplement). It definitely seems to help a little bit, although we do carry him up our big flight of stairs because he’s just not up to that climb anymore. We also had a similar experience to a commenter above–we got a puppy about 10 months ago, and even though our older guy definitely still has hip issues, his energy has increased dramatically and he’s running around way more than he used to. (Our younger dog, incidentally, is part pug, and a part a lot of other things, so looks like we’ll have to keep an eye out for hip issues with her down the road!) Our vet has also prescribed some other meds that target more specific causes of the hip issues, so, like other folks have said, it may be worth talking to your vet to see if they can identify the specific issue that Murphy is having that might be causing pain.

  11. We’ve given our older dog Ascenta Canine fish oil for several years now. It’s a little cheaper than the Notic Naturals, I think. It’s been wonderful & has helped her with joint pain & heart health as heart problems run in her breed.

  12. Ugh. I hate seeing furbabies getting older.
    Our 12 yr old cat has kidney disease so we have to give him special food (he hates it so I mix it with the cat food he likes). We also have to give him fluids via sub-q every other day. It sucks but it is our new normal.

    Hope Murphy feels better soon.


  13. I have a 13.5-year-old Chihuahua/Rat Terrier who has arthritis in his spine and hips. We had tried prescription Rimadyl and it didn’t do anything, but he has responded incredibly well to Cosequin. Because he’s only 7 pounds, I buy him Cosequin Mini treats for little dogs. You start with one a day for 4-6 weeks and then give one every other day. It made such a difference in how he’s able to go on walks, etc. I just get them from Amazon. They smell like fish because they have omega-3s but my dog just thinks it’s a meaty little treat and eats them right up! This is the one I buy, but they make them for larger dogs as well: https://www.amazon.com/Cosequin-Minis-Maximum-Strength-Omega3/dp/B01G3V3PMO/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1520449460&sr=8-3&keywords=cosequin+mini&dpID=51od7m%252BFeaL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch

  14. Please take Murphy to see your vet before starting any supplements! They can help you choose the best supplements for him and also tell you if he needs anti-inflammatory pain relievers on top of them.

  15. Second all the comments about going to the vet first! Just to rule out it’s not Lyme or something else… your vet can also give you proper dosing details. Smaller breeds, esp brachycephalic, can be super sensitive to meds and dosing problems. I’m in research now, but after working years in vet med, make sure to see a professional first! Murphy will thank you for it.

  16. I like the idea of a snack being a mini meal! Lunch for me today was my best EVER kale salad recipe, smoked paprika farro and ground turkey with roasted sweet potato wedges and avocado. Insanely delicious and so good for ya!

  17. cbd oil!! I buy the Kingdom Harvest brand and it’s incredible. It helps with inflammation and pain. I’ve been giving it to my dog for hot spots and have seen a huge improvement.

    Plus, I take it too for anxiety relief and it helps me sleep at night.

  18. Fish oil seems to help my dogs a lot, and bone broth is also great for a dog’s gut – not hip related but good for overall health.

  19. After seeing my dog struggle to get up from a laying position, our vet recommended joint supplements and Rimadyl. He mentioned that the joint supplements couldn’t hurt but really thought they Rimadyl would be best. I can’t tell you enough how much it improved my dog’s general demeanor. He seems to be in much less pain, more active, and acts like his younger self. Although the joint supplements may be helpful, don’t shy away from prescriptions either. Just my two cents! 🙂

  20. Fish oils & Dasuquin Advanced (glucosamine supplement) work wonderful together. I’ve got an 11 yr old Boxer/Lab mix that runs around like a 3 yr old! He’s been on this combination for a few years 🙂

  21. Our pug lived on cosequin also for years (made it to 15 glorious years). We occasionally gave him some scrambled eggs & salmon too for treats. Second seeing a vet though; they may suggest he also try to lose a few pounds to take off added pressure. We also avoided stairs the last few years as much as possible as he would tumble; he slept downstairs the last 3 years.

  22. Yes to glucosamine! My dog limped badly after a long walk until we started giving him glucosamine daily.

  23. I would also recommend a vet visit to make sure that it is just “age” and wear and tear, as opposed to growth or tumor, or even back issues (which is what my dog had). I gave my older dog a powered joint supplement called Biojoint, which was awesome. As well as fish oil, as suggested by our vet. She also had him on a low dose of an anti-inflammatory for the last several years of his life, to help take the “edge” off and keep him comfortable. Good luck. I adore Murphy in your posts. Please let us know how he is doing from time to time. And yes, watching our puppies age really sucks. Good on you in your busy life though to notice he is having some issues!!!

  24. I give my 7 year old dachshund CBD oil. It has turned her into a puppy again after about 2-3 weeks of daily dosing. We use the CBD hemp oil 1000 from Pet Relief (https://www.petreleaf.com). She weighs 12 lbs so I give her 1/4 of the dropper.

    **I don’t work for Pet Relief or associated in any way. I did a lot of research though before I settled on this one.

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