Pug Cannibalism

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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As you probably know, my husband thinks pug meat is delicious. Apparently, Murphy does too! 😉

Check out what Murphy got a hold of this morning. It’s the little stuffed pug that sits on our bed. (My webmaster gave it to me long before Murphy came into my life.) A pug eating a pug. Isn’t that pug cannibalism?


The whole situation was pretty funny. Murphy knew that he wasn’t supposed to have the stuffed pug (just like he knows he’s not supposed to eat socks), so I chased him around the house for a good 5 minutes before I got it away from him. Ok, so, I may have not tried my hardest. I was having fun too! 😆


Ok, this might sound crazy, but I think I like Teddie Peanut Butter more than Barney Butter. I know, it’s crazy, but this morning, the Teddie just tasted so much better.


For breakfast, I had a Sandwich Thin with Teddie spread on one half and Barney Butter on the other with banana slices on top of both. Teddie + banana is an amazing combination. Perhaps banana just tastes better with Teddie? All I know is that I was lovin’ the Teddie this morning!


As always, I enjoyed a glass of iced coffee with breakfast.


Healthy Living Summit News

I can’t believe the Healthy Living Summit is so soon! I’m excited!!! :mrgreen:

If you can’t join us in Chicago, we’d still love for you to contribute some ideas for AnneP’s panel on the Ups and Downs of the Blog World. Feel free to check it out!

Also, if you’d like to win a ticket to the HLS, Angela is raffling off a ticket to the HLS as a charity fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society. You have until NOON TODAY to enter!

And, a big shout-out to all of the HLS sponsors! None of this could be possible without them.

Feta Friday

I’m hosting another Athenos feta giveaway today. You can win lots of goodies! Enter here!

Cookie Friday

Melissa is celebrating Cookie Friday with her kids today. Be sure to check out her post!

Question of the Day

Not implying that you’ve ever eaten your own kind, but…

What’s the strangest food (or drink) you’ve ever eaten?

The strangest foods I’ve eaten are bone marrow and cow tongue. I tried both at Toro last summer. The cow tongue was pretty good, but the bone marrow grossed me out. The flavor was okay, but the consistency was nasty. Ick.

P.S. I’ve finally accepted the fact that my photos from February 2008 – December 2008 + September 2009 are truly gone, but I’ve decided to republish some of my favorite posts with new photos. So, just a heads up, you might see some random posts over the next few weeks. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy them just as much the second time around! 😉



  1. Murphy is so cute! He looks so guilty in that picture, haha.

    Hmmm, weirdest thing I’ve eaten… I’ve had alligator and I think maybe I’ve tried snake…

  2. I think that living in China exposes me to a lot more “weird” food (mainly offal, etc) than other readers here, but I don’t really remember anything that would be considered that weird. And: Murphy is just too cute for words. 😀


    PS: @32 Heidi: RAW HORSE? WTF?

  3. @53 Wei Wei: It was called basashi – thinly sliced horse meat. I had it in Tokyo. It was pretty tasty…like tuna, but more delicate.

  4. good idea about the photos, I am missing them when i click on your old posts, especially the wedding ones!

    Murphy is so cute! (I’m sure he already has a lot of fans, don’t let it go to his head 😉 )

    The weirdest thing I have ever eaten is Rocky Mountain Oysters (bull balls, usually fried, for those who don’t know). Sometimes they are called bull fries. They are actually good, lol.

  5. I’ve eaten a lot of weird things on my travels – termites fresh off a stick in Belize, fried beetles in Korea, kangaroo dogs in Australia – the only thing I wouldn’t try was Korean dog soup. No way.

  6. Weirdest drink- I have a story! I went to Borders and saw that they had the Trueblood drink behind the counter. 6 dollars per bottle, which the lady at the register told me about eighteen times, but I bought it anyway. Best impulse buy EVER. The bottle is exactly like the one on the show and the entire drink (Blood Orange flavored) was only 99 calories. Would I buy it again? No. But it was worth it for that one time and it didn’t taste too bad. Plus I got to keep the bottle!

  7. The strangest things I’ve ever eaten are curried goat and ackee (in Jamaica), and a tripe sandwich (in Florence). All of them were awesome, but Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain still make me look tame!

    I agree about the PB + banana combo – I like PB best with banana, and almond butter best with other fruits (blueberries, peaches, pears). And Teddie is the best! I can’t buy it where I live so I have to wait until I visit my brother in Massachusetts to stock up. I

  8. I’d say that Alligator meat was the oddest thing I’ve ever eaten. It was at the Taste of Chicago a few years ago, and I was not a fan. The meat was really stringy and just kinda gross.

  9. I haven’t tried many “weird” things. I am a very picky eater, and I get grossed out even HEARING people talk about animal products, let alone eating them. (save for ice cream and yogurt, because wow…YUM!) So I think the weirdest thing would have to be my dad conning me into eating chocolate covered insects when I was a kid. He didn’t tell me there were bugs until later!

  10. the title for your post is hilar. i don’t know i’m not a picky eater but i’m a pretty conscious of eating ‘weird’ things and i don’t get too wild… maybe raw scallops? not adventurous really, oh well.

  11. I think I need to start at ‘Murphy’ folder on my comp. I save so many pictures of him! (I’ve already discussed this with you on twitter– so it’s not THAT creepy, right? haha)

  12. The weirdest thing I have eaten is probably Ostrich. I would love to some day try soft shell crab but had to prep boxes of live ones when I was a sous chef, and I will probably never get those images out of my head.

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