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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Happy MONDAY! :mrgreen:

We’re right in the middle of prom season, so let’s kick off the week with some old school photos from my Senior Prom. Do you recognized my date? πŸ˜‰


Yep, that’s my husband… braces and all! πŸ˜†

If you’re a long-time reader of CNC, you know that Mal and I dated in high school. We went to a small high school, so our relationship was actually quite scandalous because I was a senior and he was a freshman. I’m sure you can imagine what people thought when I took him to my prom!


Hotties. Obviously.



This morning’s breakfast was a Grilled Banana Sandwich, but with about half the amount of the canola oil and brown sugar that I usually use. It tasted almost as good as the original recipe.


I also drank some S’mores iced coffee with vanilla soy milk.


National Women’s Health Week


Happy National Women’s Health Week!!! πŸ˜€

National Women’s Health Week is a weeklong health observance coordinated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health (OWH). National Women’s Health Week empowers women to make their health a top priority. This year’s theme is β€œIt’s Your Time,” which encourages women to take simple steps for a longer, healthier, and happier life. Some important steps (from the website) include:

  • Getting at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, 1 hour and 15 minutes of vigorous physical activity, or a combination of both each week
  • Eating a nutritious diet
  • Visiting a health care professional to receive regular checkups and preventive screenings
  • Avoiding risky behaviors, such as smoking and not wearing a seatbelt
  • Paying attention to mental health, including getting enough sleep and managing stress

Bite Bags

Remember the great Sustainable Bite bags that I blogged about a few weeks ago? Well, they’re now available for purchase in my shop! :mrgreen:


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Question of the Day

Did you go to your high school prom? Who was your date? What did you wear? What year was it?



  1. Those pictures are awesome! 1993, I went to my senior prom with the wrong guy! I wanted to go with someone else, but he was mormon and I was not. I did not care, but he was not aloud to date outside of his religion. Oh well, the next year, I met the love of my life! Have a great day Tina!

  2. I was a senior when my boyfriend was a freshman, too! I got a lot of crap from people and got called a lot of names, cradle robber, pedophile, but i didn’t care! I took him to prom senior year, and then just this past weekend he took me to his junior prom, him being 17 and me 20! πŸ™‚ How cute that you and Mal got married! Maybe my boyfriend and I will, too!

  3. I went to prom both my Junior and Senior year. Junior year I took my friend’s brother’s friend from a different school. Prom that year was only a few months after I had just moved there. At that point I was still the new kid and I didn’t really know anyone well enough to take to prom, so my friend connected me with her brother’s friend who wanted to go since he knew some people at our school. I loved my dress though. It was a simple, strapless, A-lined red dress. I LOVED it. I still have it and wore it once after prom out on a super fancy birthday date with my boyfriend I have now. You and Mal are so cute together!

  4. My neighbors’ daughter was just taking prom pictures in the yard a few days ago and I was so jealous! My date was my high school boyfriend, who I dated for six years. It was 2001. It doesn’t sound that long ago, but then I look at styles and it was!!

  5. i love it that you and mal have known each other for so long!! I ended up going with my best guy friend to my ended awkwardly when I found out he had a crush on me..our friendship was never the same after that!

  6. Oh prom. I went TWICE! I first went in twelfth grade (in Ontario at the time we had an optional extra year that was supposed to prepare us for university but never really did and they’ve since canned it), against my will. I was never a prom girl, most likely brought on by self-esteem issues. But I went in twelfth grade because all my friends were going so I asked a mutual friend and we had a pretty decent time.

    My senior prom also saw me not wanting to go to the prom but my best friends ended up being on prom committee so I joined simply because what else was I going to do when they were busy with prom stuff. So the girl who didn’t even want to go to prom ended up being a co-organizer! We did a 1920’s theme with black, gold and red colours. But I rebelled in my goth days and wore a green satin Victorian dress that I had my mother make. I went with a younger man as well and I refused a corsage both years!

  7. I went with a boyfriend Junior year and we had an awesome time. I didn’t have a date my senior year so I went with a bunch of friends because I didn’t want to miss senior prom. Good thing I went because I was named Prom Queen…without a date. Pretty funny stuff!

  8. I think it’s great you and your husband were dating back then.
    I went to my small school’s jr/sr prom both years(2008/2009), but only had a date as a Junior. She was the friend of the girl I really wanted to date, but she has had the same boyfriend for 4 years so that ain’t happening

  9. I am a semi-new blog reader so I had no idea you dated in high school! I went to my senior prom in 2003 with one of my good friends & I wore a white dress with big, tropical flowers that I ordered offline. I remember seeing it on the website & HAVING to have it. Looking back now however I do not know what I was thinking!

  10. Yup. 1984, big hair and all. My date was my gay best friend, who I think we all suspected was gay but didn’t quite know. I don’t think he knew yet either. I was asked to several other proms, all by complete nerds!!!! Never did manage to get the hottie boyfriends until college. (Could it have been the big hair???)

  11. What cute pictures! I never went to my senior prom, my aunt got married that same night so I went to her wedding instead. I had a great time there so I’ve never regretted my decision!

  12. I graduated early and was in college when prom was going on. But my friends convinced me to come back for my “senior prom.” They even got me a date with a guy I had been friends with since elementary and I just bought the dress and tickets. It was a fun weekend off from school to see friends but felt weird because I hadn’t been a part of that world in almost a year.

  13. What a great idea to post a prom picture around prom season time! I had no idea you and Mal have known each other for so long! That’s so great. πŸ™‚
    I am dying to buy some of those produce bags…. I end up with so many and even though I bring them back to the store to be recycled I still feel wasteful.

  14. Those pictures are really, really cute. I only went to my Senior “ball” as they called it. My “date” were my three best girl friends. The prom was not as fun as the whole day prior getting dressed and having our hair done.

  15. I’m impressed you went to Prom with a Freshman! That shows a lot of inner confidence at that age. You still show that confidence and inner direction in your blog πŸ™‚

  16. ahhh prom! our prom was hilarious. we went to all-girls school and had the worst time finding dates!! everyone took someone so. random. i went with an ex boyfriend who cried because i wouldn’t kiss him. but my dress, was gorgeous :).

  17. Aw you and Mal look so cute at prom!

    I went to 4 proms- 3 with my boyfriend at the time and then for my senior prom we declared “no boys allowed”. That was the best one out of the 4 lol.

  18. You and Mal are so cute! My parents have been together since they were 15 and I was just looking at their prom pictures! Love it!

    I went to prom 3 years in a row and had lots of fun. Though, one year I wore a 2 piece dress (eeek!) and the memory of that is not so fun! Totally one of those “What was I thinking?” moments! Just have to laugh!

  19. You and Mal are the cutest! Look at you breaking boundaries and taking a freshman – Go you haha! My prom date was a guy I met about 2 months before the big day and totally fell head over heels for. He drove 1 1/2 hours to come to my prom with me and was the biggest dud ever!! He literally sat at the table the entire time and wouldn’t dance. I ended up spending the entire night with my ex, who I shortly got back together with and dated for 2 years afterwards haha! Looks like everything works out in the end.

  20. I went with my boyfriend who I’m still with in ’06 and I wore a long blue dress that was about 6 sizes bigger than my current dress size πŸ™‚

  21. I love it when you put up old school pics of you and Mal.
    I went to my high school in 2003 with a college freshmen named Jon. We had mutual friends and I had had a crush on him for years. I went to an all girls school and waited till 3 days before Prom to ask him because he was just back into town. I had a great time. I wore a blue Jessica McClintock halter like dress.

  22. Oh gosh, HOW CUTE ARE YOU TWO!!!

    My H.S. Junior prom was in 1992. I went with a boy I had been dating, and I wore a pink dress with lace (both of which I was very adamant about NOT getting when I first started dress shopping).

    My H.S. Senior Formal was in 1993 (obviously!), and I went with my husband! I wore a slinky black dress because I was a bit more mature than the year before. haha!

  23. I took a freshman to my senior prom too! I was on Prom court.. but I didn’t get queen. lol I can’t remember what I wore… I think my dress was light purple with sparkles all over it.

  24. You see, in my high school is was all about the Juniors-it really was “their” prom. They decorated it and planned all of it. But, even though it was a junior prom seniors could go too! I actually got to go to 3 proms. I went my sophmore year because a junior asked me! I thought I was the bomb (as they said back in the day). Funny thing is-I went to prom that year and my junior and senior year all with the same guy. The first year I wore a very lame blue dress because hi, I was what 15? My junior year I wore this awesome purple dress with huge high heels and my senior year I was all about the black and white!

  25. I went to prom as a sophomore, junior, and then senior. My sophomore prom was in 1997 and I went with a friend. He was a senior, and super sweet. I wore one of my mom’s high school dresses, refurbished. As a junior it was 1998 and I went with the guy I had been dating the most. We had an awesome time and I loved my dress! My senior prom was in 1999 and I went with my steady boyfriend (different from the year before). Another really pretty dress. We had a fun time, but my Junior year was definitely the best of the three.

  26. I had a great time at prom. I took a friend from another school and wore one of my favorite dresses ever. It was short, asymmetrical hemline from Arden B and was totally different than the typical long ball gown. It was 2001.

  27. Actually I went to my hubby’s prom with him and he came to mine… same high school different years. I went to his prom when I was a sophomore and he came to mine despite being in college. Yes I dragged a college sophomore to my senior prom. πŸ™‚

  28. Junior (’99) and sr prom (’00) I took the same guy – Mike aka my first love/obsession. He went to an all boys school, was a year older and we worked together at Stop and Shop. He was super flirty and cute and HILARIOUS. I swear, if a guy can make me laugh he has my heart. I alwasy wonder what happened to him…he doesn’t have facebook! πŸ™

  29. Wow I didn’t realise you had been with your husband for so long. You guys look so different now, especially Mal! We didnt have a prom at our school as such, we had a large sitdown meal. I took my boyfriend at the time, who luckily isn’t my bf now!!

  30. wow..prom seems like a lifetime ago. Still remember it so clearly though. My Dress was black and white (another girl had the same exact dress in red & white!)and the boy I went with was more of a friend than anything. Our song was Finer Things. Was a great night followed by a great weekend on the Cape with a huge group.

  31. I’m a junior in high school, so I’m going this year! My dress is a strapless purple ball gown with beading at the top. I love it! I’m going with my friend Ryan. So excited!!

  32. I’m going to prom this Saturday! I’m so excited but I don’t want to make too high of expectations because I don’t want it to be a let down. It probably won’t though. By the way, do you have any recommendations for places to eat in Boston? For any meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee whatever. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  33. Prom feels like so long ago, but it was in 2002, and I went with my childhood friend – looking back, our photos are so awkward! I definitely don’t miss those days!

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