Strong Made Simple

A 6-Week Total Body Strength Solution for Building Muscle & Burning Fat

#STRONGMADESIMPLE is an intermediate-to-advanced dumbbell ONLY training program that includes 24 full-length workouts, all 30-40 minutes in length, and designed to increase strength, definition, and lean lines. This comprehensive 4-days-a-week program is totally do-able for busy women, who want to look like they actually work out, but don’t have time to spend hours exercising.

What's Included?

Upon purchase, you’ll get access to a closed membership site where all of the workouts, tutorial videos and instruction, training calendar, finisher workouts, and other related information detailed below are housed.


Combines the most effective exercise modalities to generate maximum results in 30-40 minutes or less. Contains 6 weeks worth of lower, upper, and full body workouts for a 4-day-per week complete training program


Includes is a super easy-to-follow 6-week programming calendar with each of the 4 days of training outlined to help you stay consistent. Each day identifies the workout’s focus (i.e. upper body, lower body, full body). Print it out and hang it where you’ll see it everyday to keep you motivated and on track with your workouts!


The workouts require just two sets of dumbbells (1 light, 1 heavy) and some space to move. No gym membership or fancy machines are required. This workout is perfect for those who exercise at home.


#STRONGMADESIMPLE contains 65+ weight training exercises, each with a video demonstration as well as points of performance for ensuring proper form and best results.

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Strength training is the primary focus of #STRONGMADESIMPLE, but if you feel like you need a little something extra after completing a workout, you’ll have 12 (optional) high-intensity “finisher” workouts to choose from. These are also great on their own when you are really short on time!


A challenging program designed so you don’t have to do ANY other workouts. Each week’s programming includes 1 lower body-focused, 1 upper body-focused, and two full-body workouts for a truly comprehensive program.


Workouts, training calendar, exercise demo videos, finisher workouts, and other related program information is housed in an online membership portal that you log into with a username and password. You have access forever to these materials if we wish to repeat the program at any point in time. View video tour of portal here.


Workouts are delivered via PDFs for easy print-and-go access, so you can either bring to the gym with you, or bring up on your phone, as the membership is mobile-friendly.

Get Strong Made Simple for $119

Who is #StrongMadeSimple made for?

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Who is #StrongMadeSimple For?

  • Women who want a faster and more effective way to exercise. Busy women, who are balancing a lot of responsbilities and want to make the most of their schedule. Spend less time to get better results!
  • #STRONGMADESIMPLE is for anyone with limited acccess to equipment. The workouts only require two sets of dumbbells (1 light, 1 heavy) and space to exericse. That’s it. Nothing else!
  • This program for people who get bored easily. #STRONGMADESIMPLE is straightforward, but anything but basic. The movements will keep both your mind and body guessing to beat workout boredom. The program’s 24 unique workouts have you performing a variety of exercises with varying rep schemes, tempos, and intensities all while and moving efficiently from exercise-to-exercise so things don’t get monotonous and stale.
  • These workouts are intended for intermediate to advanced exercisers. I consider this program relatively hardcore, and even though the movements are fairly simple, it’s intense and the weight will be (relatively) heavy for you. You can always adjust for your own fitness level, but know that you will absolutely get a kickass workout with this program!
  • You want to look like you actually work out. If you feel like you put in the time and energy at the gym, but aren’t seeing the body that reflects it, you’ve come to the right place! #STRONGMADESIMPLE will help you train like an athlete while maximizing fat loss and body change.

Who is #StrongMadeSimple Not For?

  • This program isn’t for people who to spending a lot of time exercising or at the gym. If you prefer long workouts, this is not the program for you.
  • It’s not for people training for a specific event or competition. #STRONGMADESIMPLE is for the average person who wants to look better, feel better, and enjoy their workouts. It’s NOT for someone who wants exercise to be their whole life.
  • It’s not for those who expect overnight results. There are no shortcuts when it comes to changing your body. While I believe the #STRONGMADESIMPLE workouts (and similar quick, high-intensity workouts) are great for results, magical fat loss, definition, and strength gains won’t happen in a short amount of time with little effort. Consistency (and patience) with training is key.
  • #STRONGMADESIMPLE isn’t for people who have never exercised. While the workouts can be easily modified, if you are brand new to exercise, I recommend starting with an in-person trainer to get comfortable with lifting first.

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What equipment do I need?

The workouts included in #STRONGMADESIMPLE require 2 sets of dumbbells. Yep, that’s it! A heavy (for you) set and moderate-to-light (for you) set. Of course, the more variety you have the better since various movements require different weights to truly challenge you. If you only have 1 set of dumbbells available to you, you can absolutely complete this program. But, keep in mind, having a variety of weights will make this program most effective. You can always substitute a kettlebell or barbell for certain movements if that makes sense for your training. Recommendations: If you only have access to 1 set of dumbbells, I’d recommend getting something in the 10-20 lb. range. Two sets of dumbbells are ideal—one heavier (20-40 lbs.) and one lighter (8-15 lbs.).

What size dumbbells do you recommend?

If you only have access to 1 set of dumbbells, I’d recommend getting something in the 10-20 lb. range. Two sets of dumbbells are ideal—one heavier (20-40 lbs.) and one lighter (8-15 lbs.).

What format do the workouts come in?

All of the workouts are delivered via easy print-and-go PDF with accompanying video tutorials for all lifting movements. The membership site is also mobile-friendly, so you’ll be able to pull the PDFs and videos in real time, too. View a video tour of the membership portal here.

Am I fit enough? This sounds intense!

You’re right, the program is challenging and was designed with intermediate-to-advanced exercisers in mind. The reason is not to exclude, so much as I want you have to have something to work toward and build strength. Keep in mind, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you, but there are no specific expectations for how you complete these workouts. You don’t need to “crush it” every single time. You don’t need to choose weights that are too heavy and risk injuring yourself. You don’t need to be sore for days to see results. But you do need to choose weights that challenge you and push you to get stronger. In general, this program is for regular exercisers who want to take things up a notch with their strength, or for those who are already training, but want a more targeted and strategic approach.

Will I get sore with these workouts?

The short answer is yes, 95% of people will be sore the first week. That’s normal, and whether these are new movement patterns for you, or it’s an increase in weight training, you will experience soreness. It’s not ideal, but it’s common. However—and here’s the important thing—the key is understanding it’s transient and then managing it as best you can so that you can continue to train. Making sure you are moving throughout the day, getting plenty of rest, eating appropriately for recovery and doing proper warm-ups. The good news is that it doesn’t last so if you can get through the first week, you will have an easier time recovering week-to-week, until you just don’t get sore anymore!

What if I can’t exercise 4 days a week?

Consistency is key, and by making the workouts 30 minutes or less, hopefully that provides a lower barrier to entry. You need to make this program work for you and your unique schedule and priorities. BUT I don’t want you going into “all-or-nothing” mode because the reality is that if you can commit to even 3 days per week, you’ll still benefit. Worse case, you “make up” a missed workout the following week. Just be sure to listen to your body.

How long will I have access to these workouts?

You have access to the #STRONGMADESIMPLE membership portal forever, which means you can start, stop, and repeat this program as much as you’d like now and in the future!

What if I am currently doing another program?

The programming for #STRONGMADESIMPLE is 6 weeks of 4-days-per-week workouts. It is a standalone program that I recommend doing as is, without any additional exercise. All workouts are 30-40 minutes. For some people, that might feel too short, which is why I added optional 10-minute finisher workouts. And you can always add in walking, yoga, or other low-key activity. I don’t want you overtraining as it can negatively affect hormones, and I want you rested-up enough to train well during your next workout. Don’t make the mistake of doing too much. If you are currently doing another training program, I recommend completing it before starting #STRONGMADESIMPLE, so that you can do the program as written.

Is there a nutrition program included with StrongMadeSimple?

There’s not a nutrition program included, but you have the option of purchasing a Macro Bundle at checkout. This bundle includes a variety of resources to get you started with macros!

Is there any coaching that goes along with this?

There is not. This program is a DIY. Its purpose is to help you learn about your body and listen to it when it comes to implementing these workouts in a challenging way that encourages change. The fact that it’s DIY also means that I have tried my best to think of every single little thing that might come up for you while doing the program, and preemptively added it to the membership portal. If there are additional bonuses or content that needs clarification, I will be adding that to the portal. However, there is no ongoing coaching access to me.

I purchased StrongMadeSimple. How do I access the workouts?

You should have received a confirmation email when you placed your order. (Check your spam in case you didn’t receive it.) Scroll down to your billing information and look for a link called “your account.” Click this link, and it’ll bring you directly to the membership portal where you’ll find all of the workouts, videos, and other goodies needed for the program. If you have any issues, please reach out!

I was able to login to my account, but now I’m locked out. Help!

Try clearing your cache or using a different browser. It should fix the issue! If not, please email me!

What’s your refund policy?

I want you to LOVE this program, so there is a 15-day money back guarantee. If you try it out and it’s not for you, email me at within 15 days of your purchase, and I will refund your full investment.