StrongMadeSimple 2.0 Nutrition Companion Guide




A comprehensive 12-page nutrition guide to accompany the StrongMadeSimple 2.0 strength program to help you enhance your physique results with your diet.

What you eat is just as important as how you train. With this resource, you will receive guidance with how to plan and periodize your nutrition as well as recommendations for what to eat. Fueling your body properly and consuming enough calories is key to building lean muscle and changing your body composition for the better!


  • How to calculate your TDEE
  • Metabolism and energy balance overview
  • How to plan a macro-balanced meal
  • What foods to prioritize during SMS 2.0
  • Macro cheat sheet
  • Nutrition goals for each phase of SMS 2.0
  • Protein goal recommendations
  • How to calculate your protein goal
  • Weekly protein planner to ensure you hit your goals
  • Tips for building lean muscle

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