#LeanMacros Bundle



The Everything Macro Companion Guide Includes:

  • How to calculate macros for weight loss guide
  • 21-day sample meal plan
  • How to track alcohol macros guide
  • Macro-friendly cocktail recipes
  • 20 high-protein snacks bonus recipes
  • 20 no sugar-added dessert bonus recipes
  • Macro cheat sheets and food lists
  • How to take progress photos guide
  • Personal measurement tracker
  • MyFitnessPal quick start guide
  • Hit your protein goal diagram
  • How to track macros when dining out guide
  • Minimal meal prep check-list
  • Tips and advice for stress-free tracking
  • Daily accountability check-list
  • Macro tracking strategies and real life hacks
  • Build a balanced plate visual guide


Introducing the #LeanMacros Bundle ($750 value)!!

Get this comprehensive, 150-page macro bundle will educate, support, and help you lose weight while never cutting out the foods you love.

This “do-it-yourself” bundle is perfect for individuals who prefer to learn on their own and might not be quite ready or have the time to commit to a 1:1 or group coaching relationship. It’s for anyone who’s new to macros or who has tracked macros in the past and needs some motivation to start again.