PRO Compression Travel Gift Card Giveaway

Hi, guys!

What do you think of my snazzy new socks? I love the neon yellow with pink stripes. How fun!

IMG_1259 (900x900)

These compression socks are from PRO Compression, and they’re great for CrossFit workouts, especially ones that include rope climbs, deadlifts, box jumps, or any other exercise that you want to protect your shins from. They’re also comfy and provide a little bit of stability during my workouts. I’m a big fan. And, of course, these socks are perfect for endurance events. Why PRO Compression socks? Here’s why.

I recently teamed up with PRO Compression for an awesome giveaway on CNC. Are you ready for this!? Here’s your chance to win a $200 Southwest travel gift card to help you get to your next endurance event.

How cool is that?! If you’re thinking about traveling to a half marathon, marathon, triathlon, ironman, etc. this year, this giveaway is for you!!

To enter: Just click over to PRO Compression, shop around, and leave a comment on this post about a product that you would really love to try. PRO Compression offers all sorts of great endurance gear (marathon socks, calf sleeves, low socks, arm sleeves) and golf products. I’ll randomly pick a winner on Monday morning to win the $200 travel gift card. Good luck!

Additionally, PRO Compression is offering 40% off + free U.S. shipping on their marathon socks, calf sleeves, and arm sleeves with the code CC40 at checkout. Now THAT is an amazing deal!

This post is brought to you by PRO Compression.


  1. It would be really nice to try some trainer white low socks….I always seem to invest in my kids activities (soccer shoes, swimsuit, goggles) and always forget about myself.


  2. I would love to try the neon yellow calf sleeves! The low trainer golf socks look really comfortable for a full day of golf which would be awesome!

  3. Definitely the pink argyle socks! If those are out of stock – I would get the same ones you’re wearing in the picture.

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