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Good morning, friends!

Here are some words of wisdom from Bill Nye (the Science Guy) to start your Friday off on the right foot:

everyone you ever meet knows something

Don’t you love that? We have so much to learn from each other.


Last night, I went to CrossFit to prepare for Open WOD 13.4, which is a short 7-minute workout of an ascending ladder of increasing reps of clean and jerks and toes-to-bar. Not too bad, right? Well, the weight for women is 95 pounds, which is heavy for me. My 1RM is only 100 (awhile ago, but still), so 95 is going to be tough.

CrossFit 781

Our coaches programmed an entire class with a mini WOD (AMRAP 4: 5 C&J + 5 2TB) to give us some practice for 13.4, which most of our box is doing “for real” on Saturday.

photo (450x600)

A few takeaways and tips from last night:

  • Since 95 pounds is close to my max, my coach suggested dropping the bar after each clean and jerk instead of trying to bring the bar back down. I definitely can’t touch and go with this weight.
  • Try different grips on the T2B. One of our coaches had us try a mixed grip as well as an opposite grip (palms facing body) to give us some different options for the workout. I thought both of them were kind of weird, so I don’t plan to change my grip for the WOD, but I’m glad I gave them a try. I didn’t even know they were options until last night.
  • Make sure feet swing back behind bar and body on T2B (full range of motion)””otherwise, it’s a no-rep!
  • Transition wisely. Walk from the bar to the pull-up bar. Chalk-up. When you get off of the pull-up bar, take a deep breath before picking up the bar again.
  • Stretch and roll-out forearms before WOD to help prevent grip failure.
  • Use hook grip to save grip strength for T2B.
  • Pace yourself. This workout will get intense!


After the WOD, a bunch of us were hanging out and chatting, like we normally do, when someone suggested getting Chipotle for dinner. Brilliant idea! Burritos with friends sounded a lot better than shrimp stir fry from the freezer, so Mal and I were immediately on board.

Inside my burrito: chicken, rice, black beans, salsa, lettuce, guacamole, and tons of hot sauce. Holy yum!

Chipolte burrito

We ended up staying at Chipotle until almost 9:30 PM last night, and then I stayed up watching TV with Mal until almost midnight, so I ended up getting hungry again and snacked on some mixed nuts before bed.


Question of the Day

Do you like burritos? What are your favorite ingredients?

CrossFit friends: Do you have any tips/advice/strategy for 13.4? Has anyone done it yet? 



  1. I’m confused, I thought you were trying to eat gluten free because of your health issues? It’s concerning that one day you’re gluten free and the next you’re not. Maybe that’s why you’re having difficulty with flairs? Just a thought.

    1. @KT: I actually said I was eating SOME gluten-free products and never said I was gluten-free.

      I have an autoimmune disease (Ulcerative Colitis), so my body attacks itself. The cause of my disease actually has nothing to do with what I eat (according to my doctor). When I’m having a flare, a lot of foods upset my digestive system, specifically gluten and wheat, so I try to avoid them. When I’m not experiencing a flare, nothing upsets my digestive system, so I eat what I want and enjoy life, which is what I’m doing right now! 🙂

  2. Love Chipotle!! There ingredients are always so fresh, but I stick to the burrito bowls. I get mine with brown rice, veggies, black beans, lettuce, pico de gallo, and salsa verde. Now you have me craving one!!

  3. I want a burrito. Right. Now.
    I like mine chili verde with the guacamole on the side.
    How did you on 13.4?

  4. I love that quote – so true. I love Chipotle’s burrito bowl – corn salsa is my absolute fav!

  5. You should’ve gotten the burrito bowl if you were going to eat out the burrito with a fork!! I always get the burrito bowl, they load it up ;-D

  6. Loved watching the announcement of 13.4. I won’t be doing it myself this year since we just started this week. Had the best little dinner date night at Chipotle last night as well! 🙂

  7. I did 13.4 on Thursday, and, like you, my max is only 5 pounds heavier than the Rx weight (also established a while ago). I am by no means a firebreather, so take my tips with a grain of salt, but I made sure to focus as much as possible on good split jerks on every rep to try to preserve my arms/shoulders as much as possible. I didn’t post an amazing score (just a 26), but I got further into the workout than I thought I would. I think a lot of that was due to taking my time, focusing as much as I could on my technique on the jerk, and trying my hardest to get low under the bar instead of moving the bar high above my head.

    That being said – cleans and toes to bar are relative strengths of mine, it’s just any shoulder to overhead movement that I really struggle with (which means the Open has not been kind to me since they’ve all involved overhead movement), so that’s why I spent most of my time and energy focusing on the jerk.

    Either way – good luck!!

  8. Just started doing more power lifting at my gym- we did 12 minutes of clean and jerks and i was dripping sweat!

  9. Um, yea. LAAAAAHUUUUUUVVVV burritos. I’m not being dramatic either. 🙂 I do opt for a burrito bowl most of the time with just meat, veggies and salsa. It’s not quite the same thing but it fits my macros a little better and it still full of flavor.

  10. Absolutly love burritos and enchiladas. I could eat them once a week. My husband told me since I was the cook I could do that but I told him I wouldn’t do that to him. I like variety in my meals. I guess you could say it is more of a treat when we do have burritos or enchiladas.

  11. I love Chipotle, really I like any kind of Mexican..sigh! Good luck on your 13.4 (I may actually be picking up some of your crossfit-ese 🙂

  12. A Chipolte just opened in town!! Ironically, just one block from QDoba – which was my go-to naked burrito place. I love the grilled veggies on my naked chicken burrito. They cost a bit extra but are so delicious and I like getting a veggie serving in amongst the rice and beans!

  13. Yummm… I love Chipotle burritos! I usually get the bowls though because they are easier to eat at work. I love filling them with brown rice, chicken or steak, black beans, pico de gallo and guacamole!

    Now I might have to go hunt one down for lunch…

  14. I love burritos. I also do a lot of gluten free products but i’m not strict gluten free.
    And it’s funny how no one can say Bill Nye without adding The science guy after it. haha. Then in your head you know you start singing the song. Bill, Bill, Bill!

  15. chipotle burritos are my fav! I just get chicken cheese lettuce and guac tho, and and some brown rice, which they usually pile on…I think its usually 2 servings! Im nervous about 13.4 basically because i suck at ttb. I need to get better! Im sure we will do the WOD on sat too.

  16. That looks like a wicked tough 7 minutes, well done!

    I did Chipotle last night, too! Burrito Buddies! I stick with the burrito bowl because my kid likes to dig in with me.

  17. Mmmmm…. Chipotle. We don’t have one here but always make a point to stop for lunch if we’re traveling through a city that is lucky enough to have one. All of your CrossFit lingo is like a different language to me but it’s also very interesting. The Bill Nye quote is really great. I’m going to have to remember it.

  18. When I saw this WOD I wasn’t sure WHAT to think! We just recently did Grace (the 30 C&J) and for the first time I did it Rx at 95# butttttt it was so freakin hard. And that was def not including any toes to bar…which are my nemesis. I can do them, just not well and not quickly. And hook gripping the bar kills my hands so we’ll see how long that lasts! Good luck when you guys do it! I’m hoping to do it Saturday.

  19. Oh Chipotle – it is right next to work and I have never given in and gone. I have so much love for that place but prefer making my own at home so I control the quantities and how the ingredients are cooked.

    One of my favorite dinners is ground turkey meat with fajita seasoning, with sauteed peppers and onions over greens and topped with chobani and salsa! in fact I ate that every night this week 🙂

  20. Tina, I did 13.4 last night and ended up getting 97. My one rep max clean is 175 and I’m not sure about my jerk…but 95 pounds got heavy in the sets of 12. Hmm my tips would be to pace yourself, don’t stop and do them one at a time when you get tired. I didn’t do the hook grip but I am doing it again tomorrow and trying the different grip. My forearms were def. “popeye” after the wod!

  21. My max C&J is only 115, so I used split jerks from the beginning to try and save some energy. I’m pretty good at T2B, but I did NOT have them yesterday (sometimes you got it…sometimes you don’t, you know?). So after the round of 3, I did singles. I dropped down from the bar after each rep, shook my arms back once and then hopped right back up. If you find a rhythm and don’t dilly dally at all, it’s actually pretty fast. This way you won’t swing around trying to get your kip back in order and lose your grip or fatigue your shoulders. ATTACK the first two rounds and then go into survival mode…get the low hanging fruit while you can! It’s an intense 7 minutes but it’s actually a lot of fun.

  22. Good luck tomorrow.. I did 13.4 this morning. My advice would be to start strong but end even stronger. Take those last 2 minutes to give it 110%. Also, have the chalk in a convenient area. You’ll rock it.

  23. My boys and I love Bill Nye, I can hear the song from his tv show when thy were little in my head whenever I hear his name :-). I love all Mexican food. Sadly I’m having trouble finding a good gluten free tortilla, the corn ones are to dry for my liking.

  24. I LOVE burrito bowls, but sometimes I’ll splurge and get the actual tortilla.
    Can I just say I don’t get why people care so much about what you are eating? If you want a tortilla with your burrito, you should be able to have one without someone questioning you about it.

  25. I’m a fan of anything that has guacamole! I do love burritos and that is actually a nickname for my baby girl because she looked like a burrito when she was swaddled in the hospital :-).

  26. I work right across the street for a Chipotle (like so close that my foursquare always says: It looks like you’re at chipotle, tap to check in) and it is dangerous! I am a huge fan of a burrito with brown rice, fajitas, chicken, and salsa. Yum.

  27. Think of the T2B as your “rest.” Try to do them unbroken (until you really advance in reps), and seriously focus on your form for the C&Js. Any no-reps could be killer. Check out the tips for each Open WOD on Tabata Times””I’ve found them pretty helpful, strategy-wise! Good luck!

  28. Chipolte was one of the things I missed living in Southern Oregon. The closest one was four hours away. Four hours! I would try to plan business trips/conferences there as often as possible just to get my fix.

    Now that I have moved back home, Chipotle is only four miles away. That may not be a good thing…

  29. I met Bill Nye the Science Guy in October! It was super awesome 😀 I LOVE chipotle burritos, but I think I love their burrito bowls even more! I usually try to avoid rice because I’m never 100% positive if it’s vegetarian (cooked without chicken stock), but I load up on black beans, lettuce, onions, pico, fresh jalapenos, and guac for days! Yum 😀 I wish I had a chipotle near me! We have Moe’s…but it’s just not the same!

  30. I love, love, love that first picture!
    It’s something I sometimes think about, and it just makes it’s more interesting to meet new people. Afterall, ”strangers are friends we haven’t met yet” 😀
    Have a great Friday!


  31. I did 13.4 today and got 52 reps. I got through the 12 clean and jerks and 4 of the toes-to-bars. I would say just take it slow and steady and MAKE SURE you don’t get any no-reps by not locking out at the top of the C&J. Because by then you’re already wasted a ton of energy.

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