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Good morning, friends!

Here are some words of wisdom from Bill Nye (the Science Guy) to start your Friday off on the right foot:

everyone you ever meet knows something

Don’t you love that? We have so much to learn from each other.


Last night, I went to CrossFit to prepare for Open WOD 13.4, which is a short 7-minute workout of an ascending ladder of increasing reps of clean and jerks and toes-to-bar. Not too bad, right? Well, the weight for women is 95 pounds, which is heavy for me. My 1RM is only 100 (awhile ago, but still), so 95 is going to be tough.

CrossFit 781

Our coaches programmed an entire class with a mini WOD (AMRAP 4: 5 C&J + 5 2TB) to give us some practice for 13.4, which most of our box is doing “for real” on Saturday.

photo (450x600)

A few takeaways and tips from last night:

  • Since 95 pounds is close to my max, my coach suggested dropping the bar after each clean and jerk instead of trying to bring the bar back down. I definitely can’t touch and go with this weight.
  • Try different grips on the T2B. One of our coaches had us try a mixed grip as well as an opposite grip (palms facing body) to give us some different options for the workout. I thought both of them were kind of weird, so I don’t plan to change my grip for the WOD, but I’m glad I gave them a try. I didn’t even know they were options until last night.
  • Make sure feet swing back behind bar and body on T2B (full range of motion)””otherwise, it’s a no-rep!
  • Transition wisely. Walk from the bar to the pull-up bar. Chalk-up. When you get off of the pull-up bar, take a deep breath before picking up the bar again.
  • Stretch and roll-out forearms before WOD to help prevent grip failure.
  • Use hook grip to save grip strength for T2B.
  • Pace yourself. This workout will get intense!


After the WOD, a bunch of us were hanging out and chatting, like we normally do, when someone suggested getting Chipotle for dinner. Brilliant idea! Burritos with friends sounded a lot better than shrimp stir fry from the freezer, so Mal and I were immediately on board.

Inside my burrito: chicken, rice, black beans, salsa, lettuce, guacamole, and tons of hot sauce. Holy yum!

Chipolte burrito

We ended up staying at Chipotle until almost 9:30 PM last night, and then I stayed up watching TV with Mal until almost midnight, so I ended up getting hungry again and snacked on some mixed nuts before bed.


Question of the Day

Do you like burritos? What are your favorite ingredients?

CrossFit friends: Do you have any tips/advice/strategy for 13.4? Has anyone done it yet? 



  1. Fajitas are my favorite Mexican in general, but Chipotle is definitely a guilty pleasure. I usually go for a burrito bowl (tortilla on the side!) with chicken, pinto beans, and a TON of corn and pico! Mmmm… 🙂

  2. Hey Tina! I just want to let you know how appreciated your healthy attitude towards food is on the blog. SOOOO many HLB will post these dainty little meals and no snacks paired with LOTS of exercise, which can make a lot of people feel guilty for not doing the same! You attitude of eating when hungry no matter what time of day is really refreshing and encouraging!

  3. Did you know Chipotle is a publicly traded company and 1 share of their stock is worth $325 bucks??? I just randomly found that out yesterday. I mean, they are damn good burritos!

  4. My city just got a Chipotle, and I’m excited to try them out! My favorite burrito right now is from El Sarape in Green Bay, Burrito de Espinaca y Hongos. It has spinach, mushrooms, grilled onions, peppers, and tomatoes as well as fresh tomatoes and lettuce. I top it with lots of spicy salsa. Delicious!

  5. I adore Chipotle! It’s my favorite fast food-ish restaurant. I love their burrito bowls! A little healthier than a burrito but the same great flavors. 🙂

  6. I have never been to Chipotle. I have two of them near by…just haven’t gone. I hear everything is pretty big so I don’t know if my stomach could eat that much. Do you bring home leftovers if you can’t eat it all? Man, I really want to join Crossfit Alabaster in my area, but just a little freaked, you know? Wish I had someone who wanted to do it with me.

  7. Chipotle is actually my favorite food place. I have gone countless times and my order has changed quite a bit since when I first started going. I used to always get burritos and would get rice, chicken, hot sauce, corn, cheese, guacamole and lettuce. I used to have a hard time finishing the burrito so I moved onto the burrito bowls: my favorite. I get the same ingredients in the bowl as when I did for the burrito. So yummy, and craving it now! I don’t know many people who DON’T like Chipotle!

  8. I LOVE burritos! They are probably my favorite Mexican dish (second would be quesadillas). I also LOVE Chipotle – probably my favorite place to go for Mexican food 🙂 Inside my burrito I usually skip the rice and order it with black or pinto beans (depending on what I’m feeling), mild tomato salsa, corn salsa, lettuce, cheese and guacamole.

  9. I am one of those freaks who likes all the CONTENTS of a burrito, but wants it separately – a plate with beans, rice, chicken, guac, salsa and a tortilla on the side.

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