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Mal and I decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo a day early! Wahoo! :mrgreen: Well, actually, I discovered that there is an Anna’s Taqueria right next to Healthworks, so after hitting the gym tonight, I picked up Anna’s to go. And, of course, we wanted to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! The 45-minute commute home was torture because my veggie quesadilla and Mal’s TWO super burritos smelled sooooo delicious. I couldn’t wait to get home to eat! Plus, I was starving

I split my veggie quesadilla into 2 halves: 1 for tonight; 1 for tomorrow’s lunch. I “volumized” dinner with some raw veggies and hummus.

Inside my quesadilla was a whole slew of roasted veggies: broccoli, squash, zucchini, carrots, red onions, green and red peppers, salsa, and parsley. Anna’s veggie quesadillas are by far my favorite! :mrgreen:

Mid-meal pic… 

My sweet treat for the evening was a Ryvita cracker with cashew butter and chocolate chips. I ended up eating another about 5 minutes after this photo was taken– and I am seriously contemplating a third! 😉

And, to get you excited for tomorrow… 

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  1. Hi Tina
    I just wanted to say thanks for the tip on Anna’s Taqueria! That veggie burrito looks awesome! I also live in the Boston area (Chelsea) so any restaurant recommendation is greatly appreciated!
    Also, the bowl is very cute and the doga is…well…kind of over the top for me, but hey, whatever works!
    Have a great day!

  2. every time i see Anna’s on your blog i get so happy 🙂 one of my fav places at BC to eat at for dinner.. the veggie burritos are my absolute favorite!

  3. I have been looking forward to Cinco De Mayo dinner for weeks. I am so pumped for fish tacos tomorrow!!!

    Your quesadilla looks amazing. I often am fearful of getting mexican food at a restaraunt because it always looks so way too greasy, fried and unbelieveabley unhealthy, but your veggie quesadilla actually looks quite nutritious and healthy. I wish we had this place in PA.

    Have a wonderful night!

  4. Mexican food always hits the spot! And off topic, all the pictures of blood oranges on this site finally prompted me to pickup some blood OJ. It was delish!

  5. Happy early cinco de mayo! Great idea about splitting the quesadilla right away before you (or at least I would) eat the whole thing without realizing 🙂

  6. Veggie Quesadillas are the best!! This one looks so, sooo good!
    And I love Ryvita crackers. Never thought about having them with a nut butter, but yours looks so good!

  7. Whoa, I was gonna eat a cracker (Wasa, but similar!) with cashew butter and chocolate chips for my after-dinner treat! Blogger brain-to-brain!

  8. all of your pictures look so good!! 🙂

    btw you got me hooked on peanutbutter/choc chips!! soooo good thank you!!! 😉

  9. That quesadilla looks to die for!!! I love mexican and have only had it once since my new allergy!! I MUST have it again…Thanks Tina!!!

    The food at that shower was just pretty…really it was!

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