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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I shopped until I dropped this morning! But, I didn’t buy a single Christmas present.

Last night, Mal created a “Honey Do List” for me, which mostly included driving around to different stores and buying specific items that we needed for the house. After all of his hard work this past weekend, it was the least I could do. Plus, I really like to shop. I guess you could say it was practice for the big game! 😉


My first stop was IKEA for a couple of lamps. But, you know how it goes at IKEA. Somehow, I left the store with two lamps, a set of bowls, a holiday candle, decorative plate, light bulbs, doormat, toilet brush cleaner, and a small vase. Um, yea. IKEA owns me.


After spending way too much time (and money) at IKEA, I headed to the mall. On the drive, I snacked on an Element Bar, which was sort of stale after being in my pantry for a good 6+ months. 😕


At the mall, I popped into Sur La Table to cash-in an old gift card. (Love this store!!)


Then, I visited the Country Marketplace to checkout their sale on TV stands. (We’re still in the market for one.)


IMG_0005.JPG IMG_0006.JPG

How are you doing with your holiday shopping?


I worked up a serious appetite running around and shopping all morning long, so I threw together a quick lunch as soon as I got home.


Food is almost always on my mind, so, before I left the house, I started preparing lunch. I planned to make Salt & Vinegar Chickpeas, so I opened a can, drained the liquid, and let the chickpeas soak in vinegar for a few hours while I shopped. When I returned home, all I had to do was baked them in the oven.


On the side, I had a couple of carrots and a bunch of grape tomatoes.


I rounded out lunch with a blueberry-flavored Chobani yogurt.


After lunch, I enjoyed a bunch of peanut M & M’s along with a hot mug of tea.


Up next: cleaning, pug walk, and dinner.

Hope your Monday has been fabulous! 😎



  1. I am glad I am not the only one that loses self control when it comes to shopping at Ikea 🙂 I love that store.
    I usually start Christmas shopping very early, around mid-November, so by now I only have a few presents left to get.

  2. Looks like such a fun day! I just made roasted chickpeas for the first time this weekend (I used curry spices to do it) and they were amazing! My Christmas shopping is currently in very early stages but I’m hoping to get on it soon. Have a great afternoon! 🙂

  3. Hmm… holiday shopping. I’m doing much less of it this year than ever before. A big part of that is because I’m traveling to see my family, which means money for travel instead of money for presents. So I’m getting creative and doing some more personal things. It’s really kind of fun that way.

  4. I made a list of what I need to buy for holiday gifts the other day, got a few things crossed off. I’ve been saying all along that I don’t have a ton of people to buy for, but after making the list, it’s more than I thought!

  5. I’ve never heard of Element Bars, are they good? I like that they get stale. I think most of those bars have a shelf life of forever, so it’s a good sign when they have real food in there that goes bad!

  6. I haven’t even started my holiday shopping yet!! Ugh. Definitely need to get cracking on that. My mom’s, boyfriend’s and best friend’s birthday are all in December too, so I’m still trying to get those gifts figured out!

  7. Seriously, IKEA and HomeGoods are the worst…you go in there and see all this stuff you never realized you needed until you went in there and come out with 10 items when you only went in there for one…it’s all part of their evil plan!

  8. Great job on the shopping. IKEA is a total hole for me too. Those chickpeas sound super tasty- I will have to try cooking mine that way. I’m a little more than half way through my shopping. Struggle on what to get Josh’s brothers…

  9. I love Ikea! My husband has to drag me through the marketplace or I end up spending hours just browsing everything.

    I’ve started my x-mas shopping but we’re doing it mostly online. I’m not one for crowds. If I go, it’ll be during the week when, hopefully, the crowds are lighter.

    Love the santa bowl!

  10. OMG! I’ve been roasting chickpeas every few days lately, but I completely forgot about your salt and vinegar recipe! I’m going to make these tomorrow, when I have time to soak them 🙂

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