Portable Breakfasts

Good morning! It’s Thursday, right? The weekend is so close, I can taste it! :mrgreen:

I am in such a wonderful mood this morning– probably from the post-workout endorphins, but also because of the beautiful weather today! 😀 And, the trees are starting to bud in Harvard Yard! It’s Spring! Wheeee! :mrgreen:

I also snapped a photo of a squirrel that was chowing-down in the Yard. Did/does your college have a squirrel problem? Or rather an overabundance of squirrels? I remember my college having a zillion squirrels running around, wrecking havoc on the campus! I know, totally random, but this little, fuzzy rodent brought back some nice memories of college for me this morning.

Portable Breakfast

Last night, I baked a batch of Oatmeal Raisin Bars in preparation for this morning’s breakfast. I figured that oats in bar form would be just as good as a bowl of oats. Plus, a bar is much more travel-friendly. We’ll see how the bar holds up versus my hunger!

I used golden raisins in this batch of Oatmeal Raisin Bars.

Breakfast also included a banana and an iced coffee with soy milk from Starbucks. I snapped this photo at 5:15 this morning, so my travel mug is just a stand-in for the iced coffee that I purchased after my workout at Healthworks.

Before heading to HW, I also ate an Oatmeal Raisin Bar as a pre-workout snack… and to quiet my early-morning stomach grumbles!


At Healthworks this morning, I took an amazing Body Defined class, which is a strength training class that features a variety of equipment, including free weights, bands or Body Bars. Balance work was also included– with the help of a Bosu. The Body Defined class was just 45 minutes, but it totally kicked my butt! The instructor moved from one exercise to the next, which made the class fly by, kept me interested, and forced me to work hard. She also combined upper and lower body exercises for the entire class, which maximized our workout time and results. What I liked best about the class was all of the new Bosu moves that the instructor showed us! I thought I knew mostly everything you could do with a Bosu, but I was definitely wrong! Who would have guessed that an upside-down Bosu had so much potential!

Reader Survey

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To make the Blogger Summit as fun and affordable as possible, we are working with several famous foodie companies that will serve as the summit’s sponsors.  They have asked us to gather some demographical information about our readers.  Please take a minute to complete our short 10 question survey. You only need to take it once, so if you take it on one blog please do not take it again.

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Question of the Day

What’s your favorite portable breakfast?



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