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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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On Saturday, Mal and I joined Dave and Marie and their friends Tim and Angie for a day of fun and sun on Long Lake in southern Maine. We rented a pontoon boat!

All packed up! Food, drinks, sunblock, towels, koozies”¦


And fur children. Don’t they looked pumped?



We picked up the pontoon boat promptly at 8:30 AM and headed out onto the lake. We had a full day ahead of us!



It was an absolutely gorgeous day for boating. I don’t think we could have asked for more perfect weather!



I rocked (spicy) ginger beers all day. This Maine Root Ginger Brew is phenomenal””my favorite one yet!




At one point, we pulled up to a beach and did a little swimming while Murph and Mal played on the beach (like freaks).


Doggie paddle back to the boat.


Look at the pug go!


He needed a little help from Dad. Haha!




The morning flew by and soon it was time to fire up the grill for lunch.


Lots of delicious food!



After lunch, Marie and I got all fancy with our ginger beers. We mixed coconut water and pineapple juice with them.


It was SO good””sweet, spicy, tropical, and refreshing all at the same time!




Spending all day on the lake made Murphy so tired.


Fighting it”¦


He’s out.


We’re nerds. We switched shirts.




It was such a great day!


And I didn’t want it to end””obviously because it was a blast, but also because I know it’s probably one of our last adventures this summer. I’m going to miss this type of stuff so much once the cold weather hits.


A HUGE thank you to Dave and Marie for inviting us along and, of course, their AWESOME idea to rent a pontoon boat for the day. IT WAS SO FUN!


Question of the Day

Have you ever been on a pontoon boat?

What are you going to miss most about summer?

P.S. Over the weekend, Dave and Marie showed Mal and I these Bad Lip Reading videos, and we laughed until we cried””just had to share: Bad Lip Reading: NFL and Bad Lip Reading: The Walking Dead. OMG, I watched them again this morning, and I am giggling in my office like a total goober. Hahahahaha!



  1. Loving all the pug pics! Murphy is seriously the most photogenic pug EVER.

    I love boat days – we had one last weekend and it was a total blast, got to hang out on a little island and (finally) try stand-up paddleboarding! Have to say that my favorite part about relocating to South Florida is that I don’t have to say goodbye to summer weekends just yet…

  2. Love trying local beers! And I love how Murphy’s is trying to cop himself some food by the grill. 🙂

    We rented a pontoon one time in Georgia. So much fun! Looks like you had a great trip!

  3. Oh my gosh, looks like so much fun!
    Murphy is absolutely adorable. Pugs always make me smile.
    Boating is always such a blast, I swear it’s just always a good time.

  4. Looks like a ton of fun! I love boating. We rented a pontoon boat when we went on vacation last month on the lake, which is funny to me because we live near 4 rivers and the ocean so there’s always a lot of boating to do. Now we just need to get our own boat instead of always having to be invited… 🙂

  5. Being from Minneapolis, MN, going “to the cabin” is a common thing that us Minnesotans do in the summer. My family has a lake home in the northern part of the state, which has a pontoon. Packing up some drinks, food and good music and heading out on the pontoon is one of the best things ever! Glad you enjoyed your experience 🙂

  6. It looks like Murphy likes the boat! We took my dog Margot for her first boat ride a few weeks ago, and she (surprisingly) LOVED it! She gets car sick ALL the time, but I guess that nausea doesn’t transfer over to the water…

  7. My 2nd cousins live on a lake in Michigan and as a kid my 1st cousins & I would all go up from Ohio to stay with them for a couple of weeks. They had a pontoon, canoes, paddle boat and a speedboat – we’d spend all day out on the water. My favorite was tubing behind the speedboat 😉

  8. Hi! I love your blog and a fan of yours from India.Every time i see a picture of Mal,he reminds me of dr owen hunt from grey’s anatomy.

  9. Our pontoon boat is one of the best purchases we ever made, we are on it almost every day. Where in Maine did you go? We live on Swan Lake.

  10. My kids love BLR. we watched the ones during presidental election. it will have you in tears. I think there is even one from the twilight series.

  11. Wow that looks like it was such a wonderful day – always so great to spend time with special friends and make some fab memories that will stay with you and always make you smile.

    Oh and the bad lip reading NFL – could not stop laughing! Can’t wait to show my husband David this when he gets home from work!

    J x

  12. Yes, I love pontoon days! I’ve done it the last 2 summers I’ve been in GA and it’s awesome. NFL bad lip reading, holy crap that is amazing.

  13. My friends and I just took a pontoon boat out in Nashville, TN and turns out it was the very same boat used in Little Big Town’s music video, On The Pontoon!
    Just started following your blog and it’s great- Thanks!!

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