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So, I finally canceled my gym membership. Now that I do CrossFit so much, I really don’t need it. Here’s why.

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I actually thought I canceled my gym membership last week, but I received a call the other day saying I needed to come in and sign some papers, so on the way to pick out paint samples yesterday, I popped into the gym to make it official. I’m still technically a member there until the end of September (30 days notice + something about missing the next billing cycle”¦ blah, blah, blah… stupid gym contracts), so I plan to stop in at least a few times to mix up my workouts, but we’ll see. WODs always seem to win.

Canceling my gym membership was actually kind of a big deal to me. I’ve belonged to a gym (and worked at three) since I was 16 years old, so it’s been a part of my life for a long time. I haven’t been to the gym since April, so I know canceling is for the best, but it felt weird (and even kind of sad) saying goodbye (even though I still have two months left of my membership). People change, workouts change.

With that said, I thought it would be fun to give you guys a brief history of how I’ve exercised over the years””some at gyms, some not.

High school: Soccer, tennis, track & field, step aerobics

College: running (outside), step aerobics, dance team, keg stands

Post-college (early 20s): running (treadmill), elliptical, biking, indoor soccer, step aerobics

Late 20s: running (outside & treadmill), elliptical, power walking, spinning, free weights, Body Pump

Early 30s: running (outside & treadmill), Body Pump, yoga, CrossFit

As you can see, the way I exercise has changed quite a bit over the years (with running staying pretty consistent). I think as long as you get your heart-pumping and have some fun while doing it, it doesn’t really matter how you exercise as long as you stick with it, which is why it’s important to find something you enjoy. For me, as soon as I get bored or unmotivated by a workout, I try something new. Hence, why I’m CrossFit crazy””the classes are never the same thing twice.


This morning’s breakfast was a repeat of yesterday’s: My Favorite Breakfast Pancake made with sweet potato instead of banana. I tried adding less sweet potato and more almond butter””I thought it might “stick” together better””but it still fell apart. Boo. I still ate it.

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Question of the Day

How have your workouts changed over the years?

P.S. Need a little boost this morning? Read this story about one of the members from my CrossFit box. It’s guaranteed to inspire you and perhaps even get you a bit choked up.



  1. In high school I was a cheerleader and ran track. In college I started going to group fitness classes and running. In my mid 20’s I started running like Forest Gump and ran 5 marathons, many road races and then got married. Early 30’s, screech!!! 2 kids, a full time job and a husband who traveled a lot caused my workouts to change drastically. No more working out on a whim so I started teaching fitness classes (free family membership, ie. free daycare) and I got paid to workout. Score! Now, early 40’s with very athletic teenage kids whose schedules now rule my life. I continue to teach fitness classes at 5:30am, work full time, run when I can and I include Tabata/Strength home workouts in my schedule weekly. I’m at a point in my life where I’m comfortable with who I am and I’m not so focused on my workouts being about how much I lift or how I look in a swimsuit. I just want to be healthy and fit for the rest of my life. Although we do have friendly family exercise competitions in which I win most of the time 😉 I’m looking forward to the next phase (post kids living in the house). Who knows what my fitness regimen will consist of when I have my own time back!

  2. Great post. It always is sad saying goodbye to something that has brought a lot of joy and good times in your life.. My workouts have change for team based sports in high school and college to running and group fitness classes now in my 20’s. So agree that whatever keeps you moving, feeling strong and happy is what is perfect for you at that moment 🙂

  3. Yes totally, it is funny how we evolve in the workout world. I use to be a treadmill circuit training girl (only machines)! Now I still do some indoor cardio and free weights but with a much different style. I have also taken up boxing (not boxercise), my gloves may be pink but they can still kick a**! I belly dance and do hot yoga although I never thought I was a yoga girl but it rocks my world!

  4. My workouts changes, I started just by walking, then incorporated strength training and now I do kickboxing and bosu ball (which I bought from you on Open Sky). Changing it up keeps it form being boring!

    Speaking of Bosu Ball can you recommend any DVD’s I can workout to?

  5. Love that keg stands we’re considered part of your college work out! I’ve remained pretty consistent since high school. Always a runner and always into spin/aerobic/strength training classes at the gym. I tried crossfit but I don’t think the location was a match for me. I just didn’t LOVE being there like everyone seems to.

  6. It is interesting to think back on how my workouts have changed. I was an athlete in high school and then played intramural sports in college, while running and doing strength training in the gym. After college, I was a gym rat, taking body pump, spin, aerobics and working out on my own. Once I turned thirty, I found CrossFit and I can’t imagine doing anything else!

  7. All my life I have played multiple sports and with that came weight training and running. I am not a distance runner (one day) and enjoy quick distances at a faster pace (love HIIT). After high school I did not resume sports and just kept up with my workouts at the gym. Now I go to the gym 4 times a week, practice yoga 3 times a week, and hike every single chance I get to when it is not 3,000 degrees outside like it is now.

    About 2 years ago, yoga was my main focus and I was going 4 times a week and hiking 5 days a week. I cancelled my gym membership because I was training in such a different way and felt SO amazing.

    You are my CrossFit inspiration!! This will be the next change in my workout routine. 🙂

  8. Holy renos! It looks like you guys have taken on alot but think about how great it’s going to feel to have your bathroom & kitchen done — so worth the late nights & mess!

    My workouts have changed alot:

    Early years – dance (I took classes until I was 18), baseball, biking
    College – had a gym membership that I never used after 1st semester
    Post-College – joined the Curves craze, cardio group classes at the gym
    20s – ladies 2 pitch and beer tents 😉
    early-30s – re-joined the gym, yoga, zumba, free weights, livefit

  9. I’ve been a runner since I was 15. Some years I run a lot, some years a little. I’ve tried pilates, yoga, and weights but it never stuck. I’ve been going to a boot camp class 2-3x a week for about 7 months now and I love it, so that’s a part of my exercise life now. I’ve also picked up biking and swimming this summer to train for a tri. In my heart, I’ll always be a runner.

  10. When I first started trying to lose weight, it was all about the swimming. Then I became a runner and eventually picked up cycling.

    My fitness changes with the seasons. I spend the rainy winters in the gym swimming and lifting weights and summertime I head outside for bike rides!

  11. My workouts have changed more from outdoor workout to mostly using the gym (weights and treadmills). I used to do a lot of swimming, netball and cycling when i was in high school. I still cycled a lot in uni but as soon as i started working am mostly now in the gym. I miss the outdoor workouts and i plan to start cycling again soon!

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