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Good morning!

First things first: In nearly 8 years of blogging, I’ve used this same post title 4 times now. Four times! That’s kind of a lot, so, apparently, we’re playing catch-up quite a lot over here. Haha! I thought it might be fun to take a little trip down memory lane and share the 3 posts where I previously used this title:

  • Playing Catch-Up (February 2009) – This was a year after I started blogging. I was trying to balance a full-time job with CNC and taking a class at Harvard, so I was playing catch-up.
  • Playing Catch-Up (September 2009) – I wrote this post right after the “move from hell” (aka “The Southie Experiment.” (We moved 6 months later.) I assume we didn’t have Internet in our new apartment right away, so there was some blogging catch-up.
  • Playing Catch-Up (December 2013) – I had just returned from a media trip to Cabo where I stayed at the super fancy-schmancy Esperanza, easily the nicest resort I have ever experienced.

Well, that was fun.

So. Seriously. Where did the last few weeks go?! I feel like I’m behind on life lately and soooo not ready for Christmas. I still have presents to buy! Quite a few presents to buy! At one point, I was actually ahead of the game with shopping, but not anymore. Gah! How is Christmas just two days away!?

Anyway, since it’s the title of this blog post and all, let’s play a little catch-up. First with a few photos from yesterday and then a short recap of 24 Days of Togetherness.

We started our day like most: Milk (for Quinn) + iced coffee (for me) on the couch with some snuggles and Paw Patrol.

IMG_1213 (1024x768)

I get a lot of questions about Quinn’s sippy cups and the ones that we like best are the Lollacups. It’s an expensive sippy cup ($16), but it’s the only one that REALLY doesn’t leak. I’ve purchased probably a dozen different (cheaper) sippy cups, and I’m always annoyed with them… and myself because I wasted money. I finally learned my lesson and purchased two more Lollacups to add to our collection, and we couldn’t be happier with them.

Yesterday’s breakfast was an oldie but goodie: Oats in Jar. Yummm! (Oats in a Jar Tutorial here. Cliff notes: Please don’t pour your hot oatmeal into a plastic nut butter jar. The end.)

IMG_1217 (1024x768)

And, of course, once I finished my OIAJ, Murphy got to lick the jar. (He’s still spoiled.)

IMG_1218 (1024x768)

The weather was unseasonably warm again yesterday, so we took Murphy for a long walk. Quinn’s new winter coat reminds me of “fat guy in a little coat,” but just the opposite: “little guy in a fat coat.” It’s so darn puffy! Haha!

IMG_1238 (1024x1024)

That afternoon, Quinn chowed down on some Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, which was a nice surprise since he hardly eats… just smoothies and milk and the occasional piece of bread/bagel/pancake. We have an appointment with his pediatrician today as well as an Otolaryngologist after the holidays, so, hopefully, we’ll figure out what’s going on. Poor peanut.

IMG_1263 (1024x1024)

And onto a recap of our 24 Days of Togetherness!

Day 15: Buy Quinn a Christmas tree ornament

IMG_0992 (1024x768)

This was so cute. Quinn pointed to a Cat in the Hat ornament, so Mal brought it over to him and he immediately tapped the top of his head and gave us the biggest smile. I guess he thought the cat’s hat was pretty cool!

IMG_0994 (1024x768)

Quinn showed an interest in a bunch of stuffed ornaments, so we picked out three and asked him to choose one.

IMG_0998 (1024x768)

He liked the bear. Great choice!

IMG_1005 (1024x1024)

Day 16: Top 3 favorite Quinn moments


Mine (some were similar to Mal’s, so I came up with different ones):

Day 17: Wear red and green all day


Day 18: Make Christmas cookies

IMG_1097 (1024x1024)

Day 19: Visit Bass Pro Shop

IMG_1119 (1024x768)

Day 20: Make Christmas pancakes


Day 21: Watch Elf

Day 22: Have a fire 

It was 55 degrees and much too warm for a fire, so we watched the Yule Log for a little while.

IMG_1091 (1024x768)

Day 23: Have a date night

After Quinn’s appointment, we’re meeting Mal for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. I think we originally planned a date night for just Mal and me, but a family dinner instead makes a lot more sense.

And tomorrow, Day 24 and the final day of 24 Days of Togetherness, is take the boys on a “nature walk,” so we’re planning to go to Bare Cove Park tomorrow afternoon.

Brooks Stocking Stuffer Giveaway

A big thanks to everyone who entered the Brooks Stocking Stuffer giveaway! Here is your winner:


In 2016, I would like to run my 5th marathon!

Congrats, Tiffany! Please email me with your size and color preferences for the gloves and headband as well as your mailing address.

Question of the Day

Are you ready for Christmas? Do you still have shopping to do? 



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  2. I am in shock that Christmas is on FRIDAY! Craziness – This year flew by. Thankfully I’m done with shopping but need to figure out our meal! I hope you figure out what’s going on with Quinn soon. Poor little guy.

  3. I was a little confused while reading your post… until I realised that we in Germany already celebrate Christmas at Christmas Eve on the 24th. So for me, Christmas is tomorrow. Thank God, that I already have all presents, even all wrapped up (normally, I’ll do the wrapping in the evening of the 23rd).
    Good luck for your shopping and happy holidays!

  4. Thank you for the sippy cup review! I have a collection going and each cup we’ve tried has some sort of leak either around the cover or through the straw. (I actually contacted one vendor and they shipped me new ones, which was very nice) I’ve spent so much money on different ones, its annoying! Wish we could “test drive” sippy cups before committing.

    So ready for Christmas. Shopping is done although I keep thinking of little things I want to buy my husband and son, so bad! And I’ve been baking cookies up the wazoo! Merry Christmas to you and yours Tina!

  5. I’m a hot mess when it comes to x-mas gifts this year. I have a lot to do tomorrow! I did use amazon prime for a couple gifts which was wonderful. Merry Christmas, Tina 🙂

  6. We finished up our shopping yesterday, so now it’s just the wrapping left to do! Actually feel pretty much ready for Christmas at this point 🙂

    So cute how Quinn points and reaches for things—that age is so darn adorable!

  7. Paw patrol is a favourite at my house too and I swear my 18month old has that same, “watching,” face that Quinn has in that one pic! So serious! I’m sure you have seen the “pups save Christmas” ep, it is on repeat these days. Love your togetherness recap-very good ideas! Merry Christmas!

    1. We’ve watched that episode! Quinn’s favorite part is when they fix Santa’s sleigh since he’s into screwdrivers right now! Merry Christmas!!

  8. I love that 55 is too warm for you to have a fire, yet if we had 55-degree weather here in Florida I’d be all about starting one! 😉

    Thanks for recapping your 24 Days of Togetherness. We are so doing that next year.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Have a Merry Christmas! Hope Quinn feels better soon! Love how it’s been so warm here in Boston– hard to believe after last winter! It’s been so easy training for my spring marathon. Let’s hope it stays!

  10. AWWWWW Christmas IS CRAZY! I think that I’m ready then I remember something else! You did a great job of taking pictures of your 24 days of togetherness, we did a bucket list this year but I didn’t dido a great job of recording it all! Merry Christmas!

  11. Emma is 20 months and up until the last couple of weeks, if she took two bites of food during the day it was a good day. I brought it up at her 18 month appt and her ped wasn’t concerned at all, she said she wasn’t going to let herself starve and now, holy hell, all this girl does is eat! Good luck with Quinn, I know first hand how frustrating it is when they won’t eat.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  12. I don’t mean to pry, but my daughter is just a month younger than Quinn and she also doesn’t hardly eat. She’s small for her age (5% for weight at her 12 month appointment). She seems healthy, but they always seem concerned at her appointments. We’ve tried EVERYTHING to get her more interested in food, but nothing has worked. Is there something wrong with Quinn, like medically? If so, I am wondering if my daughter has something similar.

    At any rate, I hope he is okay and that you all have a very Merry Christmas!

  13. What helped with my kids eating was only to eat sitting down at the table, sitting with them the entire time, and having the same exact things on my plate(even if proportions were different). its a pain in the @ss but it totally changed their eating habits. Btw, my ped said two meals per WEEK Is ok at this stage☺now my 2and 3 year old never miss a meal!

    1. Quinn sits with us every night at dinner, but usually eats only 1-2 bites of his food. Lately, he won’t eat anything. Whomp whomp. His doc said not to worry about it; just keep trying, so hopefully things get better!

      1. I feel ur pain! My daughter is a little over 2 and hardly takes more then a bite or two —-unfortunately she won’t even drink smoothies!! I give her yogurt or fruit and veggie pouches mixed with coconut oil in an attempt to keep her from shriveling away but even that is hit or miss if she’ll take it….I do know she can eat though cuz she had 2 or 3 days she ate a ton when she was around 1 1/2. Now we just nibble on popcorn! I hope it’s just along faze that will pass—ur little man looks like he’s healthy though so he must be getting a lot of nutrients from the smoothies 😉

  14. I find when toddlers go through growth spurts, they either have ravenous appetites or no appetite. I have seen that a lot.

  15. I liked the memory lane of playing catch-up! I don’t recall the 1st post but I do remember the 2nd and 3rd – wasn’t sure how long I have been reading but it has been a while. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

  16. Merry Christmas, Tina! Love following your blog. Love the togetherness ideas. Hope Quinn is ok and just going through a phase.

  17. Just a suggestion that I learned when my kids were little that helped with mealtimes. The serving size for milk and juice for a kid his age is about 1/2 a cup. Most of those sippy cups hold a minimum of ten ounces. Once I started to pay attention to that, they became much better eaters!

  18. Kids are hard to get to eat as they get older. they go from being babies who would eat almost everything to eating one or two bits and being done. Most kids are so busy with everything around them and their growth slows way down after the first year so they don’t need to eat as much. I found that limited the drinks to milk once a day and just giving water helps. They don’t fill up on those. Giving them a smoothie to get fruits and veggies is fine but that really can be like a whole meal for them. Their portion sizes recommendations are much smaller, 2 crackers is a serving of grain, 1/4 cup for veggies. Also sometimes it can be a sensory processing issue and they may benefit from some occupational or speech therapy.

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