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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Warning: If you don’t want to see a dead pig and its innards, you may want to skip this post.

It’s been a busy day here! Preparations are in full swing for our Pig Party tomorrow!

IMG_0001 (500x375)

The guys picked up the pig from a farm out in the ”˜burbs and then drove down to our house, where they built the pit out of cinderblocks with a wood frame on top.

IMG_0003 (500x375)

IMG_0009 (375x500)

The inside of the pit is lined with tinfoil and includes a steel pipe rack on which the pig will lay. Charcoal below will cook the pig.

IMG_0011 (375x500)

The guys have been planning this pig roast for months now. They are totally psyched about it!

IMG_0018 (500x375)

The plan: debone the pig, stuff it with meats, veggies, and herbs, sew it back up, and roast it. Sounds pretty intense, right? Thankfully, we have Mike’s cooking expertise to guide us through the process.

IMG_0008 (375x500)

I decided not to post photos of the deboning process, so here are some cute photos of Ping, the happiest pug on earth.

IMG_0045 (375x500) IMG_0046 (375x500)

Once the pig was deboned, we took a break to eat a quick dinner. We ordered pizza. Easy. Delicious. No cooking involved.

IMG_0065 (500x375)

After dinner, the guys got busy cooking the stuffing for the pig, which included sausage, Granny Smith apples, Rosemary, garlic, fennel, radicchio, carrots, and celery.

IMG_0070 (500x375) IMG_0077 (375x500)

 IMG_0079 (500x375)

The stuffing needed to cool before we could put it in the pig, so we improvised.

IMG_0013 (375x500)

Let the stuffing begin!

IMG_0015 (500x375)

I took on the responsibility of sewing up the pig after it was stuffed. It was definitely a first for me!

IMG_0037 (375x500)

Finished! Hooray!!

IMG_0050 (375x500)

We still have quite a bit to do before the Pig Party tomorrow, so everyone is sleeping over and we’re waking up super early to get everything done. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!



  1. Tina-thanks for the pics and the info. It looks like a fun time by friends. I am an avid reader of you blog (funny enough I first tuned into it after the Marie Clare article) and always enjoy food post. I’m originally from the TX Panhandle, and while I eat little meat, I have an understanding of the process of getting meat to my table. I see nothing different in your post than someone posting catching a fish or getting turkey ready for Thanksgiving. Food is about family, sharing, and love…and you can tell y’all have lots of it!

  2. I’m truly shocked at how some people are so offended by these pictures. It makes me a little sad some people are so willing to throw out mean insults because Tina’s opinions don’t match theirs. I do not find this any different than happily posing next to a steak dinner or piece of bacon someone had for breakfast. That bacon and steak came from animals (which were once alive and with faces too! It’s a shocking world out there people), except chances are they weren’t picked and prepared with the patient and ethical (I can’t imagine how you could argue buying packaged meat from a corporation is better than a local, farm raised pig) attention that Tina and Mal put in.

    Enjoy your luau!

  3. Wow, just sat down to read through all this!! Craziness 🙂 Anyways, thanks so much for having us today…the pig WAS delicious!! Still can’t believe all the hard work you guys put into it! Well worth it.

  4. I am not against roasting a pig. I am not against roasting awesome delicious things inside of the pig. I am, however, against posing with the dead pig as if it were still alive. That’s where my line is. However, once the pig was sewn up it looked great 🙂

  5. Oh man, I’m definitely late to the game on this one. I’m from a big Greek family and the pig roast is a huge thing at family gatherings. I can never watch the process – you’re a brave soul! Isn’t it funny how into it the guys get?

  6. This pig roast looks amazing and I’ll bet the final product tasted delicious! I can’t wait to hear how it came out. (And send me the recipe? 😉 )

    Your post has actually given me that extra push to really focus on buying/consuming local meat from farmers. I would be so proud too if I worked for 6-7 hours when preparing a meal.

  7. Looks like a fabulous time… I’m excited to see how it all turned out, and exactly how much meat you got out of it!

    mmmm. bacon.

  8. you go girrrrlll!!!! i’m from the south and this is just so normal! and delicious! love you, love your blog, love your attitude and outlook on life! just trying to be one more weight on the positive scale in this ridiculous drama.

    (for some reason, hateful–not people who simply respectfully disagree with you–but HATEFUL commenters who are commenting on your personal life and food choices remind me of those cray-cray evangelicals who pass out bibles and tell you you’re going to hell. like, “oh yes, what you’re doing and saying right now is going to MAKE ME SEE THE LIGHT!” i don’t know, weird connection, but like i said! just trying to be one more bright spot on this post!)

  9. Hey Tina! Avid reader all the way from India here! I just wanted to let it be known how pitiful it is that something as run-of-the-mill as a pig roast attracts this much attention when your posts about your volunteer work and humanitarian efforts get almost no response. I work in a country with people who are utterly DESTITUTE, and who, if given the opportunity, would kill to have this pig or any animal that would feed them and their family. I wonder if these militant vegans would criticize them for doing so? Anyhow, I thoroughly hope you enjoyed the heck out of your party and I hope that people read this and realize that there are so many real issues in the world: starving children, terrorists, child abuse and sex trafficking, etc, and that this is certainly not one of them. Open your eyes, people, and realize that there are things other than Tina eating a pig that you could be focusing your immense amounts of energy on…

  10. Really? How dare you!! I can’t believe that you would have the nerve to do such a thing. I really think your disclaimer should have been bigger and perhaps a bit clear that I would NOT be seeing pictures of Murphy in this post. I mean, who is this “Ping” character and what has he done with Murphy?! I think you are really insensitive to my needs and the needs of others that read your blog for one thing….Murphy. That’s it…I’M DONE….I can no longer read this blog!!

    Until tomorrow….when hopefully there will be a pug-tastic post. But seriously, people need to lighten up. As strange at this might sound, there is a pic of Murphy on the background of my e-reader. It’s from the day that he fell into the lake and it made me laugh so hard. So now, anything I’m having a rotten day, I look at that pic and say…”well, it could be worse…I could be Murphy in the lake”. Chin up buttercup….don’t let all the negative posts get you down!! I hope you ate the hell out of that pig!

    But seriously….Murphy…pics…tomorrow. Or there will be a riot!

    1. @Melissa: HA! so funny….i started to read this and was like “oh, dear!” it’s actually fun for me to read these comments because i think most of them are in her favor. clearly you’re a big cnc reader–seems to me like this would make tina laugh too!

      1. @emily: I hope it makes her laugh!! Some of the comments are just so stupid. I guess people don’t realize that if they don’t like something…they don’t have to read it.

        I think her group of friends and herself are pretty brave folks…I could NEVER go pick out my food and prepare it the way they did. Bravo to them!

  11. Hi Tina,

    I have to admit that my initial reaction to the photos was visceral, intense and negative. That said, I know that my reaction is about ME, and whatever issues I have with seeing those shots, and not about who you and Mal are as people. One of the things that I enjoy most about your blog is that some of your choices are different from what I would make, and I appreciate that you open my eyes to another point of view through your writing. I’m not a big meat fan and the idea of a pig roast totally grosses me out, but I can’t help but respect your enthusiasm, hard work, and thoughtfulness in taking this pig from farm to table.

  12. tina! where’s today’s post? haha jk. hope the your fiesta was a success 🙂 can’t wait to read about it!!

  13. Just wanted to post in support of CNC! When I saw the photos I knew some people would be put off by them. I am not that easily offended, so you will have to do a little more to lose me as a reader. I have enjoyed the end result of a pig roast before but it was nowhere near as extravagant as the pig being stuffed with sausage and other goodies. Hope you were able to forget about the negative comments for awhile and enjoy your dinner. I bet your roast was absolutely delicious!!

  14. Tina i just want to start by saying i love your blog i read every post and totally respect that you eat meat even though i am a vegan I believe that everyone has their own choice to eat what they wish. But i have to admit that it made me sad to see this post ( i saw the disclaimer and just decided to just put my beliefs aside and read). Just seeing the process, it just definately reaffirmed my beliefs. But i will continue to read your blog and probably just skip posts like this.

  15. Holy Moly! Do people not understand the meaning of a “disclaimer”? Tina posted at the top of her post: “Warning: If you don’t want to see a dead pig and its innards, you may want to skip this post.” There was clear warning. I am not offended by the post at all. I didn’t see any “mocking” pictures. Not everyone eats meat just as not everyone is a vegetarian. We need to respect that.

  16. We have pig roasts too and I think half the fun is waking up early and starting the process! Its kind of interesting you just had a post on dealing with negative comments…I had no problem with the pictures and am really gad you had a nice weekend. Cant wait to hear about it.

  17. Hey Tina! Just want to support you and CNC here. My husband grew up in Keuka Lake, NY (finger lakes) and a huge part of his life was hunting and only hunting those animals that you would eat, not a proponent of trophy hunting. For him, it was (and is still when we visit back east) a way of life for him and his family to hunt for their food and that is their lifestyle. So I respect this post and the celebration and respect you had in the roast. Love your blog Tina and always will…keep up the awesome work 🙂

  18. Although it is not my thing, I commend you for the beautiful way you presented these two posts. Nothing horrible. You used a lot of compassion for not only the pig but your blog readers. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Wow, it looks like you’ll need to update your most controversial post! Holy moly! I’m a meat-eater but a pig roast just isn’t my thang. To each their own! Hope you guys had a good time and enjoyed yourselves.

  20. I know I’m VERY late to post here but I felt like I should chime in.

    I’m a vet student, and I eat meat. Most of my classmates eat meat. By many of these negative commenters’ rationale, since we love animals we should be the MOST likely people to shun meat, and yet we’re not. Having respect for the animals is a completely separate concept from eating them. I can respect and love cows, pigs, sheep, goats, etc, and still want to eat the products that come from them. I know it’s an odd juxtaposition to want to heal and eat animals at the same time, and I’m sure it’s a topic that would get the crazies in an uproar, but it’s the truth.

    To all of the haters out there: next time you’re at the vet, ask them if they eat meat. I bet the majority do, and these are the people who have dedicated their lives to serving animals. Can’t get much more respectful than that.

    1. No. You respect *companion* animals and eat the other ones. It’s a disconnect. You work to save the animals you (and society) consider family while eating the ones considered “food”. Honestly, in that regard vets are no different than the majority of folks. Ask any omnivore in the US if they’d eat a dog, cat or horse and you get horrirified responses. It’s cultural, not logical.

      A pig, cow, chicken or other “food” animal feel, think and want to live as much as the animals you care for at the clinic. We just don’t like to think about it. As long as we’re eating “lesser” animals than our beloved family members, it’s okay.

      And, I’m sorry, but you cannot claim to love a being while paying for said being to be scared, hurt and killed. You love your companion animals – you would never eat them. We don’t kill and eat the creatures we love. Love = not taking advantage or/using as a means to an end. You honestly can’t see that? @Kate:

  21. I am vegetarian, but I see nothing wrong with what you guys are doing. Obviously not everyone in the world is going to give up meat and posting rude comments is definetly not going to change anyones minds. I am actually happy about your decision to buy sustainable meat, I heard on teh radio about a vegan who became a butcher because he wanted to provide an example for the world of how they can still eat meat humanely and sustainably instead of factory farms. Because the world will never be 100% veggie I think its great instead of bashing them for eating meat, I think we should commend their choice of buying local and sustainable!

  22. I’m a little late. Just wanted to add that I think the pig roast looks AWESOME and DELICIOUS! Some people are SO closed minded. Everyone likes different things! If you don’t like pig roasts, don’t have one! It’s that simple!!

    Also, we all know that Tina LOVES animals! In America, we love pugs and eat pigs!

    Keep these posts coming, Tina. Don’t let ANYONE bring you down!!

  23. I think our meat has become so commercialized and pre-packaged that many people sometimes forget meat comes from actual animals. I think the reaction some people experienced came from seeing an actual pig prepared to be eaten. It’s no different whatsoever than cooking up some bacon. I think it’s great you supported a local farmer, too! And lastly, I don’t agree that with the commenter that said you were mocking and disrespecting the pig. You were putting love and care into a meal for your friends, not toting the pig around like Weekend at Bernie’s.

  24. So here’s the thing, I didn’t even see this post until after I’d read the full recap of the pig party. I’ll admit, as a big fan of pig pickin’ in general, I scrolled right past the disclaimer because I wanted to see the goods! I know that I’m going to one at the beginning of August and, if anything, I finished reading feeling so excited for my impending meal.

    Then, of course, I got to this post (and all the intensely debated comments). Wow, blown away.

    I wanted to extend my full support for Tina and the whole gang who put so much effort into this meal and my shock at how many folks seemed to take out all their rage via gut-instinct responses. This is the kind of thing that I think can squelch the creative and inspiring process of bloggers truly letting it all out and showing their whole lives, so I commend you, Tina, on continuing to be an inspiring writer that tells the truth, every step of the way.

    You’ve also given me something to think about, as I had every intention to post pictures of my pickin’ next weekend, and now I’ll be sure to include a disclaimer like yours!

  25. Sheesh, there is nothing more tedious than food moralists who seek to judge anybody who doesn’t live up to their perfect standards. So you don’t eat meat or dairy or grains or sweets or vegetables or fruit or bread or eggs or anything that might be processed or not handchosen or handpicked or handgrown on your own farm land?

    Yaaaaaawn. What did you think you were going to see with a post called ‘Pig Party’? Tina posing next to a lettuce with a big grin?

    We all eat different things. Stop being so militant.

  26. I’m a vegetarian and I commend you on your hard work. Is it hard to see a whole pig being like that? Sure… But to each their own! Keep doing what you’re doing. I think you’re fabulous. It’s people like the previous naysayers that give vegetarians/vegans a bad name. No one is perfect and life is too short to try and please others 🙂

    Farm to table for the the win! Have a great day!

  27. Oh man! That stuffing looks AWESOME! I am SO doing that with our next pig!

    Also, that might be the nicest cinder-block roaster I’ve ever seen assembled. Someone took pride in ownership, lol!

    Thanks for a great post!

    – Perry

    Perry P. Perkins
    “La Caja China Cooking”
    “La Caja China World”

  28. People for reals have their panties in a bunch Tina. 🙂 I’m vegetarian, but dealing with meat does not bother me (that was a G rated statement BTW). Always remember – your blog, your content, and if people don’t like it, they can leave!

  29. I appreciate a party wherein a lot of TLC is put into the food and prep (sometime ask me about my fried chicken and champagne party).

    I also appreciate a truly entertaining commentroversy. So thanks for the post.

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