Pig Party Preparations

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Warning: If you don’t want to see a dead pig and its innards, you may want to skip this post.

It’s been a busy day here! Preparations are in full swing for our Pig Party tomorrow!

IMG_0001 (500x375)

The guys picked up the pig from a farm out in the ”˜burbs and then drove down to our house, where they built the pit out of cinderblocks with a wood frame on top.

IMG_0003 (500x375)

IMG_0009 (375x500)

The inside of the pit is lined with tinfoil and includes a steel pipe rack on which the pig will lay. Charcoal below will cook the pig.

IMG_0011 (375x500)

The guys have been planning this pig roast for months now. They are totally psyched about it!

IMG_0018 (500x375)

The plan: debone the pig, stuff it with meats, veggies, and herbs, sew it back up, and roast it. Sounds pretty intense, right? Thankfully, we have Mike’s cooking expertise to guide us through the process.

IMG_0008 (375x500)

I decided not to post photos of the deboning process, so here are some cute photos of Ping, the happiest pug on earth.

IMG_0045 (375x500) IMG_0046 (375x500)

Once the pig was deboned, we took a break to eat a quick dinner. We ordered pizza. Easy. Delicious. No cooking involved.

IMG_0065 (500x375)

After dinner, the guys got busy cooking the stuffing for the pig, which included sausage, Granny Smith apples, Rosemary, garlic, fennel, radicchio, carrots, and celery.

IMG_0070 (500x375) IMG_0077 (375x500)

 IMG_0079 (500x375)

The stuffing needed to cool before we could put it in the pig, so we improvised.

IMG_0013 (375x500)

Let the stuffing begin!

IMG_0015 (500x375)

I took on the responsibility of sewing up the pig after it was stuffed. It was definitely a first for me!

IMG_0037 (375x500)

Finished! Hooray!!

IMG_0050 (375x500)

We still have quite a bit to do before the Pig Party tomorrow, so everyone is sleeping over and we’re waking up super early to get everything done. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!

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