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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning, friends!

I’m so glad you guys liked my first edition of Photos I Send to People! It was a fun blog post to write, and I know there will be plenty more in the future. That said, here’s the second post of the series!

IMG_4835 (1280x1280)

To: Mal
What: A photo of Quinn playing at Bare Cove Park.
Why: He was being so adorable, I just had to share the pic with Mal.

IMG_4726 (960x1280)

To: Kerrie
What: A bag of Edamame & Mung Bean Fettuccine.
Why: I recently discovered this Edamame & Mung Bean Fettuccine and LOVE IT SO MUCH, so I wanted to tell her about it. Check this out: The only ingredients are edamame and mung beans, one serving has 20 grams of protein, and the texture and taste are similar to regular pasta. We’re huge fans in our house!

IMG_4678 (1280x1280)

To: Marisa
What: A photo of the Stil Studio schedule… from 2015, which I didn’t realize until after I sent it to her.
Why: I recently received a few free passes, so I asked her if she wanted to go to a class soon.

IMG_4622 (960x960)

To: Mal
What: A photo of Quinn and me during our first stroller run of the year.
Why: He asked for a #quinnpic while we were running, and I definitely needed a break, so I stopped a snapped one. Stroller running is no joke, people!! (FYI: We have the Chicco TRE and love it!)

IMG_4681 (1280x1280)

To: Mal
What: A photo of Quinn opening our fridge!
Why: Because how did our baby get so tall?!

IMG_4734 (1280x1280)

To: Monica
What: A photo of a hand towel that I saw at a local coffeeshop.
Why: She appreciates a good food pun as much as I do!

IMG_4736 (1280x1280)

To: Mal
What: A photo of my gel manicure.
Why: After my mani date with Marisa, I texted Mal to see if he wanted an iced coffee or donut from the nearby coffeeshop. He asked how my nails turned out, so I sent him this pic.

IMG_4803 (1280x1280)

To: My sister
What: A picture of our new Little Green Pouches.
Why: The company recent gave me some to try out, so I sent a photo to say that we really liked them and she should get some too!

IMG_4412 (1280x1280)

To: Mal
What: A photo of the Panzanella recipe from our Eating Clean cookbook.
Why: He asked what was for dinner, so I sent him this photo. (FYI: The Panzanella was sooooo good! The croutons were especially incredible!)

IMG_4732 (960x1280)

To: Mal
What: A photo of some “last call” Lost & Found shakers at Salt Shack.
Why: I thought I recognized his shaker, so I sent him a pic and asked him if it was his. (It was!)

IMG_4046 (719x1280)

To: My sister
What: A screenshot of a re-purposed Pack ‘N’ Play on Facebook.
Why: I thought it was such a great idea and thought she would think so too!

IMG_4707 (1280x1280)

To: Mal
What: A photo of Quinn pointing at birds.
Why: We went to visit the cows at Hornstra Farm, but, not surprisingly, Quinn was way more into the birds, so I sent a photo to show Mal.

IMG_4518 (1280x960)

To: Monica
What: A photo of Murphy and me.
Why: She sent me a selfie, so I sent her one back.

IMG_4413 (480x321)

To: Marisa
What: A recipe for my 4-Ingredient Blondie for One.
Why: We were talking about healthy-ish desserts recently, so I sent her this one to try.

IMG_4766 (960x1280)

To: Mal
What: A photo of Quinn playing with Murphy’s leash and a random toy that I found in my bag. #momwin
Why: Murphy recently hurt his tail (we have no idea how, but he’s lost his curl and it’s really sad), and we were waiting for the vet to come examine him.

IMG_4541 (1280x1280)

To: Mal
What: Quinn shuffling around the house in his Nanos.
Why: It was really cute!

Questions of the Day

Your turn! What’s the last photo that you sent to someone? 



  1. The last photo was three pictures of my cucumber crab bites I posted today – I sent them to my sister so she could tell me which of the (almost identical) photos were the best 🙂

  2. Do you buy your fettuccine via amazon or are there local retailers in Mass that sell it? I really want to try it. How many servings do you get out of it? Thanks!

    Last photo I sent was of our 16 month old eating ice cream to my husband, he was trying to get every last bit of it out of the bowl 🙂

    1. @Christine: I have a bag of those noodles in my pantry and I’m almost positive they came from Whole Foods (I’m from Mass, too). Haven’t tried them yet but I’m even more excited about them now that I’ve heard someone else enjoys them!

  3. So cute! Love all of the pictures. It’s really cool to see what other people send each other.. plus, I’m just happy to know that I’m not the only one that sends pictures of food and dogs lol.

  4. The last picture I sent was a ridiculous picture of a cat being caught in between a screen and glass door to my brother, because he likes to call me KAT and associate all the ridiculous things from Cat –> Kat. It always cracks me up!

  5. I just sent the breeder a picture of my new Beagle pup, thanking her for bringing this little bundle of joy into our lives!

  6. Hi Tina – do you notice that an increase in fiber worsens your UC symptoms? My boyfriend lives with severe Crohns and we avoid beans and bean products 100% due to their fiber content being so irritating to him. I know Crohns and Colitis differ greatly, but I am wondering how you deal with fiber in your diet in general. Thanks!

      1. @Tina:

        We’ve found that avoiding fibrous foods altogether was somewhat key. Cooked vs. raw broccoli, for example, still hurt him no matter what. I think a big part of it was making the switch away from those foods altogether. When he was diagnosed a few years ago, sugar and fiber (along with – it pains me to say it- coffee 🙁 ) were the things his doctor recommend to cut back on immediately. It might be worth looking into to help with symptoms!

  7. Ha love this!!! I usually send photos of food when I’m recipe testing…we also use What’s App for work and send photos of stock in shops to other small companies to help them keep on top of it so my phone is full of repeat photos of jars of Irish caught tuna and energy ball tubes!

  8. Sent pictures of my dog to my guy pal because I am determined to win the cutest dog competition. All dog owners are partial to their own dog of course – also hoping to get another pup soon and have officially decided on the name Kombucha. 🙂

  9. The last picture I sent was of my son (2 1/2 years) sitting in the driver seat of my car. I sent it to his dad saying our son was going to drive home. Giving him the keys and letting him sit there was the only way he’d leave his Grandmother’s house after I got off of work…

  10. Murphy’s tail!! I hope it’s okay 🙁 that has to be so so sad.

    The last photo I sent was to my bridesmaids of the earrings I got for them to help them coordinate the rest of their jewelry/outfits for the day of my wedding!

  11. I have an older basenji (approximately 13 years old…he was a rescue after being dumped in the country…no idea his actual age-we have had him since 2006) who had the cutest “cinnamon bun” tail until the last couple of years. It is very relaxed and droopy looking now as he has aged instead of the very tight coil he used to sport….makes me sad. Last picture…this is embarrassing…close-up of my eyes. I bought a tube of the Rapid Lash you love so much which I started using one month ago. I am taking monthly pics to keep track…so far I haven’t noticed much.

      1. @Tina: I’m on my 5th or 6th tube thanks to your recommendation, Tina, and regularly get comments on my eyelashes! I feel like I can never go back to not using it…I think 8 or 10 of my girlfriends or women I know have asked and ended up buying it because they were so jelly of my lashes (including the lactation consultant I saw a few months ago). Ha!

  12. Aww poor Murphy. Hope he feels better soon!

    The last picture I sent was of me, my pup, and a cup of Sleepy Time tea to my fiance. He was on his bachelor party, and I wanted to show him the wild time I was having :-).

  13. I love how often you and Mal text each other–so sweet! I hope Murphy is okay.

    One of my best friends looks just like Amanda Peet, and I found another actress who looks just like her…Lake Bell. I sent a picture of Lake to her and some other friends to prove it. 🙂

  14. What does Quinn do when you stroller jog? Does he get bored? How long do you go for? We have an 11 month old and I would love to get back into running but the little guy is all over the place. Also, what jogging stroller do you recommend?

    1. We have the Chicco TRE (linked in this post) and love it! We usually only run for about 30-45 minutes and often take a few breaks for snacks, toys, etc. I feel like it was easier when he was younger, but we make it work! You can also try timing your runs with nap time. That used to work for us!

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