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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends! I hope you’re enjoying the day so far!

You guys have probably seen “photo dump” posts around the blog world, right? If not, they’re basically a random mix of photos from a blogger’s phone all in one post. I think they’re a lot of fun and love seeing what bloggers find on their phones, so I decided to play along. Here are some random pics from my iPhone that never made it on CNC (or Instagram)!

I saw this photo of a Brussels Griffon in a magazine while waiting for a doctor’s appointment one day. Pugs are obviously my favorite type of dog, but Brussels Griffon are a close second”¦ or third, depending on my mood. I also really love French Bulldogs. Anyway, the photo made me smile (what a funny-looking dog!), so I snapped a photo of it.

Side note: If you are a Brussels Griffon-lover, be sure to follow @biggie_griffon on Instagram. The photos are hilariously cute!

photo (2)

Here I am protecting myself from the rain (with a cocktail umbrella and towel) when Mal and I were in Hawaii. It wasn’t raining that hard and it was warm outside, so we just sat in the rain by the pool. I may or may not have had a cocktail or two at this point.

photo (3)

Speaking of rain”¦

This next photo cracks me up so much. Doesn’t it look like Mal is holding the umbrella for Murphy while he does his business in the backyard? Mal insists he was holding the umbrella for himself. All I know is I looked outside in the backyard and was like: What is happening right now? Our dog isn’t THAT spoiled!? Haha!

photo (15)

Moving day at CrossFit 781! I miss the old box!

photo (4)

I forget who I texted this photo to (maybe Monica?), but I snapped a pic of our TV when I was watching American Idol one night to show/comment on how huge Mariah Carey’s boobs looked! They were massive in that top! Haha!

photo (5)

I saw this little tidbit in a fitness magazine and thought it was interesting. Apparently, your glutes are possibly to blame if you struggle with runner’s knee.

photo (8)

Here I am looking pretty pumped about drinking freshly pressed juice. The nice folks from Silk took us to a coffee shop/juice bar on the drive to their headquarters when a group of us bloggers visited back in June. I was kind of tired and definitely thirsty after a long flight from the East coast, so I was really happy about my juice!

photo (10)

This freaky bug was SO HUGE, I needed to text a photo of it to Mal, so he could see it. I wanted him to see proof that it existed when I spazzed out and told him about it in person. GAH! Bugs.

photo (12)

Blogger selfie from Fitbloggin’! I love these ladies.

photo (13)

I saw this puzzle map of the United States at CVS and texted a photo of it to Mal asking him if he wanted me to buy it for him. A few weeks prior, we played a game on his phone where you identify and locate all 50 states on a map. I got them all correct; Mal did not.

photo (14)

My favorite guys at the dog park. They’re both so adorable.

photo (16)

Murphy in the cooler! I guess I forgot to include this pic in my original post. He looks so darn happy!

photo (17)

From the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games. Austin Malleolo’s shirt, which I now regret not buying.

photo (19)

Remember my story about the ocean kicking my butt? Apparently, Mal snapped a photo of me walking up the beach after it happened. (He was obviously really worried about me.) You can see I’m almost about to start laughing because the whole situation was so ridiculous!

photo (20)

Towel art from our stay at the Bahia Hotel in Cabo. I don’t know why, but I love towel art in a weird way. I got so excited seeing the different creations every night on our cruise a couple of years ago.

photo (21)

A little project Mal recently did in our backyard. I love the white rocks!

photo (22)

Murphy exploring the wildflowers at the park. Doesn’t it look like he’s wearing green lipstick?

photo (23)

Question of the Day

Want to play along? Pick up your phone, look through the photos, and tell me about a random one on there!



  1. Oh, how fun! I loved seeing the pictures from your phone. Mine’s not really weird, but I snapped a picture of a quote in a magazine that I really liked: “It sounds like a cliche, but I know that happiness resides within us. You can choose to spend most of your days ruminating about negatives. Or you can choose to be grateful. That doesn’t mean you have to be in denial. You just have to spend part of your time directing your attention to the postives in your life and the world at large.” And then I have a picture of my husband wearing a kilt.

  2. I think the most random picture I have on there is a picture from last week, after doing kettlebell cleans, I had bruises in my cleavage! So I was trying to take non-porno pics of my boobs so I had some proof for insurance that yes, my boobs were too big for everyday activities and I do indeed need a reduction. Because aren’t kettlebell cleans an everyday activity?

  3. First of all…WTF with that bug, OMG, it looks 6 inches long…I would’ve freaked out too…LOL

    I have a great picture of my husband ,talking on his phone, sitting in my 2 yr old nephews tiny wading pool under his tiny umbrella…I had to put in on my FB page with the caption “He handles all of his important business poolside”…hahaha

  4. I just deleted a bunch of pics from my phone (making space!) so there aren’t a lot of random ones except for the picture I took of one of the halls at my office. Every day I try to get away from my desk and walk the halls of my building so I’m not just sitting all day long. One day I thought about taking some pics of the building – it’s a pretty iconic building in DC so it’s not just another bunch of concrete walls. I ended up taking just one picture so it’s kind of random in between all the other pics of friends and family and travel and book covers.

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