Photo Dump XIV

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends! What was the best thing you ate? Mine was my mom’s pumpkin pie followed by my aunt’s apple crisp, which tasted quite a lot like my mom’s recipe. I wonder if it was the same one? I dunno, but I should have asked her. Anyway, I thought it was about time for another Photo Dump, so here are a bunch of random pics from phone recently. Enjoy!

So many pug rolls. We refer to Murphy’s extra padding as his “skin suit,” just in case he needs room to grow!

IMG_0328 (1024x1024)

TV time during dinner. We recently went out to dinner at The Fours in Marshfield, and we got seated in a booth with its own personal television. Quinn thought it was SO COOL.

IMG_0246 (1024x768)

I conquered my first “Flight Simulator” at KFIT earlier this week. It’s a double-under workout where you climb up a ladder starting at 5 reps (unbroken) to 50 reps (unbroken) and then back down again. The hardest part about this workout is that you can’t move onto the next set until you complete the previous one unbroken, so you can’t move onto 10 reps until you complete 5 and so on. We usually have a 10-minute time cap, so I never make it all the way up and down, but I finally did it in 9:45!! Hey, it only took me 4 years!

IMG_0344 (1024x1024)

What big teeth you have! Just playing at the library.

FullSizeRender (1024x768)

Quinn sprints! Mal, Quinn, and I have recently started playing (and loving) a game called “Quinn sprints.” We basically just sprint around the house while holding Quinn. He thinks it’s hilarious and cracks up like crazy!

IMG_0357 (1024x1024)

Hanging out with Q-Man and Murph-Dog. I love how Quinn wears his sunglasses!

IMG_0202 (960x960)

Dying during a recent workout at CrossFit South Shore. I swear 65-pound Thrusters never get easier. They just make you feel like garbage, especially after a bunch of rowing. Blah. Unrelated: I wore my pants inside-out (without knowing) to this class.

IMG_0318Holy patterns. I recently wore this outfit on a long run. I sent this photo to my friend Marisa to show her my “style.”

IMG_0264 (768x1024)

Quinn’s new turkey. My aunt Joanne sent this feathery friend to him and it was love at first sight! (He’s kissing the turkey in the photo below!)

IMG_0188 (1024x1024)

On our way into Cask ‘N’ Flagon. The “Dada Monster” chased Quinn from the car to the front door!

IMG_0227 (1024x768)

Tiny cuffed skinny jeans. Too cute.

IMG_0208 (1024x1024)

After we picked up our turkey for Friendsgiving. We were all pretty pumped, especially Mal!

IMG_0212 (1024x768)

Early-morning long run at Southfield. It was cold and gray and reminded me a lot of marathon training last winter. I actually really loved it. I think maybe I’m turning into a cold weather lover… but ONLY for running.

IMG_0269 (1024x768)

My very technical 8-week half marathon training plan. I wrote it on the back of a CVS receipt on the way home from Remicade (before getting stuck in the elevator) and then snapped a photo of it to show Marisa, who I roped into running the race with me. (FYI: I already deviated from my plan and made it a bit harder. I only have 8 weeks until race day, so I figured I might as well make them count!)

IMG_0179 (768x1024)

An epic breakfast sandwich that I ate this morning. Eggs + bacon + cheese + DKB = THE BEST!

IMG_0436 (1024x1024)

Questions of the Day

What was THE BEST thing you ate at Thanksgiving?

Are you participating in Black Friday today? How about Cyber Monday?



  1. The best thing I ate at Thanksgiving was my grandma’s pumpkin pie.

    I work today, so I will be participating in cyber monday. I’ve never gone shopping on black friday – I usually work or don’t have the paitence to fight the crowds.

  2. I’ve definitely wore my work out capri’s inside out and didn’t notice until I took them off… thankfully my shirt was long enough to cover the tag!

  3. I made an Amish peanut butter pie and a butterscotch pie (first time for both) and they rocked my world….so good!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. So jealous of everyone’s pumpkin pie faves! I tried a new pumpkin pie recipe this year and it was bad…way too sweet, should have stuck to my tried and true recipe that I’ve used for years, oh well. My favorite thing this year was my dads sausage and apple stuffing!

  5. Tina,

    I’ve been reading your blog for years and just want to say how much I love you! I recently started my own blog, and you are such an inspiration. I just wanted to let you know how much you influenced my life in such a positive way. Thank you.


  6. No black Friday for me, but possibly Cyber Monday! Always find some good deals, just hate the black Friday crowds! I have a few runs to get done this weekend as well, even in the rain! Favorite thing I ate was sweet potato mash- it was amazing. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. My sister made these marvelous sweet potatoes. I never used to like them, but these made me a believer. I’m trying to get my girlfriend to eat more vegetables, and these definitely qualified as “edible” in that way! Yum!

    Love the photos. I’m trying to make do with a really bad phone camera (the phone doesn’t work so great either). I cannot wait to get a decent camera to take photos for my own blog.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. We got our BOB stroller for 40% off on amazon over the weekend, granted we have not started painting or gotten a crib yet, but at least our little man will have an awesome stroller to keep up with his active parents.

  9. Cuffed skinny jeans… TOO CUTE!!!

    The best thing at Thanksgiving was the wine! 🙂 It was actually some macaroni & cheese a friend made. I am funny about macaroni & cheese and this was marvelous. I even went back for seconds. (Don’t tell!)

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