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Heyyyy! Good morning! How’s it going?

It’s time for another Photo Dump! I know you guys like these posts (I do too!), so here are some more random photos from my iPhone! Enjoy!

Quinn reading at breakfast. He looks so concerned, doesn’t he? Quinn examined this piece of newspaper (with a furrowed brow) for a solid 5 minutes. It was adorable.

IMG_6264 (768x1024)

The “Little Maniac” strikes again! Some days, I honestly can’t keep up with this kid. I clean up/put away/take away one thing, and he’s already onto the next. (I actually kind of love it.)

IMG_6269 (1024x768)

Just hanging out in a raft inside Grammie’s house. Quinn thought this was hilarious. I did too!

IMG_6240 (576x804)

My new favorite meal. Check out the tiny T-Rex photobomb in the background. Those little arms kill me!

IMG_6284 (1024x768)

Murphy humping a dog bed. I don’t know what Mal was thinking when he bought Murphy one for our new house. The dog has issues.

IMG_5978 (768x1024)

Quinn and his friend Grace playing with chairs. They were pushing them around the kitchen. Too cute.

IMG_5972 (1024x768)

Post-work selfie at Row & Ride. I absolutely loved my first class. Review coming soon!

IMG_6259 (768x1024) (768x1024)

Quinn is obsessed with our trash compactor. He would turn it on ALL THE TIME, so we finally removed the knob to start it. Haha!


A recent dinner that was quite delicious. It came together in no time, so I was going to blog about it, but then I never did. The meal was Vietnamese Chicken Wings with roasted broccoli and shredded Brussels sprouts mixed with Laughing Cow cheese. It was so good. Mmm!


A road trip snack. We stopped for gas, and I was starving, so I grabbed this Salted Caramel Nut Protein Bar from Nature Valley. It was really tasty!

IMG_6213 (1024x768)

Who you gonna call? Frogbusters! I took this photo to send to my sister and cousins. As kids, we use to save frogs from my Grammie’s pool and we called ourselves the “Frogbusters,” so I just had to send along a pic for old times’ sake.

IMG_6222 (768x1024)

Lunch at Funny Farm with Papi and Grandma. We planned to visit Papi, so we invited my mom over too. We all ate lunch by the pool and both grandparents enjoyed spending time with their grandson.

IMG_6232 (1024x768)

The move that will never end. Seriously. We finally have all of our stuff in our house, but, man, it took a lot of time and energy to get it there. (We’re never moving again.)

IMG_6237 (1024x768) (1024x768)

Impulse buy at Target. Obviously, I needed salted caramel Brownie Brittle in my life. Obviously.

IMG_6041 (1024x1024)

Another road trip snack. This chocolate peanut butter Clif Builder’s Protein Bar was pretty good too!

IMG_5948 (1024x768) (1024x768)

Questions of the Day

What was your last impulse buy?

What’s something you will never do again? 

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