Photo Dump VIII

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Heyyyy! What’s happening?

It’s time for another Photo Dump! I know you guys like these kinds of posts (I love them too!), so here are some random photos from my iPhone! Enjoy!

Splashing around with Dada at Funny Farm. The little guy had such a blast playing in the pool!

IMG_4842 (1024x768)

Donut selfie. Clearly, I get really excited about donuts.

IMG_4822 (960x960)

This Coola Sport Organic Suncare Broad Spectrum SPF 50 + Plant Protection is awesome. I snapped a photo to remind myself to tell you guys about it. It’s water resistant, made with organic ingredients, and smells just like a piña colada.

IMG_4845 (1024x768)

Quinn walking Murphy during one of our recent walks. Too cute.

IMG_4913 (1024x1024)

Quinn and his “new” silver case. The case was part of an old poker set, so Mal wanted to throw it away, but I asked him to save it for Quinn. I just had a feeling he would like it. Quinn ended up playing with it for a really long time and now puts all sorts of stuff inside and carries it around the house with him.

IMG_4920 (1024x1024)

Quinn and me just having some fun at CVS! I own a million headbands, but I bought more. I have a headband problem.

IMG_4926 (1024x768)

An oatmeal raisin white chocolate chip cookie from a media visit at Gillette Stadium. I still need to write my recap about the New England Revolution!

IMG_4958 (1024x1024)

Quinn sitting on Murphy. I’m telling ya, Murphy is the best pug brother. He deals with a lot of toddler antics.

IMG_4968 (768x1024)

Just hanging out with my pet sloth. Pugs are the weirdest.

IMG_5153 (960x960)

Fun with balls! Quinn kept leaning on the couch, holding two balls over is head, and staring up at them. He must have done this a half dozen times, so I needed to snap a pic to send to Mal. What a weirdo.

IMG_5030 (768x1024)

Sunday Funday at the Abington Ale House. We got the buffalo chicken dip and it was terrible (do not order it), but the drinks were tasty!

IMG_5129 (1024x1024)

Quinn sitting in his fold out chair. He and Mal were playing catch with his basketball.

IMG_5069 (1024x1024)

Murphy doing what he does best. He’s possibly the greatest lap dog ever to live. (Check out his fur growing back!)

IMG_5134 (1024x1024)

Question of the Day

Your turn! Scroll back 8 photos on your cell phone. What is it a photo of? 



  1. A picture of my son trying cottage cheese for the first time. Love the pictures of Quinn -especially the headbands, haha. So sweet.

  2. Do you think Quinn has been watching you guys do kettlebell snatches or something? Haha, that’s all I can think of with him holding those balls overhead!

  3. I can totally picture Quinn carrying that silver case around too, lol.

    My 8th photo is a picture of a Rocky mountain chocolate factory apple (caramel with mini white and dark chocolate chips!) my husband brought home after a week of travel. I love when he brings me home little treats!

  4. Ha – I was running a local woman’s race. There is a woman in my town we call Poodle Lady – both for her hair and the fact that she used to own a poodle. She is 85 years old – and still comes out to run-walk these races. She always wins her age group! I took a picture of her to show my girlfriends.

  5. 8th pic is a picture of a GIGANTIC lobster claw at the pasty shop last weekend- it was as big as my head, so I took a picture istead of eating one :/

    Murphy looks like he’s doing great! I’m SO SO happy he’s on the mend and getting back to his regular pug self.

  6. My 8th is a photo of my two year old being hangry. I was in the process of making her dinner and she was climbing the refrigerator, trying to get in… she looked like a rock climber! (I was telling her “no” and to get down and I was snapping a pic… bad mom.)

  7. Q is the cutest! If only adults could get away with running around in a onsie all day!

    A pic of my 5yo twirling in the skirt I made her last weekend!

    I’d love to know your work process for getting pics off your phone? Is it daily, weekly, automatic when you plug it in? Do you organize them? I know you have to because its your job, but perhaps I could learn from it?

  8. Picture of paint swatches for our new house!!

    Where did you get your gray couch? We’re looking for something very similar for our living room

    1. It’s from Cardis, but I wouldn’t recommend it. We paid a lot of money for it, and it already looks really worn after just a couple of years. The cushions are losing their support and the fabric is all pill-y.

  9. Quinn & Murphy are so darn adorable!

    My 8th picture is a big bunch of beautiful curly kale that I picked up at the farmers’ market 🙂

  10. Hmmm, 8 photos ago was my toes sans a toe nail – my sister didn’t believe that toe nails just fall off on runners (gross, I know – i’m sorry)!

    BTW – what sunglasses are you wearing in the pic above? I love them and have been looking for something to run in that aren’t the typical wrap around glasses!

  11. haha Quinn looks like a secret agent with that case. So cute!
    8 pictures back…a salmon wine bottle holder. I saw it at the farmer’s market and thought it was funny…there was a moose one right next to it!

  12. Mine is a picture of the Stanley Cup that Patrick Kane took to the Jimmy Buffett concert after the Chicago Blackhawks won their third Stanley Cup in five years. 2010 – Philadelphia Flyers, 2013 – BOSTON BRUINS, and 2015 – Tampa Bay Lightning.

  13. I love that you save stuff like the poker set box for Quinn to play with! I feel like when I have kids I’m going to be a major hoarder because I already kinda hoard random things just in case I want/need them later… “Oh I might use this eventually…” will turn into “Oh the kids will probably like playing with this…” haha!

  14. My phone has such little space I barely have any photos. Haha, 8 photos back is actually a video of my super cute nephew eating a banana.

    How’s Murphy doing? He is looking much better!

    And Quinn is cute as always!

  15. PINK ROSES! 🙂 My friend sent me roses yesterday to let me know that even though I am going through a difficult time right now she looks forward to being their when I reach my beautiful destination. It was exactly what I needed.

  16. My co-worker’s son Bobby is the goalie for the New England Revolution! Looking forward to reading more about your trip and re-cap!

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