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Helloooooo! How’s your day going? Quinn and I had a nice little morning””breakfast followed by a stroller workout and smoothies””and now he’s napping while I get ready for a blog event this evening that I am really excited about. I’ll fill ya in tomorrow!

Ok, it’s time for another Photo Dump post (aka random photos from my iPhone). Enjoy!

Family selfie in Oregon. We snapped this pic on our last morning at the ranch. It was such a great vaca. I want to go back!

IMG_4734 (800x800) (800x800)

This Pineapple Coconut Water is the bomb. I just had to snap a pic.

IMG_4575 (800x800)

Tiny little hands eating animal crackers. Quinn ate some animal crackers during our recent lunch at sweetgreen.

IMG_4419 (800x800)

Walking across the street with Dad. This was Quinn’s last day of daycare. We had just bought the staff a bunch of pastries from White’s Bakery to thank them for taking such awesome care of him.

IMG_4465 (800x800)

Cuddling in the backseat. These two are best buds.

IMG_4825 (800x600)

Passed out on the flight home from Oregon. Mal + Mini Mal = too cute.

IMG_4754 (600x800)

This kid is quick. I swear, in two seconds flat, he grabbed my iced coffee, tried to take a sip, and almost poked out his eye. Whoa, baby.

IMG_4829 (800x600)

My recent Stitch Fix picks. I recently got my mom into Stitch Fix, so now we share photos of what we keep.

IMG_4495 (600x800)

If you look closely, there’s a deer in this photo. Ok, it’s really far away and hard to see, but I swear there’s one there!

IMG_4446 (600x800)

Packing for Oregon. I still can’t believe all of this fit in two carry-on suitcases!

IMG_4468 (800x800)

Driveway WOD with Mal. He’s my favorite workout buddy!

IMG_4479 (800x800)

Mid-run selfie with Mal. He’s also my favorite running buddy… well, when he runs with me. He says: “It’s too hard to run that slow.” Haha!

IMG_4707 (600x800)

One of the “glamour shots” from our run. It was super hot, and I needed a walk break, so we snapped some ridiculous photos while I caught my breath.

IMG_4711 (600x800)

My little love and me! We snapped this picture one morning in Oregon when we walked to get iced coffees.

IMG_4729 (800x800)

Question of the Day

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