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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning!

It’s time for another edition of random-photos-from-my-iPhone!

Murphy taking a ride in Quinn’s stroller. It was too hot for pugs and he was done walking, so we gave him a ride. He seemed to really enjoy himself!

IMG_2860 (600x800)

Quinn hanging out on the slide at the playground. I slid him down the bottom part a few times, thinking he would enjoy it, but he was not impressed.

IMG_2397 (800x800)

Lindsay and me doing the “Run Eat Repeat” pose. I actually forgot to send this photo to Monica, which was the whole reason why we snapped it. Oops.

IMG_2454 (800x800)

I ate an apple on a flight to… somewhere. Isn’t it weird that part of my job is taking photos of my food? Yes. 

IMG_2425 (800x600)

At the General Mills Trial Mix Bar at BLEND. I made my own custom mix and asked Lindsay to take a photo for me. I think I planned to put it on Instagram, but I never did.

IMG_2467 (800x800)

Fun with toilet paper. This is Quinn’s new favorite game. Usually, he crawls through the pile, which then ends up all over the bathroom, usually in his room and all over the rest of the house. I snapped this pic to send to Mal when he was at work. He got a kick out of it.

IMG_2577 (800x800)

Hooray for cake! Mal snapped this pic of Quinn and me at Konditor Meister the other day when we went to order his birthday cake. We went with Oreo!

IMG_3035 (600x800) 

Quinn has so much love for cottage cheese. Usually, he eats whatever we put in front of him, but lately he’s a lot more picky. At the meals when he turns his nose up at just about everything we give him, cottage cheese is our go-to. He ALWAYS eats it, and he often eats A LOT of it.

IMG_2675 (800x600)

Chicken hair, don’t care. When we were out to lunch a couple of weeks ago, a guy at the table next to us said he loved Quinn’s hair because it looked like “chicken hair” because it sticks up all over the place. Mal and I thought it was the perfect description, so it stuck. One morning, when Quinn and I were at Target, he had especially awesome chicken hair, so I snapped this photo to send to Mal.

IMG_2682 (800x600)

Cookies for Quinn’s birthday party. My mom is getting these for his farm-themed party and sent me a pic. Adorable, right?

IMG_2781 (800x450)

Quinn loves CrossFit. He doesn’t normally care about TV at all, but anytime we turn on CrossFit, he is obsessed. I mean, he did do CrossFit with me for 9 months.

IMG_2812 (800x800)

Speaking of CrossFit…

Quinn’s first rope climb! My Gym is so fun. He does something new and exciting every time we go there!

IMG_3032 (600x800)

Quinn playing in his new turtle pool. The little guy got his birthday present early and loves it!

IMG_2792 (800x800)

An outtake from our picnic last weekend. Please note Quinn spitting up on my leg. Haha!

IMG_2897 (600x800)

Question of the Day

Ok, here we go…

Pull out your phone, look at your photos, and scroll back 10 photos. What is it a photo of? Please share!

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  1. Sending Murph some pug love — poor thing. Have I mentioned how cute Quinn is. You just want to squeeze him and give him non stop kisses. Enjoy him because the next thing you know he’s 17 years old getting ready for his summer senior pics. I wish I could turn back the time. Keep us updated on Murphy.

  2. My 10th pic is a picture I took of my almost 3 yr. old niece getting upset that she had to share the seat of her cozy coupe (fred flinstone car) with her almost 1 yr. old brother…her face is very annoyed 🙂

    Hoping Murphy is feeling better!

  3. Haha my sister’s Scottie gets into the back of the stroller like that too! Her westie can just keep going no problem, but Otis the Scottie tends to punk out and give up heheh.

    My tenth picture back is….. oh its amazing. It’s a screenshot of Carrie (SATC) in a towel with mascara running down her cheeks with the caption “I am not in the mood to be with a bunch of people.”

  4. My photo was a picture of my dog laying on the vent to get the cool air after taking a walk. The summer heat is on it’s way here in Boise!

  5. My phone is basically full of either wedding planning ideas, our dog, or food! haha The 10th photo back is one of the wedding invitations we’re deciding between. I think we’ve picked the winner, need to order next week!

  6. 10 photos back was from my walk yesterday morning. I took my neighbor’s Australian Shepherd with me, and when I stopped to take a picture of the trail for Instagram he went crazy! In the picture he’s running across the path like a crazy man with the sun coming up behind him.
    Prayers for a fast healing Murphy!

  7. I end up taking so many random photos, thinking I may use them in a blog post or upload to Instagram, but sometimes they don’t make it! I went back, and my 10th photo is from Instagram, of my iced chai and a piece of raspberry pie I had on Monday!

  8. The toilet paper picture reminds me of something that our old cat used to do. A lot of times we would come home and find that the bathroom floor covered with toilet paper, haha!
    10 pictures back: A bottle of wine we spotted in Target that has “This bottle has poop inside” written on its label. We didn’t buy it.

  9. Mine was a picture of myself trying on a top in a store- needed a second opinion from my sisters!

  10. Chicken hair! Adorable! 🙂

    I went to see the “Taylor Swift castle” from her Love Story music video last weekend with friends, so it’s a picture of that! Not quite as majestic as you’d think, but for the middle of TN and a private home it’s still cool. Ha!

  11. A pic of my daughters artwork she brought home from school. I’m going to make her a photo book of her artwork from the school year !

  12. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this post. My favorite one all day ….heck, all week! I really enjoyed taking a look into ya’lls life! So sweet ….

  13. 10th pic down–My almost 4-month-old biting on her burp cloth. She’s recently started growling and biting things. It cracks me up but I worry when she finally gets teeth if she’ll keep doing it!
    The “chicken hair” cracks me up–Aubrey’s was like that her first couple of months.

  14. A picture of my two sons holding hands walking in front of me. The boys are 5 and 11. It simultaneously makes me happy and sad. Happy bcause they love each other so much and they will have each other forever and sad because they are growing up and it felt like they were walking away from me.

  15. It is a photo of my best friend sitting outside with my niece on her lap. My niece kept trying to dig her skinny little butt bones into my girlfriend’s thighs and in this photo my girlfriend is tickling her to death in retribution. Its pretty comical!

  16. Mine is a photo of my daughter pulling my cat’s tail – poor kitty. My little one loves cottage cheese too. When she won’t eat her meal I just mix it with cottage cheese and we are good to go. She has tried some pretty strange combos.

  17. Hi Tina! I was wondering, is the Brooks shirt from the granola bar picture similar in fabric/fit to The North Face Mt. Athletics shirt you posted about recently? I have The North Face one & LOVE it, I was hoping to get a few more like it. Thanks!

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