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Good morning! Happy Thursday!

You guys seemed to enjoy my first Photo Dump post, so here’s another one! I also need to delete some photos from my iPhone (so I can upgrade to iOS7), so this post has a dual purpose! Haha!

An antique gas pump. I snapped this pic at Harbes on my way to the Hamptons. I just loved the way it looked, especially the colors.


Ancho-Hibiscus Sparkling Sangria. I enjoyed this wonderful cocktail at the McCormick dinner at the Cooking Cottage. OMG, it was so delicious!


My pile of mail when I got home from the Hamptons. Oh, boy.


Mal giving Murphy bunny ears. Always makes me smile.


On the way to the park. Murphy loves traveling with his pug head out the window.


Buddy the Elf screenshot from Instagram. I love Buddy the Elf and lifting weights, so this cracked me up!


Pug YouTube video on our TV. Mal recently bought Google Chromecast, so now we can stream online video, music and more to our TV from our phones, tablets, and laptops. We were playing around with it one night, and I was pretty pumped about seeing puppy pugs on our TV, so I snapped a pic. Pug puppies are the cutest.

photo (3)

Glamglow Super Clearing Treatment Mud Mask. I actually bought this mask after reading a review about it that I found on Pinterest. It has both glycolic and salicylic acid, which help to improve skin texture and de-clog pores. I’ve only used it a couple of times so far, but it seems to help with clogged pores and it leaves my skin SO soft. I should actually use it again today. It’s been awhile.

photo (4)

So pumped about the mixed case of Angry Orchard. Have you guys tried the seasonal cinnamon flavor yet? Mmm… so good, especially with a cinnamon-sugar rim!

photo (5)

Driving somewhere with Mal. He’s so handsome.

photo (6)

Mal trying to put his socks on Murphy. We had just gotten back from CrossFit, so Murphy is licking him the entire time (because Mal is sweaty, salty, and delicious). They’re both ridiculous.

photo (7)

I found Murphy sleeping this way. It looks like he’s holding on for dear life!

photo (12)

Great idea from Runner’s World. I love this idea of planning “tribute miles” to help get you through the toughest parts of your marathon (or any race really).

photo (15)

I forget who sent me this pug pic, but it’s one of my favorites ever. I saved it onto my phone because it was so funny.

photo (16)

A receipt that Mal left behind. You might remember that I have a bad habit of leaving the kitchen cabinets open when I cook. I thought I was getting better at closing them, but, apparently, I’m not and still leave them open all the time. I guess I was in denial about this, so Mal started to jokingly text me photos as proof of the kitchen cabinets I left open. I thought this was pretty funny, so I decided to play along and sent him photos of the receipts (and random trash) he leaves all over the house. Haha!

photo (17)

Rocky! We had a sleepover, and I snapped this picture of him. He’s one of my favorite dogs.

photo (18)

A spare key to our house. When Mal and I went to visit Dave and Marie a few weeks ago, they gave us back our spare key. Isn’t that kind of sad? We miss them a whole lot.

photo (19)

Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat. Another screenshot from Instagram. I thought this was adorable. I still need to send it to my aunt, Peg, who loves black cats. She would get a kick out of it.


A photo from one of my long runs. I love fall running.

photo (2)_thumb_thumb

The end.

P.S. Love this post: CrossFitters Eat Their Young – For Time. Reading it actually got me a little misty-eyed. No one finishes a WOD alone!

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