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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Happy birthday to Batman!! :mrgreen:

My sister’s pup turns one today!


I’m glad that I remembered my doggie nephew’s birthday because I’m a terrible parent and forgot my own puppy’s first birthday. Poor, Murphy. I’m glad that he eventually forgave me.



Happy National Blueberry Pancake Day! I nixed the blueberries and went with banana slices and maple syrup on mine! 😉

I used this recipe, but substituted whole wheat flour for the all-purpose. Best pancake recipe ever.

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I also drank an iced coffee with soy milk for breakfast.

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Question of the Day

Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? If so, how do you celebrate?



  1. Happy birthday, Batman! We didn’t “celebrate” my dog’s birthday but we did “recognize” it. It was one day after mine; that’s one of the reasons we chose him!

  2. I have two dogs and they each get a little “party” for their birthdays. I’m such a nerd about it, but my dogs are like my kids and they need a special day! I buy them toys (my one dog actually opens them if they’re wrapped) and doggie ice cream and we hang out and listen to David Bowie haha.

  3. Happy Birthday Batman! Aww, Murphy always makes me smile. I usually just buy my kitties a new toy on their birthday… maybe give them some real tuna!

  4. I am a total dog person and love my little Lottie so much…but I have never celebrated her birthday 🙁 growing up we never celebrated out dogs birthdays so I never really thought about it. And she is a rescue, so I have no idea when her birthday is or how old she is really…just whatever the vet guessed.

  5. I made banana pancakes yesterday to celebrate the snow day in NYC. 🙂 You can’t go wrong with them (banana pancakes, or snow days).

    My boyfriend and I do observe our dog’s birthday. Last year, when he turned one, we got him a very special “dog cupcake” from a pet boutique in our town. We also bought him a new toy and bandanna. This year, we’ll have to celebrate his birthday a little more informally, because he turns two the day I’m running the New Jersey Marathon!

  6. We’re SO bad we don’t celebrate Jersey’s fiance says ‘every day of her life is a celebration, all she does is get new toys, sleep and be loved’. Valid ;). That being said, i kind of want to celebrate her third bday this year and have an adults drinking party to coincide with that. does that make me selfish? or a drunk…? 🙂

  7. We always do! We give him extra love and a little wet canned food on his dry food- he loves it but his German Shepherd hips can’t take it every day! This year was funny once Odin turned 8 (if you use the multiply buy 7 rule or age), then Odin, my mom, and dad are all the same age….we got a kick out of it 🙂

  8. Our fur daughter turns one on Feb 10th and we’re already planning on buying her a new toy and a special treat. I never would have thought in a million years that a puppy would understand Christmas gifts but my Mom totally bought our dog a toy and wrapped it up for her, I’ve never seen her get as excited as when she realized that that wrapped thing was for her! So now we’re getting her a birthday gift lol 😀 (bad fur mom moment though, in the 8 years I’ve had my cats I’ve never celebrated their bdays!)

  9. woah those definitely beat mine from this morning – mine came out a bit too thin! i don’t have a pet 🙁 but when we had a dog we used to buy her dog chocolate. which i ate once by mistake…yeah it wasn’t good!

  10. A new toy and some wet food is how we celebrate our pet birthdays. While I haven’t forgotten a pet birthday yet I do tend to forget how old my little kitty furbaby is. I end up having to do some math in my head and that is always a little dangerous 🙂

  11. Batman’s gotten so big!!! Whatta cutie!

    I celebrate my pets birthdays on my birthday or the day I got they usually get two. 😛 I don’t know their official birthday so that’s why we go with other days. I’ll usually give my cat a better dinner than dry food and bake my horse a few treats. 🙂

  12. I am worlds worst pet parent! My baby was born on January first and my husband almost always go on a trip for New Years. So I have only made one out of her three birthdays! I always make sure to leave her somewhere she will have fun though! I always feel bad but we celebrate later! Batman is so cute…what breed is he?

  13. Absolutely I celebrate Winston’s birthday! I also send presents to my doggie nieces (sister’s dogs) on their birthday every year. For Winston’s birthday, I make peanut butter/carrot dog cupcakes with cottage cheese frosting. They are his favorite!

    Pets are awesome!

  14. I like to buy my puppies a Frosty Paws treat (frozen dog “ice cream” sold in the freezer section of the store) on their respective birthdays, and obviously they both get to have one to celebrate each other’s birthdays too!

  15. My cat, Maverick, is my child. He’s spoiled rotten with toys, wet food, high quality dry food, more toys, catnip, hugs, kisses, squishes, etc. all day, every day, so on special occasions like his birthday and Christmas, I make a donation to a no-kill cat shelter in his name. He came from the SPCA, and his birthday is a reminder that not all cats get to see future birthdays, so it’s nice to support shelters that give them the chance to find an owner at any age.

  16. Happy Birthday Batman!!! 🙂

    Yes, I do celebrate my kitty-cat’s birthday. In fact, he is going to turn 7 yr old at the end of March. He’s going to be a senior!!! I can barely believe it! We now have to change over his food to the senior kind.

  17. Absolutely I celebrate her b-day. I cook for her every single day as well. I figure I already cook for myself so we share the same healthy options of steamed veggies rice and chicken.

  18. yes, yes, yes! I love to celebrate. I have two cats (brothers) and they will be 6 this year…I contemplated a Hello Kitty party, but they are boys…every year they get a bag or box full of new toys to play with…I bought them hats one year, but they are not big fans of anything on them. Now I just sing HBD to them in the morning and love on them more than normal 🙂

  19. For my 2 guinea piggies, I give then each a mini-salad with lettuce, carrot, celery, and these little treat-things I get at the store. Once I tried to make sushi-wraps with it; total failure, but they loved it!!

  20. Just two weeks ago we celebrated our cat Neva’s “adopt-aversary”, it was a year to the day since we adopted her from the pound. And she got toys, and we put a candle in a can of wet food for the dorky photo op…. It had to be done…. Have a good weekend.

  21. Batman!! Love it. My parents recently got a new black lab puppy and at first we named him Chance “Batman”…….but that name only lasted a few weeks and now his name is Bentley. For good.

  22. I have 3 doggies and we always celebrate their birthday! They usually get an extra long walk, some alone time (there’s 3 of them they fight for attention some times 🙂 ) and a bone or chew toy of sorts.
    I always say im going to bake them a doggy cake one day but they i never do

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