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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning! :mrgreen:

Have you ever tried pearl barley for breakfast? I ate mine like oatmeal this morning. I cooked it the same way on the stove top with vanilla soy milk and raisins, and then added two scoops of Barney Butter at the end.

If you’re not familiar with pearl barley, it’s a barley grain that has been processed to remove certain parts. All barley usually has the hull removed (since it’s inedible), but pearl barley has the bran removed too. The Whole Foods websites provides a great explanation of the difference between barley and pearl barley. Even without the bran, pearl barley is still a nutritious food.

Pearl barley can typically be found in the dried goods or bulk section of the grocery store– near the lentils, beans, and dried peas. At Stop & Shop (where I shop), it’s found in the “health food” section.


In the mix:

  • 1/2 cup pearl barley, uncooked
  • 1 cup vanilla soy milk
  • Raisins
  • 2 scoops of Barney Butter


After breakfast, I enjoyed a dark chocolate Adora disk. I had a serious craving for chocolate this morning. Weird?


Question of the Day

When it comes to happiness in life, what pearls of wisdom do you have for others?



  1. I love to cook breakfast barley or Kashi in apple juice. It gives it a little sweetness without being overpowering. My happiness equation: expect the good from life, not the bad.

  2. Happiness is not the abscence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it.

    The pearl barley looks good. Never thought of having it for breakfast.

  3. I keep a bar of Lindt 70% dark choclate at my work desk and have it when I crave something from the candy jar. It is so much richer and more delish than anything in there.

  4. I always try to stay positive, which can get difficult when bad things continue to happen. I just try to think that everything happens for a reason, and you need some bads so you can really appreciate the good things when they happen!

  5. Happiness is something that I work very hard for. One of my mottos is one day at a time, because I tend to get so stressed out about the future and I worry so much about the past that I forget to enjoy the present moment which is the one that brings happiness afterall.

    I also try to not worry about stressful things in the present by telling myself it’ll be over in X amount of time and I’ll still be alive and I’ll be fine. Let’s say I have a presentation to give in class that I’m SO stressed about tomorrow. I tell myself that tomorrow night, no matter how good or how bad it goes, it’ll be over and that everything will be okay.

    Like with what happened with the article yesterday; tell yourself, in a week, you’ll have forgotten all about it, and you’ll be okay, and you’ll still be alive. It makes getting through things easier.

  6. I know this comment comes a little late, but I wanted to tell you that I love your blog. Reading it is part of my day. Life is all about balance. How can those authors attack you guys when we are confronted with disturbingly unhealthy images in the media ALL DAY LONG!

    My pearl of wisdom is to love the life you have, don’t wish for the one you want.

  7. the thing i have to remind myself most is that if a relationship is difficult to have, you’re in a relationship with the wrong person. this goes for love, friendship, even family. if you’re constantly stressed out and miserable when you’re with another person, it’s not worth it!

  8. I’ve never had pearl barley but it looks delicious!

    My pearl of wisdom is to make decisions that avoid having you think “what if” down the road…

  9. What does the Pearl Barley taste like?

    I guess my pearl of wisdom (for today at least) comes from a dog perspective. “If you can’t eat it or hump it, piss on it and walk away.”

  10. I make it through each day by savoring the little things – linking together a string of fifteen small tiny things make your whole day seem like it was the best one ever – even if its just drinking coffee out of your favorite mug followed by a good npr story on the drive into work :o)

  11. I love the idea of using different grains in the place of oatmeal! I’ve never tried pearl barley though.

    My pearl of wisdom is to check the weather each day so that you don’t get stuck in a rainstorm on your way to class like I did today. 😛

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