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It’s probably not a surprise that I love peanut butter. But, I am starting to think that I might have a bit of peanut butter “problem.” Well, it’s actually more of a nut butter problem, but peanut butter is my favorite… closely followed by Barney Butter, of course. 😉

There’s just something so satisfying about peanut butter. I literally crave it when I wake up in the morning. It’s obviously delicious and it keeps me full for hours, so it’s not a bad option, right? Plus, there are way worse “problems” to have! Peanut butter is just an amazing food to me.

Ok, enough gushing about peanut butter and onto breakfast! (I’m so weird sometimes!)


After Body Pump, I was starving for breakfast. Even though I ate a snack before class, I still wanted to eat a big breakfast.


Banana oats with peanut butter (my favorite breakfast) was an easy decision.


In the mix:


I also had an iced coffee + chocolate protein powder + vanilla soy milk beverage with breakfast.



Before Body Pump, I snacked on a piece of whole wheat bread with peanut butter. I was actually reading in Health magazine (March 2010) the other day that this combo of ingredients is great for hunger control.

“… [P]eanuts contain an amino acid called methionine, and wheat bread has one called lysine– as a combo these compounds make a complete protein that’s especially filling.”

Interesting, right? No wonder this is one of my go-to snacks! 😉


After a little work, I’m heading to a beer tasting with Mal, Dave, and Marie. A couple of bloggers will be there too!

See ya! 😎



  1. Very interesting about pb and bread!! And girl… pb love is nothing to be ashamed of. I looooove peanut butter!!! Like wow. But almond butter, well, it’s right up there too. Just call me a nut butter freak 😉 I have about 9 or 10 jars of various nut butters open right now.Yes, I have a problem. If that’s not an addiction, I don’t know what is.

  2. My boyfriend and I are obsessed with peanut butter, too. I also think we both have a peanut butter problem, but in the scheme of life, I’m okay with that over a lot of other “problems.” Haha 🙂

  3. Hey Tina, I have talked my dear sweet hubby into the 1/2 marathon in Boston, yeah! We would be flying in from Alabama (yep, you have readers as far south as the Mason Dixon line) and wanted to know if you could help us out with some good hotel locations, preferably near the start line of the race. I am so excited about this, have always wanted to visit Boston. Thanks for any tips and suggestions.

  4. Sometimes pb and I have to go on a break because I am eating too much of it with a spoon straight from the jar…

  5. A totally legit infatuation to have 🙂 I as allergic to all nuts growing up but later discovered I could eat almonds, pecans, walnuts, and hazelnuts. I never understood the peanut butter hype or even the appeal of nuts until I had my first spoonful of almond butter. Epic day.

  6. I LIVE for PB and have my whole life. It was nice to know once I headed towards a more healthy lifestyle that my staple growing up; pb & j (I had it almost everyday of my childhood) could still be a main part of my diet!

  7. Even if some breakthrough evidence comes out that peanut butter is terrible for you (not gonna happen, but hypothetically speaking) I would still be spooning it out of jars and into my mouth. It is one of my favorite things in the world, and I thank the stars that I’m not allergic to nuts.

  8. pb makes me happy. if i don’t have it with breakfast i WILL find another way to get it into my day! i find it way more addicting than chocolate or ice cream. luckily, i’m able to moderate it decently b/c i know i’ll be able to have some the next day!

  9. I love peanut butter! Whenever I have an intense craving I give into it. About two weeks ago I had about a 1/2 serving on some celery. When that had not touched my craving, I ate the other 1/2 of the serving. Well I ended up eating about 2 servings total of peanut butter, but after that I was content. I guess my body really needed the natural fats. It really goes to show that if you eat intuitively your body will tell you what it needs. Our bodies are pretty cool that way.

  10. I only recently became a fan of peanut butter. I don’t even think I had a pb&j sandwich until college maybe. Don’t know what change but now I am ADDICTED!!!!

  11. Hahahaha. Nope. Not weird. Awesome 😉

    I have kind of the same problem. Can’t keep the nut butter in the house! It’s worse than chocolate for me.

  12. I’m the same with dark chocolate – I literally eat at least a 100g block every day, starting with a few squares in the morning. So I think your peanut butter love is the far better option of the two! (That being said, nut butters are right up there for me too, but I haven’t been able to find nice ones easily while travelling. Here in Florence? Nada)

  13. I LOVE having peanut butter with my oats in the morning! You actually inspired this new breakfast idea – thank you! And you’re totally right… It DOES stick to the ribs! 🙂

  14. I TOO have a peanut butter problem, I actually stopped eating it since I was going through a jar in a about a week – week & a half! I’m now just waiting for my PB2 that’s on backorder to finally come then I can have PB again…I was intaking way too much fat & calories because of it 🙁

  15. Hi Tina. Do you think it makes a difference to your workouts if you eat before a morning workout? I go to Bodypump at my gym at 6AM and I always wonder if I should be eating something before the class to give me more energy. It’s a pretty tough workout so I need all the help that I can get. Yet I have heard that for maximum calorie burning, you need to work out on an empty stomach. Any ideas on this?

  16. Um…Tina…I currently have 9 jars of different nut butters in my closet…I have problems. I wake up so happy to be eating pb!!! This morning I had banana flavored pb, dark chocolate dreams, AND maranatha almond butter on my oats. Trust me…I think I have problems!

  17. This is so funny because I adore peanut butter but whenever someone hears me say that, they usually make some comment about how that surprises them because I’m such a health nut. People are so turned off by the calories. Moderation, people — peanut butter gets such a bad rep!

  18. I am that way with raw almond butter. I eat it every day but I measure out 1 TBSP (16 grams) on the food scale. It is so calorie dense and in order to maintain my weight nut butter is not something that I can eat haphazardly.

  19. I have a serious peanut butter problem too! I always want it in the morning, but I have to tell myself that if I have it in the morning lunch has to be something without peanut butter. If I want a PB&J for lunch I will have something without peanut butter for breakfast. Peanut butter is definately good and healthy, but I do try to maintain my consumption of it because of the calorie density. My favorite food for sure!!

  20. I have just come across an amazing peanut butter substitute. I’ve been needing a lower calorie option since I eat so much in my oatmeal so I tried “Better N’ Peanut Butter” and I LOVE IT! All natural and only 2 grams of fat and 100 calories in each serving. It is absolutely delightful and tastes like the “real thing”!

  21. MAN. I love peanut butter, too! Peanut butter & toast/bagel is literally the ONLY breakfast that keeps me full/comfortable until lunch. (I find when I eat cereal, I get hungry earlier but the hunger is very painful. Like my belly is obviously empty. :\ Not so with nut butters!)
    Hahaha, I also thought i’d say that your metal straw sticking out of that plastic cup made me laugh. I’m not sure why, it’s so out of place 😛

  22. I heart your post Body Pump brex! PB, Banana, & Chocolate are such a great combo! Have you ever tried the Chocolate Banana smoothie w/ an added espresso shot from Starbucks? I think you’d love it!

    I’ve heard that PB & milk make a complete protein too…but don’t quote me on that.

  23. I second the Bettr N Peanut Butter! This stuff has changed my life!! You can get it at Trader Joes, basically it is 100 calories and 2.5 grams of fat for 2 tbsp…so yummy. It’s not filled with a bunch of preservatives either. I love steel cut oats and a heaping teaspoon in sooo good with it. Try it, you will not be disappointed. I love peanut butter and the Crazy Richards Organic Peanut Butter can only be in my house on a limited basis…

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