Paying Homage to 72

I just got back from my last Body Pump 72 class ever. The new BP 73 launches on Friday at my gym, so I made sure to really pushed myself in tonight’s class. I increased my weight on chest and triceps to 28 lbs. and 23 lbs. respectively. I also worked really hard on my favorite 72 tracks: Kelly Clarkson squat track and Green Day biceps track. Both are tough, but fun! I am so exhausted now, but it was totally worth it. 😉


After work, I needed to run some errands at the mall, so I called Mal to see if he wanted to meet up for a quick coffee date. The timing worked for him, so we met at Dunkin’ Donuts for iced coffee and donuts. Mal had a glazed donut and I had a fun “springtime” munchkin. 😉


I ended up spending way too much time at the mall, so by the time I got home, it was nearly dinnertime. Murphy still needed to go for his afternoon walk and Body Pump was in just a few hours, so I threw together a quick meal for Mal and me.


The folks at SeaPak sent me a coupon for a free product the other day, so I made their frozen Tempura Shrimp for dinner tonight.


I also made some Roasted Broccoli to go along with the shrimp.


The Tempura Shrimp was excellent! It came with a packet of sweet and sour sauce, so the combo tasted just like something you would order at a restaurant. But, without a coupon, I wouldn’t normally buy this product. Eight pieces of shrimp cost $7.99! 😯 For an everyday dinner, it’s just too expensive for me. For a special occasion, however, I would definitely recommend these babies. They’re tasty and they took just 15 minutes to cook in the oven.


I <3 roasted broccoli. Every time I make it, I always wish I had made more!



I added a small side salad to give the meal more “volume” and, of course, nutrients.



For dessert, I broke into the “Mal Only” peanut M&M’s. Shhhhh!



After Body Pump, I enjoyed a chocolate protein shake made with vanilla soy milk. Delish!


Bertolli Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered the Bertolli giveaway! Here are your winners: 189 39 152

  • #189 JT (The Faux Foodie Girl) plain sauteed mushrooms are the best”¦. and mushroom risotto”¦oh all this talking of mushrooms is making me very hungry now
  • #39 Madeleine@Notes On A Page I love making stuffed mushrooms for Thanksgiving. Yum!
  • #152 Alison Hey Tina, I actually spent three months living and studying music in Florence. My favorite Italian dish also includes mushrooms! I love to make a dried porcini and baby bella mushroom rissotto. It is so incredible!

Congrats, winners! Please email me at with your full name and mailing address to claim your prize.



  1. Ahh … BP 72. I am a trainee BP instructor from NZ, and I’m learning 72 for my debut. 73 is TOUGH! Squats with I think a grand total of 7 seconds – or maybe 5 – of recovery, and a chest track (Black Eyed Peas) you will FEEL FOR DAYS. Seriously – bottom halves BEFORE singles. It’s fun. Lunges, too – two minutes straight on each leg = awesome. Anyway, have fun with 73! I get so excited when I see you mention BP I figured it was about time to comment. 🙂

  2. hi! not sure if i’ve commented before.
    love your blog, you and Mal are adorable! 🙂

    haha, i can’t imagine that “[name] only” m&ms would work around here. the person would have to hide them. well.
    yay doughnuts! how do you make your protein shakes? just water, or what?

    Oh and i started my own blog…uneventful and needs work, but i did add a blogroll, and linked to you on it! is that alright? if not, i’ll take it down right away.

    great job on the PRs!

  3. And everytime you make roasted broccoli, it makes me a tiny bit more glad that I’m going home this weekend after 4 months of traveling, so I can finally have an oven again and make it!!

  4. I’ve never tried roasted broccoli! Which is weird because broccoli is definitely one of my favs veggies. I eat it like day in day out. 😛

  5. mmmmm I made roasted broccoli last night, too, and between my mom and I, it’s definitely gone now. Weird how roasted veggies are SO good!

    I’m really thinking I want to try Body Pump. I already love strength training, and your posts always pump (heh) me up to give Body Pump a try.

  6. You’re so very right about the Tempura Shrimp- it’s sooo good!

    I really wish they offered a Body Pump class in my area. The closest gym is 25 minutes away and I don’t think they have ANY classes.

  7. We got Body Pump 73 here already and I’m really liking it. 🙂 (Although I’m hoping that the Kelly Clarkson squat track will get thrown in every once in a while.)

  8. Our new Attack release comes out this Saturday, I can’t wait. They have said that our Pump release will be out in a couple of weeks.
    Tricepts are the hardest for me! I have only done the class 5 or 6 times but I have a hard time with 5 pounds on each side. 23? wow! Good for you!

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