Party Hopping in Seattle

Seattle is such a cool city. The vibe is totally chill and laid-back here. I love it.

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Once the third session of the conference ended yesterday afternoon, I changed into my sneakers and then met Monica and Kath for a little exercise. Our plan was to walk 1.3 miles to the Five Bamboo offices for a visit, but, somehow, I managed to get us lost””even though I used the map for directions on my iPhone. Amazing, right? We ended up walking about double the distance, but, thankfully, Monica and Kath are big fans of walking, so they didn’t seem to mind the extra exercise. Even still, it took us about 45 minutes to get to Five Bamboo! Oops.

FYI: The photo below is of the very first Starbucks! Cool!

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At Five Bamboo, we chatted with the team, checked out some of their new summer clothing, and got to know their mascot, Rukhi, who is the sweetest dog ever””besides Murphy, of course. I miss that little Gremlin!

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After visiting with the lovely ladies of Five Bamboo, I headed to Purple Café & Wine Bar to meet a college friend/old roommate for a glass of wine.

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Purple was gorgeous inside! What a neat space!

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When my friend Pam arrived, I ordered an Italian white wine (dry-ish, mineral-y) to drink.

IMG_5827 (480x640)

It was great catching up with Pam. We hadn’t seen each other in a few years, but we picked up right where we left off. (Don’t you love friends like that?)It turns out that she does CrossFit too, so we had plenty to talk about.

After a couple of hours, I said goodbye to Pam and met Monica at the hotel to walk to RN74 together for an event hosted by Silk.

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Seattle was chilly last night, so we dressed in our finest sweatshirts for the walk to the event.

IMG_5830 (640x480)

Much better!

IMG_5832 (480x640)

(I tried to do the fancy arm pop that celebrities do in photos, but I am clearly too awkward to pull it off.)

The event showcased some new ways to use soymilk. Ok, it was just one way, but it was really good: in mixed drinks.

IMG_5862 (640x480)

Soymilk cocktails? I was a little skeptical at first, but I enjoyed both of the drinks I tried (Iced Spiced and Colorado Blossom) last night.

IMG_5836 (480x640)

The Colorado Blossom was so, so, so tasty. It was made with Silk vanilla soymilk, lavender simple syrup, muddle strawberries, and Peychaud bitters. It was light and refreshing and sort of reminded me of a fruit smoothie”¦ but with booze in it.

IMG_5859 (472x640)

In addition to fun cocktails, the event included a bunch of delicious appetizers and a handsome bartender, who looked a lot like Joel McHale. I {heart} Community and The Soup.

IMG_5844 (480x640)IMG_5842 (480x640)

I was a little buzzed up after a glass of wine with Pam and a couple of cocktails at the Silk event, so I chowed down on the appetizers.

IMG_5845 (640x480)

IMG_5849 (640x480)

Feed me!

IMG_5857 (640x480)

Monica and I spent about an hour at the Silk event and then headed to different event put on by Stonyfield. I drank another glass of wine and ate a few more appetizers there.

IMG_5864 (480x640)IMG_5865 (480x640)

The Stonyfield event was a lot of fun””I caught up with a bunch of old blog friends and met some new ones.

The event concluded with a few words from Kath and Amelia about what it means to them to know their food and how their perspectives changed once they started to “eat for two.”

IMG_5869 (480x640)IMG_5870 (480x640)

After hearing from Kath and Amelia, Monica and I said a few goodbyes and then headed back to the hotel. We are 85 years old were exhausted, so we chatted for a bit in bed and then passed out hard.

Would you rather stay at one party all night long or party hop?


  1. Tina glad to see you are having fun on the west side! Also, where did you get that super cute dress!

  2. Yes, Seattle really is an awesome city. I have lived here 4 years. On a sunny day nothing beats Seattle. But after 4 years of dark cloudy skies and rain 9 months of the year I am moving back to San Francisco. I will miss it here though

    I love Purple, it is a very cool restaurant/bar. I walk by RN every day but have not eaten there. Looks like fun.

  3. Looks like you’re having so much fun! My bf and I visited friends in Seattle last October and I loved it there.

    I like party hopping. I like the change of scenery and I tend to get bored easily!

  4. I too am an old lady. Two nights in a row staying up til midnight is like a lifetime record for me – ha! Nice chatting with you today, hope you have a smooth trip back 🙂

  5. I love your dress! Its so pretty! Seattle seems like such a fun city! Im thinking of heading out to either the west coast or east coast for grad school, but thats a few years away! That cocktail looks delish!

  6. That’s my city!! Let me know next time you head out there for recommendations! You’re right around the corner from my digs. Next time for some fun exercise check out Urban Yoga Spa, just a few blocks from pike place market! Incredible studio.

  7. I would rather drink those drinks and eat those apps! Those soy milk cocktails look SO cool, and anything thats creamy and fruity like that is definitely something I’ll try. I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle, it seems like a completely different vibe than any city here on the East coast. And The Soup (in my opinion) is one of the funniest shows on TV!

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