High-Intensity Partner Running & Kettlebell Workout

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My friends at Brooks recently offered to send the special guy in my life a full new running outfit since he’s a huge part of my “support system” when it comes to my running. (Mal is also training for a half marathon right now, so new running apparel and sneakers couldn’t have come at a better time!) And since Mal and I are big fans of exercising together, I thought a partner workout would be the perfect way to showcase his new gear.

Partner Running & Kettlebell Workout

This workout is super “easy” in the sense that it’s made up of only two movements (running + kettlebell swings), requires just one piece of equipment (a kettlebell), and you can do it just about anywhere. The main goal (for both you and your partner) is to acquire 100 kettlebell swings EACH.

Here’s how it works: Partner A runs 200 meters while Partner B performs as many kettlebell swings as possible (either American or Russian style – whichever you prefer). When Partner A returns from their run, Partner B takes off running 200 meters while Partner A immediately starts their kettlebell swings. When Partner B returns, Partner A runs again and Partner B continues on with their kettlebell swings. (Note: Each partner keeps a running tally of how many kettlebell swing reps they’ve completed.) Both partners continue to alternate running and kettlebell swings until one of them is the first person to perform 100 swings. Strategy tip: The faster you run, the fewer kettlebells swings your partner will get! 🙂

Happy sweating!!

Gear details (Mal):

  • Men’s Distance Tank: Mal especially likes how this tank wicks away moisture and keeps him dry. He also likes the relaxed fit that gives him plenty of room to move freely in his workouts. He wears it for running as well as other workouts.
  • Men’s Sherpa 5″ 2-in-1 Shorts: Mal loves these lightweight shorts and wears them all the time! There’s an internal mesh boxer brief to keep him moving comfortably as well as an elastic waistband with stretch drawcord to keep his shorts in place. He also likes the storage pockets for holding his keys, cell phone, ID, GU, etc. when he runs. They’re definitely cool shorts. Be sure to check out the additional photos of them online!
  • Men’s Ravenna 7: Mal has run in Ravennas for as long as I can remember (even before I worked with Brooks). They’re a nice combo of cushion + stability, and they just fit well and help him run fast! 🙂 They’re definitely his go-to shoe.

Gear details (Tina):

  • Women’s Pick-Up Tank: I own a few of these tanks now and wear them all the time. They’re so soft and comfy, and the four-way stretch fabric feels great against my skin while moving with me during my workouts. These tanks are pretty much a staple in my workout wardrobe nowadays!
  • Women’s Chaser 3″ Shorts: I’ve professed my love for these shorts a number of times on CNC in the past, and they’re still one of my favorites. They’re comfy, lightweight, and stay put, so I never have to worry about them riding up during a workout. They’re basically no-nonsense shorts!
  • Women’s Glycerin 14: My go-to running sneakers! I’ve tried a number of different pairs of Brooks shoes over the years, but I always come back to the Glycerins for long-distance running. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! They’re a neutral, cushion shoe, so they provide some support, but not too much. They’re the perfect balance in my opinion!



  1. Love that this workout is simple and to the point! I finally convinced my hubby to train for a half marathon with me so I”m so excited. Little by little I’ve been teaching him strength other than chest press and bicep curls. I think it’s time he learns the kb swing!

  2. Love the idea of a partner workout! My boyfriend and I work out together every weekend (we’re only together on weekends right now unfortunately) and it’s one of our favorite things to do as a couple as well. You two are so cute.

  3. You always have the best quickie workouts. I wish I could do mine like this, but running and jumping are out of the question with my cruddy hip and after I have my replacement it’s definitely out of the question. I feel like I have to work harder for my fitness than those who can do the higher intensity things. Life isn’t fair sometimes as I know you get dealing with your GI stuff.

  4. Great post! your strategy is one of the best ways on how you can put cardio and weight training into one workout session. It saves time and absolutely effective especially in eliminating fats! I love working with kettlebells too because it trains a lot of muscle groups depending on how you execute the exercise.

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