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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Mal ended up feeling sort of sick on his birthday (poor guy), so we decided to celebrate at home. We ordered take-out from Lime Leaf, drank a couple of beers, and worked on a painting project together. I guess you could say we had a paint party! 😉

IMG_0008 (375x500)

It’s taken several months, but our sun porch (<– progress post) is finally coming along. This past weekend, Mal and I finally picked a shade of yellow to paint our side tables. It only took us two months to decide. No big deal.

IMG_0024 (500x375)

We only had one paint brush, so Mal and I took turns painting while the pug ”˜supervised.’

IMG_0027 (500x375)

Murphy really wanted to help us paint, but we thought he’d make a mess, so Mal and I told him he could be the “Project Supervisor.” At first, Murphy seemed okay with this title and responsibility.

IMG_0012 (500x375)

But, soon, Murphy realized that we gave him a fake job, so he blew it off and goofed around. Typical pug move.

2011-05-23 0021 (500x313)

One of Mal’s birthday presents from me was a six-pack of Full Sail IPA:

It has a full, malty body and there’s even a hint of fresh citrus to it. Perfect after your favorite water sport. Even if that happens to be the grueling drag-the-poolside-lounge-chair-into-the-sun event. ABV 6% IBU 60

I was initially drawn to this beer because Mal’s favorite type of brew is an IPA, but what got me to buy it was the text on the front of the bottle: “12 fluid ounces of ridiculously tasty India Pale Ale concocted by our massive brewforce of 47. Specialists in the Liquid Refreshment Arts since 1987.” It seemed like the brewers have a really good sense of humor! I love that! Plus, Full Sail is brewed in Oregon so that sealed the deal for me.

I’m generally not a huge IPA fan. I like some of them, but, usually, they’re too hoppy and bitter for me. The Full Sail IPA only has 60 IBUs (International Bitter Units), so it wasn’t super bitter. It also had big aromas of grapefruit and other citrusy notes, and a sort of a malty flavor to it, so I enjoyed it.

2011-05-23 002 (500x313)

After a couple of beers, things got a little crazy (for the pug) at the paint party.

IMG_0048 (500x375)

Murphy asked us to call him “Left Eye” for the right of the evening. He did look pretty badass. (I still have no idea how he got paint under his eye like that.)

IMG_0049 (500x375)

For dinner, I enjoyed an order of Lime Leaf Noodles, which tasted amazing (as expected).

IMG_0051 (500x375)

I’ve probably been to Lime Leaf a half a dozen times by now, but I’ve never ordered anything else beside their Lime Leaf Noodles, which is totally unlike me. I rarely order the same thing twice from a restaurant, but I just love this dish so much, I don’t think a different one would live up to is awesomeness.


For breakfast this morning, I made an egg white sandwich on a Sandwich Thin with Laughing Cow Cheese (blue cheese flavor <””wicked good) spread on one side. I also had cherries and a glass of iced coffee on the side.

IMG_0054 (500x375)

CNC Book Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who wished Mal a happy birthday and entered my giveaway to win a signed copy of my book. Mal was psyched to see all of your nice b-day wishes!

Here’s your winner: Heather!

Happy Birthday Mal!

I rule because if something isn’t going well in my life I work to make changes and turn the situation around. I no longer sit on my butt waiting for stuff to happen.

P.S. The roasted cauliflower looks divine, I think I may try with broccoli too!

Congrats, Heather! Please email me at with your full name and mailing address to claim your prize.

CNC T-shirt Shop

I added a few new t-shirts to my CNC T-Shirt Shop! If you have something that you want to see on a shirt, please let me know. I’m open to ideas!


Question of the Day

What’s the most hilarious t-shirt you’ve ever seen?

P.S. Pug lovers: Over the weekend, the most important event in the world took place: Oregon’s 11th Annual “PUGLANDIA!” Pug Crawl. Here are pictures of the 25 coolest pugs there. Favorites?



  1. I saw a shirt once that said, “I would eat more vegetables if bacon grew on trees.”

    I love bacon so I LOVE this shirt!

  2. Ive never heard of IBU – very interesting! Is there some way to find this information on all beers? I’m like you, a big beer fan but not into bitter IPAs. Basically the only kind I’ll avoid. Tell us more about IBU!

  3. It might have taken 2 months, but they were worth it! I love the shade of yellow you chose. It’s very soothing and happy. Sorry Mal wasn’t feeling so great, but it looks like you guys made the best of it. 🙂

  4. I’d love a “Will run for wine” shirt!!! I think the funniest shirt I’ve seen is one that said “If you see me on the ground, pause my garmin” ; )

  5. What about a shirt with a picture of Murphy on it?
    It’s amazing what dogs can get into! Our malamute had a giant inkspot on his tongue because he chewed a pen when we weren’t looking.

  6. Yay, I’m so excited I won! 🙂

    My favorite t-shirt I have right now has Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble on it and it says The Real Housewives of Bedrock. I snatched it up immediately in the store.

  7. Too bad Mal wasn’t feeling 100%, but it looks like y’all still had a good night! I can’t remember a specific shirt, but I like the Nike sports-saying’s ones – they always make me laugh!

  8. Funniest Bar B Q shirt:
    “You Pull My Pork,
    I’ll Rub Your Ribs”

    I guess you have to have a certain kind of sense of humor to like it!

    Love your site!

  9. Tina-

    I love the Will run for Beer Shirt. I am from Milwaukee, WI so beer is pretty popular and we have a TON of brewery’s …If you are ever in the area you should hit one up 🙂


  10. I recently saw a running shirt that said on the back “Does this shirt make my butt look fast?” I love it!

  11. Love the t-shirts! And I love Full Sail IPA. They have it on tap at Post 390. 🙂

    I worked with a girl who was *ahem* well endowed and she had a t-shirt that said “Well, I see you’ve met the twins.” Made me laugh everytime.

  12. Happy birthday to Mal! Has Mal tried the Dogfish Head 120 IPA? It’s not only one of my top 5 IPAs, but also top 5 beers of all time. 🙂

  13. Last year I bought my husband a six-pack of various international beers. He loved it!

    The funniest tshirt I ever wore was not my own. My sister actually made it and I loved it so much I stole it occasionally even though I hate wearing pink.

    It was a pink tshirt that said, “Note to self: Don’t eat the pink insulation. Not cotton candy.”

    Though I did see and iron-on applique (for a pregnancy tshirt obviously) once that said, “Does this baby make me look fat?” I thought it was HILARIOUS!

  14. The porch looks great! Aw, sorry to hear that you guys weren’t feeling well, however that does look like the perfect bday to me! Love the color paint you chose!

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