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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends! Happy Hump Day! How is your week going so far?

We’re having a nice week over here– busy, but all FUN stuff, so I can’t complain. That said, here’s a little recap from our week so far!

MONDAY was an especially great day because Quinn and I got to spend it with my sister and my nephew Matthew. We went on all sorts of fun adventures. Full recap here!

Monday adventures

We also got to see the photos from our shoot with Lucie. Here are the ones that we picked for our home. The blanket photo kills me. So adorable.





family_photo_lucie_wicker (2)

Speaking of family photos, my friend Kellie shared her experience with the Family Photo Chaos on her blog earlier this week. It’s hilarious. She has two sets of twins under 5, so the shenanigans never end!

On TUESDAY, I did a workout called the “Dirty 30” at CrossFit. I used the Rx weight (#65) and finished in 12:19. My arms and grip were smoked by the end!


Last night, my friend Marisa and I attended a special “Chef’s Table Winter Tasting” at Seasons 52 in Chestnut Hill. I’ve wanted to dine there ever since it first opened, so I was really excited to be invited to this event. I first visited Seasons 52 back in 2010 with Caitlin, Gina, and Julie, who, fun fact, was a reader and hadn’t even started her blog yet. We all had a nice time that night, but when I think about Seasons 52, I always equate it with their incredible “Mini Indulgences.” They’re basically the most decadent desserts ever, but they’re served in a shot glass, so you can enjoy a small portion without going overboard. Best idea ever, right?

Anyway, dinner was truly wonderful. We learned all about Season 52’s fresh and seasonal ingredients in their new winter menu. The restaurant is all about “what’s good now” and do their best to source ingredients as locally as possible. Menu highlights: Braised Beef Short Rib & Cheddar Flatbread, Caramelized Sea Scallops (from Nantucket), Lobster Ravioli, Asian-Glazed Chilean Sea Bass, and a Pumpkin Pie Mini Indulgence that I was especially excited about it. It was everything I wanted and more! 

Seasons 52 Chestnut Hill

WEDNESDAY (today) started like most mornings: Oatmeal and iced coffee on the couch with Q-Man (he ate a banana and drank some milk) while watching Paw Patrol together. In my bowl: Banana oatmeal with pecans and chia seeds. I also added a massive scoop of Teddie Peanut Butter.

IMG_0131 (1280x1280)

After breakfast, we hung out and played. Quinn also drank a smoothie and ate a few mini pancakes. Then, we got ourselves ready to go to KFIT. On the drive, I stopped by my old CrossFit box to grab my notebook, so I can continue to track my progress at my new box. While flipping through it, I was surprised to see that my previous 1RM for Snatch was 80 pounds because I did 10-12 Squat Snatches at 75 pounds yesterday and it didn’t feel that heavy at all. Maybe things are finally coming along with my strength?

IMG_0140 (1280x1280)

At KFIT, we did a nice little cardio endurance workout. I’m keeping this one in mind for a future workout at the YMCA!

IMG_0133 (1280x1280)

Back at home, I ate a yummy rice bowl made with roasted butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, Artichoke Parmesan Sauce, and some sliced almonds for some added crunch. I seriously can’t get enough rice bowls in my life lately. I eat one almost everyday now. SO GOOD.

IMG_0138 (1280x1280)

This afternoon, we finally hung our cow print. (We were waiting for our sideboard from Wayfair to arrive before we hung it.)

IMG_0142 (1280x960)

Meanwhile, some serious toddler coloring was happening.

IMG_0144 (1280x960)


IMG_0146 (1280x1280)

The end.

Question of the Day

Complete this sentence: I can’t get enough ____ in my life right now! 



  1. I can’t get enough coffee and sleep. My little guy is cutting molars and it has been one heck of a week. I LOVE your phootshoot shots – stunning!

  2. I can’t get enough of my husband right now! He’s a pilot, and this is his busy season. I love the holidays, and consider myself lucky if he’s home for them! I treasure every little bit of time that we get to spend together! And I LOVE the cow print – it looks awesome!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness your family pictures are beautiful! What a special gift to your family 🙂
    I really want to try the ‘dirty 30’ WOD – looks nasty… But in a good CF kinda way! Haha!
    I can’t get enough ‘sunshine’ in my life right now! It’s the beginnings of a hot summer here in australia – very different to Scotland… Christmas is going to be odd this year!

  4. I can’t get enough of squash purée ( it’s the European substitute for pumpkin 😀 ) I put it in yogurt , oatmeal , baking , soups … Everything ! It’s so healthy, local , easy and cheap = students best friend 😀

  5. I can’t get enough rest in my life right now! I’ve been out of commission with a bad cold, so hopefully taking it easy will help me to get over it before Thanksgiving!

    Love the family photos! Hoping to take ours next week!

  6. I don’t even eat rice but that bowl does look comforting! Love a good cauliflower rice bowl, messy food all mixed up in a bowl is so perfect this time of year! Made pretty with a sprinkling of nuts and a dollop of coconut yogurt of course 🙂

  7. I can’t get enough CROSSFIT right now! It takes more discipline to take a rest day than to join in on the fun! 🙂

  8. I can’t get enough Parenthood! I started the series on Netflix several weeks ago, and am already into the third season. It’s SO good, even though most episodes make me cry haha.

  9. Great family photos! We just did some and I’m waiting for the photos to come in the mail. I love hanging new photos!

    I can’t get enough hershey kisses! I bought a bag for our house and I can’t stop eating them!

    I was supposed to dine at Seasons 52 last year but plans changed, I need to try and make it there, the food looks so good!

  10. I’m still laughing about the cow print. (I’m the one who responded to your Instagram picture with “Are they really?”) Great photos! You all are so photogenic, it’s crazy!

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